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We offer a complete product range of Water Jet Cutting Services, Alignment Equipment, Laser Cutting Services, Aloma Clamp Indicator R-100 and Pre Cut Shims

Water Jet Cutting Services

. Prototypes, short-runs, long-runs, and contract manufacturing are all welcome. Our Multiple Aloma Water Jet Cutting systems maximize productivity by providing the highest pressure and lowest operating cost of any water jet systems in the world. We are specialists in Water Jet Cutting Aluminum, Water Jet Cutting Stainless, and Water Jet Cutting Laminates.

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Alignment Equipment

ROM-A-LIGN converts your dial indicator reading directly into horizontal and vertical adjustment Increments in thousandths of an Inch. Used in conjunction with ALOMA pre-cut shims, the once tedious and time-consuming job of alignment has now been refined to absolute simplicity. The LCD readout on the face of ROM-A-LIGN will prompt you through the alignment. Thus, very little training time is required. When you enter the requested data into the ROM-A-LIGN it performs calculations and displays, or prints, in seconds the shims required under each foot of the machinery and the lateral left or right movement necessary to bring the equipment into accurate alignment. It is a simple task to select the correct, accurately marked, ALOMA precut shims to complete the alignment process. ROM-A-LIGN's ease of operation combined with reasonable capital outlay makes it the best value in alignment equipment today. Diagnostic Style Case The handle folds to make a stand. Membrane KeypadFaceplate For dust control, cleaning and easier output. With large 2 x 24 character large LCD display for more prompts Standby Turns keypad off to protect against accidental entry, will save data for recap andor continue an alignment after a break. Dot Matrix Impact Printer Durability, bit image graphics, faster printing, capable of using 2-ply carbonless paper. Comes with OnOff option to display machinery moves while printer is off. Prints a recap of the day's alignments. Date Ability to enter the date of alignment Aligned By Operator's name can be recorded for identification Equipment Number The I.D. number of description of the equipment being aligned can be recorded. Ownership Identification Owner's company name can be permanently programmed and printed every time ROM-A-LIGN is turned on.

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Laser Cutting Services

  • Cutting Size: 78.74" x 157.48" (2 x 4 Meter)
  • Positioning Accuracy: within .002"
  • Max thickness cut for laser cutting Stainless: 0.625"
  • Max thickness cut for laser cutting Aluminum: 0.250"
  • Max thickness for laser cutting Mild Steel: 1.125"

Our six fully automated high speed Fiber and CO2 laser cutting centers give us exceptional laser cutting capabilities for intricate shapes using many types of materials with very short set-up times. (Our laser cutting exhibits great versatility: ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, exotic metals and more.) This high flexibility allows us to produce prototype and production parts in lot sizes that are cost effective for the customer. We specialize in developing components with very high accuracy and finish that would not be cost effective with conventional machine tools. Our unique laser rotary axis cutters can handle pipe & tube up to 16 inches in diameter. Just compare the costs of machining these parts to laser cutting. If our lasers aren't suited for your parts, our 11' x 40' High Def PlasmaOxy cutting and Machining Center most likely can (processing up to 8" thick Materials.) Give us the opportunity to quote your laser cutting needs. You can send for electronic drawing files to, fax us @ 412-828-7280, or click our RFQ Button to request a quote.

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Aloma Clamp Indicator R-100

Aloma R100 Indicator Clamp is a rugged versatile tool that allows you to get accurate indicator readings in a wide variety of circumstances. Extra Chain can be added to increase the maximum diameter from the existing 5 inch maximum. Extensions can be added to extend both horizontal and vertical reach. The features built into these clamps help speed the alignment process therefore reducing costs. Remember, you will need two Aloma indicator clamps for Reverse Dial Indicator Alignments and one for Rim and Face methods.

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Pre Cut Shims

Size B Mini Kit containing 130 shims 3"x 3" with tab for up to 34" bolt diameter is designed to hold 10 ea. of the 13 most used thickness' when headed to a single or multiple alignment jobs. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel for added corrosion resistance. ALOMA slot sizes are 116" oversize to provide proper bolt clearance. All shims are permanently etched in inches and millimeters. The kit consists of 10 ea. of the following thickness' … .001, .002, .003, .004, .005, .010, 015, .020, .025, .050, .075, .100, and .125. Shims are enclosed in an oversized sturdy reuseable labeled metal box complete with Kit-Keeper and dividers. Kits are specially designed for easy carrying and removal of shims. Replacement packs are available in individual packs of 20 shims.

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CNC Machining Services

Our newest arrival (Haas VF-4 Super Speed) vertical machining center has 50" x 20" x 25" (1270 x 508 x 635 mm) travel with an Automatic Pallet Changer. It is built utilizing vibration-damping cast-iron components. Like every Haas machine, the VF-4 represents years of ongoing refinement. Customer feedback, coupled with the relentless pursuit of perfection, sees advancements and design-enhancing changes incorporated directly into the production line every day. The Haas VF-4 is a rugged, medium-sized vertical machining center that yields full reliability and accuracy in a moderately sized machine. The VF-4 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 20 hp (14.9 kW) vector drive. The VF-4 produces either 75 ft-lb (102 Nm) of torque at a low 1400 rpm, or 250 ft-lb (339 Nm) at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox -- and will also run up to 7500 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminum.

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Shot Blasting Services

  • Plate 20" wide maximum
  • Pipe 2" normal - 4 across
  • Wide Flange Beams: up to 18" high
  • Wide Flange Beams: 18" to 24" - Turn Over, Two passes

The use of Aloma's descalingshotblasting system is a cost-effective means of reducing today's high manufacturing expenses while improving the quality of your product. Steel descaled Aloma's Rotoblast system can lengthen tool and die life, improve burning, welding and machining operations, and provide the proper surface finish for the application of modern exotic coatings. Aloma's descaling system is available for a wide variety of steel products - narrow plate, sheet, strip, bars, rolled and fabricated structural shapes, and miscellaneous weldments, pipe, and tubing.

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