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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of PRIMARY INDUSTRIAL FILTERS, high pressure blowers, TRUCK BINS, Control Panels and finger jointers



The WP baghouse filter is built for large industrial dust collection applications and requires a support structure. This filter is a primary dust collector with bag section on top which uses reverse air for cleaning of the bags. Dust is pulled from inside the bags and blown back into the cyclone section at the bottom of the primary filter.

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high pressure blowers

Western Pneumatics designs high pressure pneumatic conveying systems which use positive displacement blowers to create the air and pressure needed to move product efficiently. Blowers are pumps sized specifically for air volume (CFM) and pressure capacity. High pressure systems use low air-to-material ratios to move product to a single or muliple locations on a plant site in an energy efficient manner.

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  • capacities range 15 units to 42 units

The WP truck bin is the heaviest well built bin in the marketplace. Storage capacities range from 15 units to 42 units for single bins. Truck storage bins can be placed end-to-end to create as much storage capacity as required. Leveling screws, compactors, hanging and hydraulic baffles, and wind enclosures can be added to the truck bin to suit your specific needs.

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Control Panels


The Western Pneumatics Machinery and Pneumatics divisions are supported by our UL508A rated panel shop. We have over 15 years experience in panel building and have built many MCCs for our wide range of equipment. The Western Pneumatics engineering department designs control panels, MCCs and PLCHMI programming. Our electrical engineering is based on a scope custom fit by your application. A short list of components we have worked with are as follows: Allen Bradley PLC’s, Siemens S7-200, Automation Direct, Panelview, Panelview Plus, Panelmate, C-More, Allen Bradley soft starts, Saftronic, AB VFD’s, ABB VFD’s, Hitachi VFD’s and Yaskawa VFD’s. We have proven we can build control panels and MCC’s as per your design and criteria while working along with your PLC program and programmer. Our modem and Ethernet support allows for trouble shooting and program changes, if needed. We also provide start-up and commissioning assistance.

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finger jointers

  • Thickness 5/8" to 2" (16mm to 50mm)
  • Width 1 ½" to 8" (38mm to 200mm)
  • Length 4" to 36" (102mm to 914mm)
  • WIDE CHAIN 5 ½" to 48" (190mm to 1219mm)

The Heavy-Duty High Production Finger Jointer from Western Machinery Group, known as the "HD High", is the biggest short-block machine that Western manufactures. Manufactured with cast iron columns, this workhorse will definitely give your operation the efficiency and production that you're expecting from a finger jointing machine. MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS Thickness: 58" to 2" (16mm to 50mm) Width: 1 ½" to 8" (38mm to 200mm) Length: 4" to 36" (102mm to 914mm) - NARROW CHAIN 5 ½" to 48" (190mm to 1219mm) - WIDE CHAIN PHOTO GALLERY PROFILE MACHINE Columns made with "Heavy Duty" cast iron. Frame fabricated with heavy steel, heat treated, stress relieved, and machined. Variable speed chain operates at 30 to 120 feet per minute. Up to 160 lugs per minute on 9" lug centers. Precision machined chain with lugs available on 6", 9", or 12" centers. Adjustable speed crossover arm assembly with air actuated cylinder. Apquip glue system. Powered Manual corner transfer with options for an automatic corner transfer. WITH RAPID STOP AND CUT PRESS 200' (61m) per minute maximum feed rate assembly. 16' (4.9m) standard, hydraulic squeeze, rack and pinion ejector and off bearing skids (with option to 40' press). Pre-Assembly drive rolls pre-squeezed joints to prepare for cutting to length and final squeezing on the board press. Built-in 7½ HP chop saw with rapid stop and cut cycle. WITH FLYING CUT OFF SAW PRESS Over 225' (69m) per minute maximum feed rate assembly. 16' (4.9) standard, hydraulic squeeze, rack and pinion ejector and off bearing skids (with option to 40' press). Dual pre-assembly drive rolls pre-squeeze joints to prepare for cutting to length and final squeezing on the board press. Heavy duty flying saw carriage with 7½ HP cut-off saw.

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  • SERIES GR3500

The model GR3500 is a fully automatic grinder designed to grind your side, top and bottom knives in the head. 4-AXIS CNC CUTTER GRINDING The table travels automatically using a linear ball screw. 4th axis to automatically feed the grinding wheel down. QUICK ADJUST PROBE The mechanical probe indexes from the cutter and is simple to setup. Provides solid backing to the knife being ground. HEAVY DUTY CARRIAGE The carriage traverses on a heavy duty linear recirculating ball nut and rail system. Workhead and the head carriage have their own guide bearings for added capacity.ADDITIONAL FEATURES The grinding wheel automatically infeeds the amount the operator selects. Programmable wheel wear compensation feature. There are 10 savable cutter grinding scenarios for quick setup. AC frequency inverter allows infinitely variable speed selection between 1725 and 3450 RPM. Workhead travel, cutterhead rotation and wheel infeed are all controlled by Servo Drives allowing for a more precise grind. Grinder is fully enclosed for coolant containment and safety. Coolant gaurd opens for top load of large heads.

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  • widths 42" to 48

The automatic board stacker is a unique modular unit capable of stacking multiple length boards end-to-end, or single-length packages up to 24' long directly out of a finger jointer board press, or any type of lumber processing system, with no manual handling. Manual adjustments are provided to vary package widths from 42" to 48" with variations in lumber thickness automatically compensated for by optical switches. System control is provided by a PLC with an operator's push button station to start and stop the system as well as provide manual override controls. The stacker operation is fully hydraulic which allows for user-friendly, fully adjustable speed and operation control. Hydraulic power is provided from a state-of-the-art, fully protected, pressure-compensated pump unit. Additionally, packages are built on a roll top scissor lift which can be powered for optional automatic discharge. A 20' long accumulation roll case is also available to store finished packages.

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