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  • Body Armor Plates

    Ceragard™ ceramic plates – Great ballistic protection at an affordable price. We offer a variety of thicknesses and compositions. Unigard™ lightweight polyethylene (HPPE) plates. – Low profile and ultra lightweight protection. Ceragard™ ceramic body armor plates are an integration ...

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  • Lightweight Ballistic Helmet

    The Heagard™ Ballistic Helmet is designed from high-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber to protect against fragments and ballistic threats. The Heagard™ Ballistic Helmet is designed to protect against fragments and ballistic threats. Manufactured from high-tenacity aramid fiber, and is ...

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  • Mobile Ballistic Shield

    Bogard™ Ballistic Shield addresses the need for a robust, stable, deploy-able, and highly maneuverable shield platform. Bogard™ Ballistic Shield is a Level III, Level III+, Level III++, and Level IV armored mobile barrier with trolley is a new development from Armor USA which addresses the ...

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  • Molded Lightweight Armor

    Custom molded shapes to complicated shapes Ultra-high molecule unidirectional (UHMPE) Easy and simple installation Lightweight ballistic PanelsUnigard™ Lightweight Ballistic Interior is made of ultra-high molecular unidirectional polyethylene (UHMPE) fiber. High-pressure pressing and ...

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  • Retrofit Mounting Band Bracket

    Railband™ is a patent pending retrofit bracket designed for mounting helmet accessories. Features: → Railband ™ has the following unique functions; → Bolt-free: Innovative design completely removes the necessity to bolt the rail and shroud onto helmet. This way there is NO ...

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  • Riot Gear & Armor

    Riogard™ tactical riot armor is the ultimate high-threat level riot control suit. It provides protection for the whole body against mechanical attack such as batons, stones, and sharp weapons. All this without sacrificing fit or comfort. Riogard™ tactical riot armor is the ultimate ...

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  • Run Flat Tires System

    Protective Tire Assembly (PTA) is an integration of the following parts: Runflat Insert system (RIS) – lightweight polymer inserts allow tires to function after being deflated. Tire Wall Shielding (TWS) – composite of rubber and honeycomb shields that protect tire ...

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  • Visor Mounting Bracket

    Standalone bracket with visor arms. This replacement bracket snugly latches on any helmet and allows to mounting a visor. Made with lightweight high-strength nylon. Vigard™ replacement bracket snugly latches on military helmets. This standalone bracket is the same mount used in our Vigard ...

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