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Our offered Product range includes Power Frequency Converter, High Power AC Power Supplies, Airborne Frequency Converter, Inverter and High Power CE MARK AC Power Supplies.

Power Frequency Converter

  • MIO BL+ Series

Behlman's BL-PLUS Series High Power AC Source Frequency Converter provide the performance of a linear with all the benefits of a switching amplifier. Instead of relying on large, noisy motor generators for AC power, today's testing facilities are switching to quiet, compact Behlman AC Power frequency converters.Behlman's Solid-State BL-PLUS offers greater energy efficiency, reduced downtime, and a significantly smaller footprint. They're ideal for avionics, airborne and shipboard equipment as well as international products testing. The BL-PLUS even comes with an optional computer control for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) application. It's adjustable voltage and frequency provides maximum flexibility.Combined with The efficiency of the BL-PLUS Series and the savings in converting from a motor generator really add up.

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High Power AC Power Supplies

The BLHP Series Behlman's high power, AC Power Sources Frequency Converters Inverters, combine the smooth, clean power of a linear supply with the compact design of a switching power supply. They're about one-third the size and half the cost of other AC Sources. All models come standard with variable voltage and frequency, external sync and 0-10 Vdc remote control, optional IEEE488 or RS232 interface for computer controlled. LabWindows and LabView drives available. Small size, quiet operation and high efficiency make the high power BL Series ideal choices for precision avionics, ATE and industrial products testing requirements.BL(F) Series with fixed voltage and frequency is ideal for appliance and avionics testing and power. All other specifications apply per models below.

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Airborne Frequency Converter

  • model AFC Series

Behlman’s AFC-7000-1 & -2 and AFC-7003, frequency converter are designed to convert three-phase aircraft power to regulated single-phase (115 or 230 VAC) or three-phase (115200 VAC) at 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz. They are ruggedly built to support aircraft takeoffs and landings and designed to meet the input power requirements of MIL-STD-704 and RTCA-DO-160.There’s also a unique overload protection system that folds back voltage to maintain rated output current without waveform distortion. The AFC-7000-1 & -2 and AFC-7003 are supplied with RS-232 remote control and 28 VDC control of Output OnOff. These features are available options on the other units.Small size, rugged construction, quiet operation and high efficiency make the Behlman Airborne Frequency Converters ideal for use onboard aircraft.

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  • model ACDC1200

The Behlman ACDC-1200 Inverter delivers 1200 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a 5.25” high rack mount chassis. It was designed to operate reliably in a utility or industrial environment where power surges and transients are a concern. In the event of loss of AC input the ACDC will automatically switch to your DC source in ZERO time. The ACDC can be factory set for AC or DC primary input operation mode. The ACDC Inverter continuously conditions the incoming power, providing a high quality sine wave output with very little distortion.The ACDC Inverter is ideal for use in substations and utilities where sensitive station electronics require clean, surge protected and regulated AC.

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High Power CE MARK AC Power Supplies

  • model BLC Series

Behlman’s BLC Series AC Power Sources supply clean, regulated AC power in a rugged design at competitive prices. The BLC Series is available with either single or three-phase output in a range of power from 3 KVA to 9 KVA. Inputs are three-phase mains power with most models available with single-phase input.The BLC Series delivers all the quality features our customers have come to expect from Behlman; clean sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency and low harmonic distortion. A multi-pulse input transformer offers low-input harmonic distortion and high power factor as required by European standards. Unique protection circuitry provides for over-temperature protection; short-circuit protection and voltage fold-back during overloads to maintain undistorted waveforms.

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An inverter is a power device that transforms DC to AC (Direct Current into Alternating Current). A typical application would be to convert your available battery or DC power to AC to power sensitive electronic devices that require clean, low distortion sine wave inputs (i.e. microprocessor based instruments and PLC's). There are two types of "quality" inverters offered, "Pure sine wave" and "modified sine wave". A pure sine wave inverter produces a clean, regulated AC output with low distortion. A modified sine wave inverter produces an output that is a rectangular or stepped waveform where both the peak and RMS value is equal to a sine wave of the same magnitude, and is a lower cost alternative to the pure sine wave device.Behlman manufactures both types of inverters.Behlman Inverters are typically used in unmanned Sub-Stations and military Inverter applications

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Ac Power Supply

  • model P Series

The P Series AC Power Supply and Frequency Converter for your test bench or test rack delivers clean regulated AC power in a (2U) 3.5" high and (3U) 5.25” high bench top unit that easily converts to rack mount, for far less cost than competitive models.The P Series can simulate any worldwide utility as well as aircraft and shipboard power. Simply select the required frequency, choose a voltage range, dial up your desired voltage, and you are ready to test.The P Series delivers all the quality features you have come to expect from Behlman; clean sine wave output with excellent line and load regulation, high efficiency and low harmonic distortion, in the industries most compact size.The PF Series has all the functions of the P Series, with a power factor corrected input and CE MARK

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Power Source

  • model BL1350 Series

Behlman's BL1350 AC Power Supply Frequency Converter Inverter, requires just 3.5" of rack height, and weighs as low as 45 pounds, yet it delivers 1350 VA of quality AC power. In the BL 1350, you'll find the quality features you expect from Behlman, fully adjustable frequency and voltage, total harmonic distortion of less than 0.5%, high efficiency, plus excellent line and load regulation.There's also a unique overload protection system that folds back the voltage to maintain maximum rated current without output wave form distortion and analog remote control. For rack mounted or bench top power, no AC source combines small size, high efficiency and low cost like the Behlman BL Series.

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