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Our product range comtains a wide range of LEAF BRANDING KIT, HOBBYIST STENCIL CUTTING KIT, temperature regulator, engraving tool and CRAFTMARK BRANDING TOOLS


  • Model No. L30VLDBK

The Patterns Decorative Branding Kit opens up a whole new world of creativity for decorating: wooden items, leather articles, gourds, furniture, cabinets, decorative plates. Kit includes: 30 Watt, 120 VAC, 2-Wire Professional Woodburning Iron. 7 Different Points and Tips: 5 Decorative Branding Tips, 2 Woodburning Tips. Sturdy Storage Case. Tool Stand. User Instruction Sheet. Maximum Tip Temperature - 1060�F.

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  • Model No. L10SC

Developed by Lenk, the stencil cutting pen is a tool that uses heat to ""cut"" designs in plastic stencil materials such as Mylar or acetate, and some resist materials used for etching, sandblasting glass, and air brushing. Kit includes: 18 Watt, 120 VAC, 2-Wire Professional Stencil Cutting Pen, One Point - WB25DT Pointed Tip, Tool Stand, Edge Remover Disc.

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temperature regulator

  • Model No. LTR100

This regulating device is specifically designed to control the temperature of heated tools such as Woodburning Pens, Stained Glass Irons, Stencil Cutting Pens, Soldering Irons, and Branding Tools. With the LTR100, a heated tool can be used over its full temperature range for greater application flexibility.

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engraving tool

  • Model No. L96E-1

Permanently marking your valuable is the best way to deter theft or prevent mix-up and loss. No special skills are needed to use your Lenk Engraving Tool. It is the most convenient way to mark your valuables. You can make your identification marks permanent on wood, plastic, aluminum, copper, brass, ceramics, stone, iron, glass and other materials. Markings will not fade, smear, or erase. Adjustable reciprocating motor - 7200 strokes per minute. Includes: 120 VAC, 60Hz Engraving Tool, Tungsten Carbide Tip, (2) Templates, User Instructions.

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  • Model No. CM-MM

HANDCRAFTED BY (on the 1st line) NAME OF CHOICE (on 2nd line) All letters are CAPS only, 316" high are standard The length of a branding head is determined by the length of the line having the maximum number of characters (numerals, letters, spaces). The usual length for a branding head having 316" characters is 2 12 " to 3". Six 316" characters require 1" in length. A maximum of twenty (20) 316" numerals, letters, and spaces per line can be accommodated. The height of the branding head is usually 12". Please contact Customer Service with artwork requirements.

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  • Model No. BP150

Highly efficient Battery Powered Soldering Iron is ideal for quick repairs of circuit boards and electronics at home, in the car, or in the field. Using readily available alkaline batteries, there is always power at hand for locating and performing emergency repairs. Rapid 7 second heat-up, extended precision tip and simple push-button activation allow quick on-the-spot repairs. Built-in LED illuminates work area. Maxmium tip temperature - 1050�F.

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  • Model No. WG991KCS

A medium-duty soldering gun for a variety of soldering applications. Built-in spotlight illuminates the work area. Balanced tool design is more comfortable and easier to use. Tip heats up in less than 10 seconds. Quick change type tips can be easily changes within 30 seconds. Integral tool stand keeps heated part of the tool out of harm's way. Maximum tip temperature - 800°F. Includes: 150100 Watt, 120 VAC, 2-Wire Professional Soldering Gun, Three Soldering Tips: WG991ST Soldering, WG991SMT Smoothing, WG991CT Cutting, 12 Ounce Lead Free Solder, Instruction Sheet, Reusable Clamshell Packaging.

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  • Model No. LG400C

Dual wattage elements - High wattage heats tip in seconds, lower wattage remains rated tip temperature. Effective tip temperature - Tip temperatures of 1000�F or more for effective heavy duty, sustained soldering. Trigger activated - Control is convenient, easy to use, and provides instant response. Built-in worklight - The large 1"" light fully illuminates the work area. Plug-in tip and element (TE) assemblies - TE assemblies are plug-in units that can be changed. Maximum tip temperature - 1000�F.

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  • Model No. 65

Lenk's Model 65 Laboratory Burner is small, compact, and portable. It eliminates the need for external fuel tanks, costly piping or unsightly hoses. Being self-contained, it is easily moved to any location and can be conveniently stored in a small space. The Model 65 delivers temperatures up to 3000°F for up to 5.5 hours from a single disposable butane fuel container.

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