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Compressed Air Filters (Compressed Air Filte)

Compressed Air Filters (Compressed Air Filte)

New Filter Technology

The latest compressed air filter technology utilizes pleated fabric media, made up of woven microfibers. The fibers are specially treated to repel (not absorb) compressor oil & condensate, while providing an extremely high voids volume. The combination of pleating, fiber treatment and voids volume permits high airflow, while maintaining filtration efficiency, at a very low pressure-drop.

This compares very favorably against "wrap" design filters, which typically offer deeper filtration, but dramatically lower face area, resulting in higher pressure-drop and more frequent changes. The Motivair inner & outer screens are stainless steel, with a large open area, designed to withstand maximum pressure differential, while maintaining a low pressure-drop for normal flow.

The media & screens are epoxy-sealed into the end-caps, which are either precision infection moldings or high grade machined aluminum on larger sizes. The outer "sock" is a highly effective anti re-intrainment barrier, and is compatible with both mineral & synthetic oils. The entire element is secured, into the filter head with an oil-resistant o-ring to ensure zero air/oil by-pass. All 4 grades of elements feature inside-to-out airflow and Motivair elements are certified "silicone-free".

Options & Accessories

Several high quality options & accessories allow a Motivair filter installation to meet any customer's needs.

1) Wall-mounting brackets
2) Manifold kits allow for 2 or 3 filters to be installed in series
3) Cast aluminum, calibrated differential gauge
4) Sight-glass allows visual inspection of oil-level or trap operation
5) Manual drain for activated carbon filters
6) Internal auto-drain with external manual override
7) External SCM20 trap, with manual test
8) EDM20 timer-solenoid drain with manual override
9) ZLM20 zero-loss drain with manual override & alarm.

New Filter Housing

The new AF aluminum housings were designed for improved performance, with aerodynamic compressed air-flow between inlet & outlet ports.
Make from high-grade, precision die-cast aluminum, the housings have an improved, twist-lock design, with a safety whistle, should an operator attempt to open the filter under pressure. The new casting design, plus a resilient, powder coat finish provides and extremely attractive housing.

The head features a special, tapered bayonet port, which allows the element to be simply pushed into place, for a perfect seal via the recessed o-ring. Integral supports in the inner wall of the housing locks the element into place. There is no fumbling with nuts or threaded rod assemblies, and no possibility of an element becoming loose in operation The new design reduces the clearance required for element replacement. Only a few inches are required beneath the filter, for quick & easy change-out.

Larger housings (from FB150 to FB900) are fabricated in carbon steel, with an epoxy inner coating and an enamel outer finish. Models FB360-FB900 may be pipeline or floor mounted. All fabricated models are ASME stamped.

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