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Our offered Product range includes Forage Harvester, SKID-STEER LOADER, Tractors, Wheel Loader and articulated dump truck.

Forage Harvester

WingFan’s extra heavy duty fans can be found cooling many of the world’s most powerful forage harvesters. The unique difficulties in cooling the 450 to 1100 hp engines while the harvesters traverse rough terrain at speed require the toughest materials and advanced fan design to withstand the high vibration, extreme temperatures and gyroscopic forces. Manufacturers of specialized agricultural machines turn to WingFan to help them solve some of the most challenging cooling demands with highly compact hydraulically driven fans. WingFan’s experienced team of engineers can provide guidance to sufficiently cool your machine and ensure maximum durability.

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articulated dump truck

WingFan’s powerful and efficient S38Z and S45Y high pressure fans are the ideal solution for cooling articulated dumpers operating in the most rugged and hostile environments. Axial fans with ample pressure reserve to handle heavily fouled radiators caused by dusty conditions is crucial to prevent overheating. The S45Y is an excellent choice for a hydraulically driven reversible fan used to efficiently clean debris from a fouled cooler.

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Combine Harvester

World leading combine harvester OEMs have trusted the performance and durability of WingFan’s combine harvester cooling fans for more than three decades. Extremely dusty conditions, unfavorable airflow and high resistance caused by rotating radiator screens or planar dust extraction systems are commonly found in modern combine harvesters. These conditions can all be efficiently mastered with our range of heavy duty robust fuel saving fans.

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High efficiency hydraulic motor driven fans for excavators ensure the lowest possible power consumption while freeing up engine power for the main machine functions. Ever increasing noise emission restrictions on urban building sites requires carefully engineered cooling fans in combination with the cooling package shroud designs to minimize noise emissions. Our in-depth experience in selecting a fan that will meet the most challenging operating parameters can be validated by testing the fan in combination with the cooling package on our state-of-the-art wind tunnel before undertaking costly field testing of the machine.

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Mining Dump Truck

Reliability and durability are two of the most important parameters when selecting a fan for a mining truck cooling package. WingFan offers powerful and reliable fans to guarantee sufficient cooling reserves even with heavily soiled radiator packages.

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WingFan has developed a special fan blade material that meets all fire standards worldwide (e.g. EN 45545-2 and NFPA 130) to comply with the latest and most stringent international safety standards for rail applications. Our fans can also be offered with special corrosion resistant hub coatings and railway compliant fastening systems. We have the right fan solution for roof mounted or underfloor HVAC units (split or compact), as well as extra-heavy duty large diameter fans for locomotive cooling systems. WingFan axial fans are also suitable for hydraulically driven reverse operation to clean clogged coolers.

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The high vibration in compactor applications call for a fan engineered to withstand the extreme stresses in vibratory rollers. The fan should also have enough pressure reserve to overcome extra resistance caused by fouled radiators in dusty environments. Our robust and quiet fans have proven themselves in many compactor and roller applications even in the hottest climates. WingFan axial fans are also suitable for hydraulic driven fans in reverse operation to clean clogged radiators.

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WingFan has developed a high performance one-piece fan specifically for the extremely high pressure and airflow demands in Skid-steer machines. The very limited space available for the fan requires a very high rpm to cool the machine effectively with a relatively small diameter fan. By applying BLEX® blade extensions to the tips of the blades it is possible to reduce the rpm by up to 800 rpm and still achieve the same cooling performance but with up to 6 dBA less noise.

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WingFan works with many large tractor OEM’s to design small diameter space-saving fans specially adapted to the dimensions of bimetal or electronically controlled viscous clutches. Advanced CFD techniques are used to dramatically reduce noise and fuel consumption while increasing the air-to-boil temperature. In combination with BLEX® technology available only at WingFan, we have extensive in-depth knowledge and many years of experience with the world's leading manufacturers to solve complex and challenging issues of the most diverse cooling systems in tractors.

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Wheel Loader

Small wheel loaders usually require a very compact pulley driven cooling fan that is capable of overcoming high airflow resistance in cramped engine bays. New legislation to reduce the noise means that these fans are increasingly fitted with viscous clutches to control the fan speed in proportion to the cooling requirement. WingFan can deliver the clutch together with a special space-saving offset hub to ensure that the fan and clutch will fit into the most compact cooling packages. Low noise hydraulic driven fans for large wheel loaders are imperative for operator comfort and to comply with the ever increasing noise emission restrictions being applied to urban building sites. WingFan has in-depth experience in configuring a fan that will meet the most challenging operating parameters.

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