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Vuyu Group FZC

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Chicken Feet, Chicken Paws (Vg1903)

Chicken Feet, Chicken Paws (Vg1903)

Processed Grade A and B chicken feet and Paws:
Our company Vuyu Group FZC. we offer grade A and B chicken feet and chicken paws, whole chicken and other chicken cuts.

Processed frozen chicken feet and paws
1 HIgh Quality
2 Resonable price
3 Ontime delivery

1- Chicken Feet & Paws Processed Grade A
2- Without Yellow Skin nail
3- Washed and Clean
4- No Feathers
5- No Bad smell
6- No Blood
7- No Bruise
8- Broken Bone (2%)

Grade "A" Specifications:
Piece weight over 45g, well cleaned, scalded, skinless, without yellow skin, no bad smell, no broken bones and no black spots.

Grade "B"Specifications:
Scalded, skinless, up to 2% black spots, up to 2% broken bones, 35gr(specs for grade B may vary). Grade B have a margin for some pieces to be worse quality.

Please feel free to get back to us for your first order of our best quality chicken feet & other cuts immediately.

  • White : Yellow
  • No odor : Feather off

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