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Our offered Product range includes Timing System Analyzer, distribution amplifier, GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Comparator, GPS Satellite Clock and GPS Satellite-Controlled Clock.

Timing System Analyzer

  • MODEL Model 940A

Model 940A Timing System Analyzer is a comprehensive instrument for power substation timing. Intuitive and easy to use, the Model 940A is designed to simplify timing system installation and maintenance. Capable of measuring and sourcing IRIG-B, DCF77, and 1PPS timing signals, the Model 940A is a must have tool for substation timing systems. The Model 940A uses two identical input channels capable of measuring IRIG-B (unmodulated, modulated and modified manchester), DCF77 and 1 PPS timing signals. The timing signals are decoded and displayed as text andor graphically showing the complete timing signal down to the IRIG-B bit level. The dual inputs allow for comparison to a calibrated signal or between different signal generators. The Model 940A Timing System Analyzer is also equipped with an output that can source modulated IRIG-B, unmodulated IRIG-B, 1 PPS and DCF77. Output levels, modulation ratios, and the timing reference are configurable. The flexibility to synchronize the timing reference to Input 1, Input 2, the internal Real Time Clock, or a user customized setting makes the 940A suitable to test any timing scenario.

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distribution amplifier

  • MODEL 1073A

Looking for a time code distribution solution? Need even more outputs? Is your installation spread across a wider geographic area? Is a second clock not practical? The Model 1073A was built to address these and other challenges, while providing the flexibility to configure the device to fit specific needs. Designed to buffer and distribute time codes and signals generated by sources such as Models 1088B, 1084ABC, 1093BC and 1092ABC. Model 1073A includes three separate channels, each with four high drive outputs. Via copper or the optional fiber optic board, you can link additional facilities easily, and still get the high accuracy without adding more clocks. Output capabilities include AC and DC coupled modes. In AC-coupled mode, the unit can receive and distribute timebase and reference frequency signals up to 10 MHz. In DC-coupled mode, Model 1073A can distribute 5 V CMOSTTL logic-level signals such 1 PPS and unmodulated IRIG-B timecode. Note: Because of the limiting amplifiers and frequency limit when AC-coupled, the Model 1073A is not suitable for distribution of modulated IRIG-B signals.

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GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Comparator

  • MODEL 1083B

Get atomic frequency references at a fraction of the cost, using Model 1083B GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency StandardComparator. Suitable for use as the frequency reference for counters and signal generators, or for multiplication to microwave frequencies, Model 1083B features standard sine wave outputs of 1 Mhz, 5 Mhz and 10 Mhz with outstanding spectral purity and long-term stability. The base price includes three sine wave (any combination of 1 MHz, 5 MHz, or 10 MHz) and one 1 PPS square wave. Optionally, up to five additional sine wave outputs are available in any combination of 1 MHz, 5 MHz, and 10 MHz. A frequency measurement option allows the 1083B to measure the deviation and Allan Variance of a 1 MHz, 5 MHz, or 10 MHz signal and the deviation of a 1 PPS signal. As with all Arbiter GPS based clocks, the 1083B includes a GPS Data Backup Battery improving acquisition time and supplying constant power to the real-time clock and RAM in the GPS receiver module.

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GPS Satellite Clock

  • MODEL 1084A

Focused on high performance and maximum value, the Model 1084ABC delivers many of the same high end performance, features and flexibility of the 1088B precision time clock, but at lower cost. Three BNC connectors deliver several output options supporting IRIG-B modulated, and various combinations of IRIG-B unmodulated, Programmable Pulse (supporting multiple output modes) and 1 PPS. All are high drive outputs capable of driving multiple loads wired in parallel. Like the 1088B but with a single option slot, Model 1084ABC supports options for an internal Network Time Protocol (NTP), four configurable fiber optic outputs, COMTRADE Sample Rate Generator, Power System Time, Frequency and Phase Monitor, a second RS-232 port and more. Model 1084ABC is available with three front panel configurations. See Key Features for more information.

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GPS Satellite-Controlled Clock

  • MODEL 1092A

Need value and performance in a desktop model? This precision time clock model brings economy and flexibility to environments that don't need or use a rack mount system. With two terminal strip outputs providing unmodulated IRIG-B and 1 PPS signals, the 1092ABC is capable of driving multiple loads in parallel. Like other Arbiter clock models, various options are available to extend the functionality of the base model. Features supported include a second RS-232 port, an Out-of-Lock Relay Form C SPDT, an IRIG-B Modulated Output, and the reconfiguring of 1 PPS and IRIG-B Output to Programmable Pulse. The 1PPS Output may also be reconfigured to be an Event Input. Adding value, each Model 1092ABC includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original ownerpurchaser, a wall mount power supply, a GPS Antenna with a 15 meter antenna cable, and an operations manual. Avoid the extra charges other company's tack onto their clocks! Model 1092ABC is available with three front panel configurations. See photos and Key Features tab for more information.

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gps substation clock

  • MODEL 1094B

Combining world-class accuracy with value pricing, Model 1094B delivers as standard the most commonly requested features for substation applications in Arbiter's line of precision timing products. Standard features include a 12 channel GPS receiver with typical accuracy to Able to output 5 Vdc, the unit can easily drive multiple loads in parallel, including synchrophasors. GPS Data Back Up battery capable of maintaining the real-time clock, almanac and ephemeris data in the case of power loss.

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Industrial GPS Clock

  • MODEL 1095A

Rugged, accurate and economical, the 1095AC GPS Industrial Clock Module from Arbiter Systems®, Inc. is the engineer's choice when flexibility, precision and physical durability are required. The 1095AC precision time clock is a low cost unit capable of driving common timing signals such as IRIG-B, 1PPS and RS-232 serial time codes, with The 1095AC maintains the real-time clock, almanac and ephemeris data powered by a back up battery in the case of power loss, reconnecting to the satellite signal in as little as 15 seconds. The built in Event Capture function means the unit records key events related to data received from the input options, with 100 ns resolution. Choose between the standard internal and optional external antenna to best suit your installation environment. Model 1095AC supports front panel options. See photos and Key Features tab below for more information.

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GNSS Synchronized Clock

  • MODEL 1201B

Model 1201BC delivers better than 100 ns accuracy and includes the most highly sought after features in a precision time clock as standard plus many enhancements. Three terminal strip outputs are jumper selectable to unmodulated IRIG-B, modulated IRIG-B, 1 PPS, programmable pulse, or event input. The 1201 is capable of driving multiple loads in parallel. Like other Arbiter clock models, various options are available to add features such as NTPPTP (Network Time ProtocolPrecision Time Protocol [IEEE 1588]) support, four additional configurable outputs, high drive IRIG-B outputs, power system time, frequency, and Phase Monitor functions, one Form C (SPDT) fail-safe, LOCKED relay that is compatible with 129 Vdc digital fault recorder inputs; plus many more. Model 1201BC is available with two front panel configurations (see photos and Key Features tab). Each product includes the GNSS antenna and cable, a terminal power strip, and a rack mount kit, all backed by a Five Year Limited Warranty to the original ownerpurchaser.

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