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Rabies Vaccine for Human Use (Vero cell)

Rabies Vaccine for Human Use (Vero cell)

[Drug Name ]

Adopted name: Rabies Vaccine (Vero cell) for Human Use, Freeze-dried


0.5 ml of reconstituted vaccine per container. 0.5 ml per single human dose. The potency of the vaccine shall be not less than 2.5 IU.

[Administrations and dosage]

Reconstitute the vaccine with stated amount of sterile water for injection, shake the container well, the content is reconstituted completely before use.

The deltoid muscle of the upper arm is the recommended site for i.m. administration. For young children, inoculate the vaccine in the muscle at anterolateral aspect of the thigh.


Store and ship at or below 8°C, protected from light.

[Packaging]0.5 mldose 5 doses + 5 doses sterilize water for injection

[Validity period]


  • Brand Name : Rabies Vaccine for Human Use (Vero cell)

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