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Our offered Product range includes Uninterruptible Power Supply, Network Solutions, Cutter wire Stripper, PUSH ON CONNECT CAP and Cable Stripper.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Model No. VRU1500
  • Weight (UPS / Battery Banks) 24.5 kg
  • Total Weight 24.5 kg
  • Dimensions -Tower (W x H x D mm) 88.4 x 426 x 545 mm
  • Dimensions-Rackmount (W x H x D mm) 426 x 88.4 (2U) x 545 mm

Model VRU1500 Topology True On – Line, Double Conversion On-Battery Output Waveform True Sine Wave Number of Phase Single (1µ2W + G) Input Maximum Capacity (VA W) 1500 VA1050 W Nominal Input Voltage 120 V Input Voltage Regulation 80 to 138 VAC Nominal Input Frequency 50 60 Hz +- 5Hz Input PFC >0.98 @ full load Input Short Protection Circuit Breaker Output Nominal Output Voltage 100110115120 VAC Output Voltage Regulation Rated Voltage +- 2% Output THD 86% Crest Factor 3:01 Start on Battery Yes Output Frequency 50 60 Hz (Autotracking) Overload Capability Sustaining 50 sec@108% load: 28 sec@110-120% load ; 15 sec @120 – 130% load; 9 sec@140-145% load; Immediate Response@150% load Battery User Replaceable Battery 1x48 VDC Battery Typical Backup Time (FullHalf Load) 7 18 minutes Battery Type Sealed VRLA 12V7AH; Hot Swap Recharge Time to 90% 8 hours Extended Battery Cabinet Extendible Battery Module in 2U High (Comprises 2 x 48VDC Battery Packs Advance Warning Diagnostics Front Panel Indication Front Panel menu driven LCD Monitoring and control panel for all functions Audible Alarms DC Mode, Low Battery, Voltage Frequency Error, Charger Fail. High Temp, Over Load Fault, PFC Overload Communication Interface Communication Port RS-232 Port (Standard) : DB9, AS400 , USB Cards (optional) SNMP Manageable Yes Environmental Operation Temperature 0-40°c (32-104F) Storage Temperature =B2715-40°c (5-122F) Relative Humidity 0% to 95% non-condensing Audible Noise (at 1 meter from surface of unit) Mechanical Dimensions-Rackmount (W x H x D mm) 426 x 88.4 (2U) x 545 mm Dimensions -Tower (W x H x D mm) 88.4 x 426 x 545 mm Weight (UPS Battery Banks) 24.5 kg Total Weight 24.5 kg Conformance EMI RFI Compatibility FCC Class A Safety Certifications UL

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Network Solutions

  • Model No. FTP V621002

Digital Video Broadband and Baseband analog video IEEE 802.3: 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T ANSITIAEIA-584: 1000BASE-TX 155 Mbps, 1.2 Gbps ATM ANSI X3.263:100Mbps IEEE 802.3af DTE Power(POE) 416 Mbps Token Ring

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  • Model No. VT-1091
  • Length: 5
  • Weight: 60g
  • Material: Middle Carbon Steel with Harden

Item No: VT-1091 Function: Cutter & wire Stripper Hole for 20 - 24 AWG Length: 5" (127mm) Weight: 60g Material: Middle Carbon Steel with Harden Finished: Black Oxide Finished.

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  • Model No. V-CAP

Main Features V-CaP, Push-on Connector, is a new quick plastic connector for coaxial cables which substitutes the classic F-type metallic male connector, crimp-on or twist-on type. It is very simple to use; it does not require any specific tool; it allows for a fast and economical connection. Thanks to its carefully studied geometry, a very stable mechanical connection can be obtained even when using coaxial cables with very low braid coverage percentage. The V-CaP is completely recyclable. The V-CaP has optimal electrical properties and no impedance of its own. Thus, it can be used with any coaxial cables of any given impedance (50, 75, 92 Ohm, etc.). The V-CaP is universal. It can be used with any coaxial cable of less than 7mm in diameter. The V-CaP is water-tight when used with cables of 5mm or more in diameter. The V-CaP connection method is extremely economical and delivers drastically reduced installation time. The V-CaP system offers speed, reliability and high performances in demanding applications. The V-CaP eliminates the need for specialized tools and skills. The V-CaP is the system of choice for critical installations Optimal Electrical Features: In the frequency bandwidth between 0 and 2300 MHz insertion loss lesser than 0.08dB and structural return loss greater than 20dB have been measured; being made of plastic, it has no impedance of its own and thus it can be used with coaxial cables having any impedance (…50, 75, … Ohm). Optimal Mechanical Features: It presents high elasticity properties, physical-mechanical properties constant in the course of time; it is resistant to different types of chemical agents, such as bases, acids, polar solvents, organic fats, detergents and others; it is resistant to ozone, UV rays, atmospheric ageing, water; it features a high level of thermalelectrical insulation, a very good resistance to “fatigue” and tear strength; its service temperature may vary from -40°C up to over +120°C; it is completely recyclable.

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Cable Stripper

  • Model No. VT-200

The coaxial cable can be prepared by using our cable cutter tool VT-200 In Step 1, cut the external sheath longitudinally in two parts without removing it, for a length of approximately 10 mm. The preparation of the cable in Step 1 can be easily obtained by using the lateral cable input of our cable cutter tool Step 2, widen the sheath and the braid and bend both of them backwards. Step 3, use the VT-200 to remove the dielectric as near as possible to the brai

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infrared illuminators

  • Model No. VIR – 56 / 20 - 880
  • Weight,Kg 0.51
  • Dimensions mm 98x76x48
  • Input voltage V 12±0.6

The VIR-56 series illuminator contains an Irradiator based on luminodiodes with the built in forming optics. Constructively the illuminator consists of the case, made of aluminum alloy. On the face side of the case the luminodiodes are installed, they are covered with the light filter made of special plastic. The back side of the illuminator has radiator fins. In the back area free of the radiator fins there is a mounting hole for a standard bracket with ᄐ″ thread.

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