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Our offered Product range includes Contour Milling Cutters, edge cutters, Chamfer Milling Cutters, High-Performance Solid Carbide Drills and Ultra-Mini Internal Grooving Tools.

Contour Milling Cutters

  • SERIES 5505VX

The 5505VX ball nose cutters have a reinforced design feature that delivers high-volume chip removal. One grade and one geometry machines many workpiece materials. Chipbreaker geometry enables excellent chip control and evacuation.

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edge cutters

  • SERIES 3044 Edge Cutter

Completely assembled for easy replacement in the field. Pre-designed cutting angles. Three sizes available to fit many drum combinations.

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Chamfer Milling Cutters

  • SERIES 7760VT

7760VT Series 60°The 7760VT chamfer mill is available in 16mm and 25mm diameters for 60° chamfer milling. All milling cutters in the series are available in a wide range of grades and geometries, and suitable for machining all workpiece materials

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High-Performance Solid Carbide Drills

  • Dimension 3 x D/~5 x D/~8 x D

HPS Beyond™ drills for aluminum machining with MQL. Material-specific SC drill with highly polished surface that ensures superior chip evacuation and avoids built-up edge, even when MQL coolant is applied. Sharp cutting edge enables higher tool life in aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. HP point enables high feed rates by progressive rake angle. Enlarged flute design enables fast chip evacuation and high metal removal rates. Enlarged chamfer on back end according to DIN 69090-3 (round cylindrical for MQL) to ensure optimum coolant flow without leakage.

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Ultra-Mini Internal Grooving Tools

  • widths 0.039" to 0.078"

ltra-Mini grooving inserts and tool holders portfolio features replaceable carbide inserts with minimum bores down to 0.157" and groove widths from 0.039" to 0.078". The inserts are designed for internal machining of small diameters, and are available in a range of reaches and groove width-to-length ratios. See the full inch and metric Ultra-Mini tool offering.

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Milling Insert Grade

  • SERIES SP5419

Coating Type: PVD, TiAlN. The combination of a tough substrate with a new generation of TiAlN super nano coating makes this new PVD grade virtually free of residual stress and extremely hard for unmatched performance. Used in steel and steel alloys.

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Stellram Turning Inserts

Stellram turning inserts and tool holders are available in inch and metric styles, and a wide range of grades and geometries. We offer external tool holders and internal boring bars to support these solid carbide insert and ceramic insert styles:

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solid carbide endmills

The Rapide series of solid carbide endmills are designed for high speed and high-performance machining in a wide range of materials. They feature material-specific geometries, advanced PVD coating, and premium micrograin carbide. Achieve higher speeds and feeds and rapid metal removal, even in dry machining.

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Stellram Holemaking

  • Size (2,50mm to 150,00mm

Stellram drilling systems are capable of drilling holes in a range of diameters from 0.098” to 5.905” (2, 50mm to 150, 00mm) with three different families of drills. All indexable insert drills offer through-coolant capability for optimum chip evacuation and increased tool life.

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Boron Nitride Paints

  • Color Black

HomeProductsCeramicsSintec CeramicsBoron Nitride Paints and Sprays Boron Nitride Paints and Sprays Boron nitride’s high temperature properties make it a preferred thin coating for multiple applications. Boron nitride paints and sprays are used to coat molten metal handling systems because they limit metal adherence and extend the life of refractory linings.

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Solid Carbide End Mills


The XE and XER end mills are designed and manufactured specifically for machining titanium and high-temperature alloys for applications in aerospace, defense, medical, and oil and gas industries. These end mills feature an advanced geometric design with a tough, wear-resistant submicron substrate. They have an advanced nano composite PVD coating and high precision radii. Achieve increased metal removal rates by up to 2x compared to similar tools.

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Solid Carbide Endmills Grades

  • SERIES SU4500

Uncoated Micrograin. A versatile uncoated micrograin substrate suitable for a variety of applications. Primarily used in unalloyed steels, alloyed steels, and cast irons.

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Solid Carbide Drills

  • Dimension 3 x D/~5 x D

GOdrill — the first microdrill from Kennametal. General purpose SC drill for a wide range of materials. Marginless design for reduced friction and heat — thus longer tool life. Optimized gashing design for microdrilling ensures free flow of chips in the center of the drill. Uninterrupted straight cutting lip allows no starting point for wear and enables even distribution of cutting forces for longer tool life in all materials and less chipping on cutting edge. KC7325™ grade contains a double coating for broad-band applications, and a TiN top layer serves as a wear indicator for easier monitoring of small drills, which can be difficult to see.

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Tungsten Powder

We manufacture tungsten powder for use in electrical contacts, airbag deployment systems, and as the beginning material in tungsten mill products and wire. It is also used in particle guns for genetic modification of plants and vegetables and in radiation compensators.

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Coarse Tungsten Powder

Intended for applications that use non-thermal powder consolidation technologies (tungsten– polymerelastomer, deformable metal binder, etc.) Special powder processing services available for narrow distribution, increased apparent density, andor high flowability Coarse particle sizes with low alkali metal content are ideal for thermal spray Widely used for lead-free ammunition and moldable radiation shielding products Useful as a pour-in high density filling material for irregular shaped cavities to add weight or radiation attenuation

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Prepared Tungsten Powder

Prepared tungsten powder (high apparent density powder) is a combination of different sized powders. It is used for casting and other special applications.

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cartridge face mills

  • SERIES 8000V-8010V

These versatile cutter bodies can be assembled with different cartridges for a wide range of applications. The quick-change 8000V series with unequal pitch has interchangeable cartridges. The 8010V series with equal pitch is designed for rough milling, semi-finishing, and finishing

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High-Feed Face Mills

  • SERIES 7792VX

HomeProductsMetalworking ToolsSTELLRAM® Cutting ToolsIndexable MillingHigh-Feed Face Mills High-Feed Face Mills 7792VX Series Our 7792VX series high-feed face mills achieve high metal removal rates in face milling, plunging, and slotting applications. The patented milling insert design offers better performance than round milling cutters. Choose these milling cutters to reduce cycle times or remove the most amount of material in the shortest time. The unique milling insert design and positioning achieves up to 5 times higher feed rates than competitive milling cutters. They are ideal in extended tool holders because the cutters absorb vibration to reduce tool instability and deflection.

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Lead Angle Face Mills

  • SERIES 7745VOD

7745VOD Series Face Mills These face mills feature octagonal inserts with up to eight cutting edges. They are designed for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing steel, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, cast iron, and aluminum alloys. Make these cutters your first choice for machining component surfaces with scale, and for irregular stock. They are ideal to use when machining with tool holder extensions.

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plunge milling

  • Series 7791VS

The 7791VS series is designed for high metal removal rates, especially in rough machining. Increase productivity up to 5x using plunge milling techniques versus traditional profiling operations. Cutter design enables plunging verically, horizontally, down a slope, or a profile. A wide range of indexable inserts and plunge milling cutters available.

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Indexable Milling Cutters

  • SERIES 7690VA

We offer a number of 90° cutters for shoulder milling, face milling and slotting. They are available in inch and metric styles, and 9mm, 12mm, and 16mm sizes. The 7690VA series milling cutters are ideal for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing applications in steel, stainless steels, cast iron, high-temperature alloys, and aluminum alloys.

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Milling Insert Geometries

  • SERIES 41

A general purpose geometry applied to utility ground inserts. This economical geometry is available with a number of insert styles for use in all approach angles. This geometry has positive cutting action and reinforced cutting edge for roughing applications in steel, steel alloys, stainless steel and cast iron.

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Crystalline Tungsten Powder

Crystalline tungsten powders (matrix and spray) are used for infiltration in mining bits and other oil and gas applications. It is also used in a variety of other applications: lead replacement, golf club weights, show dog ear weights and more.

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Granulated Tungsten Powder

Granulated tungsten powder includes accelerator and alloy powders. It is used as a catalyst in laboratory material analyzers.

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Profiling Milling Cutters

  • SERIES 5182VZ

5182VZ Series Profiling Pocketing Milling Cutters Series 5182VZ profiling milling cutters feature a unique design for high-performance machining in aluminum alloys. This high-speed cutter is specially designed for high metal removal rates, with a large axial depth of cut capability. Positive rake of cutter and insert designs help reduce cutting forces, built-up edge, and power consumption

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Ceramic Powders

  • temperatures 2200oC.

Boron nitride is a man-made ceramic material prized for its excellent thermal and chemical stability and lubricating properties. Kennametal boron nitride powder is non-toxic and exhibits high electrical resistivity and temperature stability. It is oxidation resistant under inert atmospheres of temperatures up to 2200oC. Our boron nitride powder can be used in products ranging from high-temperature lubricants to cosmetics. Kennametal produces two grades of boron nitride powder:

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Long Edge Milling Cutters

  • SERIES 5230VS

5230VS Series High-Performance Long Edge Milling Cutters Designed for high metal removal rates, especially in profiling and full slotting milling applications. Advanced chevron design means one cutting point is always in contact with the workpiece material. Achieve up to 30% surface finish improvement. Coolant jets to each insert provide constant chip evacuation and temperature stability in the cutting zone. Available in VS09 and VS12 inch and metric sizes.

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Stellram Turning Geometries

We offer a wide range of negative and positive geometries for turning inserts, for use in all workpiece materials. Negative geometry inserts include:

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Disk Mill Cartridge Cutters

  • SERIES 7220VM

Our 7220VM series disk mill cartridge cutters feature adjustable and interchangeable cartridges designed for machining deep slots and side shoulder milling applications. Available in metric sizes 63mm to 160mm. Efficient clamping system secures cartridges to cutter body and works in the same direction as the cutting force. These cutters are ideal for machining precision slots. Designed for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature, aluminum, and steel alloys.

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T-Slot Milling Cutters

  • Series 5400VM

The 5400VM series T-slot milling cutter is specifically designed for producing T-slots after machining the tenon slot. This design places two milling inserts slightly higher on the body to machine the top of the slot, while the other two inserts machine the bottom of the slot. Unique design with reinforced insert support and shallow machined chip flutes means this milling cutter can run at higher feed rates.

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