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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Nickel Alloys, LOADCHOKER, ARMCO BARRIER SYSTEMS, Stainless Steel and ferritic stainless steels

Nickel Alloys

Based at the heart of the steel industry in the UK and in Houston, Texas, we work in partnership with world-leading companies operating in the most challenging of industries. These include oil & gas; gasket manufacturing; nuclear; power generation; and the automotive industry. We understand the time-critical and technically complex nature of these extreme-environment projects. Our outstandingly skilled metallurgists and other technical experts draw on their long experience and in-depth knowledge to deliver optimum and often groundbreaking solutions, within your budget and timescales. In addition, we work with trusted global logistics partners to ensure products and materials are delivered safely, in good time, and in perfect condition – wherever you are in the world. Our customer service and attention to detail is second to none. All our products have full certification and traceability, and comply with all industry and country-specific standards and specifications.

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Load Choker was designed and developed by a truck driver for truck drivers. It offers a leap forward in load securing techniques with the potential to solve everyday challenges when securing difficult and awkward loads, apart from making the drivers life a whole lot easier and safer. Developed and refined to stand up to constant and rigorous use, Load Choker is a reliable and totally dependable product manufactured to the highest quality for a long and robust life. Many thousands are in daily use in Australia and New Zealand and Load Choker is now available in the U.K, Europe and the USA. The Strap Choker or Chain Choker can be used in a wide variety of applications to secure material firmly in place providing an even tension throughout the load restraint assembly. Material is choked to prevent movement is all directions and double the tension can be achieved due the 2 to 1 mechanical advantage achieved by the 'pulley' effect of the Choker.

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Barrett Steel are suppliers of Armco Barrier Systems. These systems have been adapted to offer protection in a wide range of situations. The barriers’ versatility allows them to be used both inside and outside; they are extensively used in car parks, loading bays and factories to offer protection to the fabric of buildings, customers and workers from the hazards of cars, trucks and other vehicles. Made from 3mm galvanised steel with a 3.2m effective standard beam our Armco Barrier systems are compliant with the requirements of BS6180 and BS6399.

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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is defined as a steel alloy having a minimum of 10.5% to 11% chromium content by mass. This chromium content means stainless steel does not corrode, rust or stain within water as ordinary steels do. It is the addition of chromium that differs Stainless steel from carbon steel. Unprotected carbon steel rusts readily when exposed to air and moisture forming an iron oxide film (rust) on the surface which is active and accelerates corrosion by forming more iron oxide if continually exposed to this type of atmosphere, this is due to the dissimilar size of the iron and iron oxide molecules (iron oxide is larger), the iron tends to flake and fall away. Exposed to the same conditions Stainless steels contain sufficient chromium to form a passive film of chromium oxide on the surface which prevents further corrosion and blocks corrosion from spreading into the metal's internal structure, due to the similar size of the steel and oxide molecules they bond very strongly and remain attached to the surface.

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ferritic stainless steels

Ferritic stainless steels generally have better engineering properties than austenitic grades, but can have reduced corrosion resistance, because of the lower chromium content. They are also usually less expensive. They contain between 10.5% and 27% chromium and very little nickel, if any. Barrett Stainless stock Grades 1:4003 – medium corrosion resistanceLow costpainted or HDG replacement 1:4509 (441) – Good corrosion resistantGood astheticsMedium cost Possible 304 replacement 1:4521 (444) – Good corrosion resistant good aesthetics medium cost Possible 316 replacement 1:4003 Is a low cost 12% chromium stainless steel with the corrosion resistance superior to that of carbon steel due to its higher chromium content. As with other ferritic grades 1:4003 has an excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. This grade can be used in most indoor applications requiring stainless steel but also in outdoor applications where aesthetics is not a major requirement. Alternatively where aesthetics are of importance applying a protective coatings, like a paint systems is a common solution.

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  • series EN10219 S420MH

Our S420MH grade is a cold formed, high grade, multi purpose hollow section, offering trusted formability and toughness. This is now available with dual certification providing the flexibility to design using higher strength material when the situation demands. The product retains the option to benefit from the excellent weldability and fabrication characteristics of the traditional Hybox 355. It is batch tested for your assurance. It is ideally suited for a range of applications which include :- Framework structures of bulidings Bridge structures Railings Pillars Masts Framework structures for machinery, vehicles and mechanical handling equipment. By utilising S420MH in your designs, there is a potential for considerable weight reductions. Click here to view the technical information Contact our sales team now to see how The Barrett Group can help you... Email us at... Phone us on... 01274 682281 Use our website... Contact us

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BRIGHT alloy steel bars

  • diameter. up to 105mm

We hold extensive stocks of bright and black carbon and alloy steel bars and flat products. These are suitable for numerous applications including: Rollers Shafts Forgings Gears Hydraulics shafts Plungers Bolting Fasteners Cylinders Axles Valves Rock drilling equipment BESPOKE SERVICE We provide a full in-house cutting service, from 6mm to 850mm diameter, and in addition to our extensive laser-cutting facilities we also offer boring and honing services carried out by our experienced and knowledgeable experts. BAR GRINDING We can produce full-length ground bars, free from surface defects and suitable for further precision machining operations. Centreless bar grinding is available up to 120mm diameter and to11 metres in length. BAR STRAIGHTENING Our technical capabilities include Black and Bright reeling of bars up to 105mm diameter.

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Barrett Steel’s leading-edge plasma cutting and linishing facilities, coupled with our extensive range of immediately available off-the-shelf plate products, set us apart from our competitors – and will help you stay ahead of the competition. As an innovative and forward-thinking company, we are continually investing in new technology, including our recently acquired £200, 000 precision plasma profiling machine. With the ability to cut up to 40mm thick, 3m wide and 14m long, we can guarantee a superior cut, quality and consistency. In addition, our linishing facilities can handle from 1mm to 100mm thicknesses and up to 1.4m wide, with a twin magnetic track to hold small items. Other value-added services provided at our state-of-the art processing and manufacturing facilities include: Gas cutting Shearing Radial arm drilling General profiling Our sophisticated computing facilities also mean that our CAD department can import and work with most current industrial formats, including DXF, DWG, NC, CDC, HPGL and IGES. To help further reduce your costs, we can pass on the benefits of our significant buying power. And you can also rely on our peace-of-mind in-house transport fleet for efficient delivery on a date to suit you – including on a just-in-time basis if required.

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street furniture

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable technical experts will quickly understand the nature of your project and your precise requirements. Raw materials are immediately available from our extensive stock and can be rapidly processed, packaged and despatched using our own distribution fleet. Overseas orders are transported using our trusted logistics partners and we always track consignments to ensure safe and prompt delivery. Our product lines include: General steel sections Engineering steels Forged bars Nickels and alloys Stainless and duplex Hollow bars Hollow sections ERW tube Handrailing and walkway products Modular stainless steel balustrade fittings

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