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We offer a complete product range of Laser Shutter, Shutter Driver, Auto Iris, Iris Controller and Optical Shutter

Laser Shutter

  • Model DSS10B 10mm
  • Weight 0.17 oz (4.70 g)
  • Operating Temp. -10 - +65 °C

The Uniblitz DSS10B is a 10mm bi-stable optical shutter that withholds an extremely low-profile construction. The device’s lack of an external protruding actuator makes it very slim and flexible for system integration. The inherent reliability of the DSS10B comes from the fact that it contains only two moving parts: the drive ring and the blades. It is guaranteed to operate for 2, 000, 000 operations. Bi-stable shutter devices, like the DSS10B, require no power to hold the blades in either the open or closed state.

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Shutter Driver

  • Model VCM-D1
  • All BNC Outputs Source Impedance - 1K
  • Shutter Drive Continuously variable frequency of exposures from DC to the shutter in operation maximum rate

Uniblitz VCM-D1 has been providing high performance shutter control. This single-channel, uni-stable shutter driver is versatile and proven, and it’s compatible with many Uniblitz shutters. In addition to direct shutter control via the BNC inputs, shutters can also be controlled via RS-232C computer serial ports, allowing up to 8 separate driver units to be daisy-chained (810RJ cables required).

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Auto Iris

  • Model AI25

The Uniblitz AI25 is a motorized iris diaphragm (auto iris) that allows for the remote control of a variable 25 mm aperture. This electronically-controlled aperture is ideal for remote light attenuation or depth-of-field control. The iris’s aperture closes down to 1.5 mm, and an optional shutter attachment allows users to fully close the aperture. The AI25’s low-profile form-factor means that it can be used in applications where spacial limitations are a consideration. An optional housing is available which gives the AI25 a compact package with no externally protruding components and two flat mounting surfaces.

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Iris Controller

  • Model AIC10

The AIC10 is a tabletop motorized iris controller designed for use with the Uniblitz AI25 Auto Iris. The AIC10 features an intuitive button array and digital user interface, allowing it to operate the iris via a modified serial command protocol. When equipped, the AIC10 will also operate the AI25’s optional high-speed shutter attachment independently from the iris. The shutter’s electronic sync allows the AIC10 to indicate the shutter’s state.

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Optical Shutter

  • Model CS25 25mm
  • Weight Housed 3.16 oz (0.09 kg)
  • Weight Unhoused 1.28 oz (0.04 kg)

The Uniblitz CS25 has been designed to provide accurate, repeatable exposures for a wide variety of applications including microscopy, video imaging, and more. The slim form-factor provides a 25mm aperture that can be inserted into a 2.37 inch diameter housing. The CS25 is available in a housed or an un-housed configuration for OEM applications (or simply where spatial limitations are a consideration). Uni-stable shutter devices, like the CS25, require power to hold the blades in the open state.

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X-ray Shutter

  • Model XRS14 14mm
  • Weight Unhoused 2.18 oz (0.06 kg)
  • Weight Housed 10.35 oz (0.29 kg)

The Uniblitz XRS14 has been designed specifically for x-ray switching applications. The innovative platinum-iridium (PtIr) blade design allows beam extinction of 90% up to 30 keV x-ray energy (based upon the tenth value extinction of PtIr). The XRS14 is well suited for applications such as x-ray crystallography, medical x-ray imaging, etc. Uni-stable shutter devices, like the XRS14, require power to hold the blades in the open state.

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