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Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger

) variety : .fresh ginger . air-dried ginger

2) sizes: 50g & up, 100g & up, 150g & up, 200g & up, 250g & up, 300g & up, 350g & up, etc...

3) advantages : * clean , no insect pest , no pesticide residue, color yellow , big plump body , high grade

* it tastes hot and have effect to reduce bacteria, keep body in good health

* the shelf life is long and in suitable environment, it can store for about three years

3) supply period: all the year round

4) can produce wonderful flavors and have the beneficial effect of reducing bacteria, keeping the heart in good condition and immunity


1) packing:
a) 10kgcarton; b) 20kgcarton; c) 10kgmesh bag; d) 20kgmesh bag; e )5kg pvc box, 30ibs pvc box, 5kg mesh bag,

2) customized packing: according to clients' requirements

shipment and loading:

1) the ginger be shipped in reefer container.

2) if packing in 20kgmesh bag,one 40ft reefer container can load 28-30 mts.

3) if packing in 10kgcarton,one 40ft reefer container can load 24-26 mts.

4) one 20ft one door open container can load 12--14mts.

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