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Our Complete range of products are Olives, pastas, Jams, whole grains and Raw Honey.

HomeBeverages and Juices

We carry a variety of beverages & juices. Our shelves are full of different sized and different flavored drinks-in plastic and in glass! If you do not find what you are looking for here, contact us.Apple Juice Lime Juice Pomegranate Juice Apricot Juice Limon Pomelo Carbonated Soft Drinks Mango Juice Rose Water Coca Cola Products Mineral Water Serrano Cockta Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage Sour Grape Juice Donat Orange Blossom Water Sparkling Mineral Water Flavored Mineral Water Orange Soda Vimto Fruit Drink Flavored Sparkling MIneral Water Orangina Yogurt Drink Guava Juice Ouzon Soda Yogurt Soda Lemon Juice Pear Nectar

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coffee and tea

We have Coffee and Tea from around the world! Our coffee is from light roast to dark roast, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for ground coffee or the whole beans, we have a variety of flavors in both caffeinated or decaf. We have many flavors of tea(including decaf), ranging from early morning tea to evening tea. See below for the wide range of flavors. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. Coffee: Aroma Espresso Beans Nescafe Classic Decaf Bosnian Coffee Grand Gold Nescafe Shaker frappe’ Brazilian Coffee Greek Light Coffee Papagalos Dark Roast C Kafe Green Coffee Beans Papagalos Decaf Cafe Molida Gronat Gold Papagalos Traditional Cafe Najjar Ground Coffee Turkish Dark Roast Devolli Princ Caffe Kronung Venizelos Doncafe Minas La Morenita Doncafe Moment Minas Gold Espresso Beans Nescafe Classic Tea: Alwazah Tea English Breakfast Pomegranate Tea Alwazah Tea English Tea Pure Indian Tea Apple Refresh Tea Evening Tea (decaf) Relaxing Winter Charm Tea Apricot Tea Filiz Cayi Black Tea Rize Black Tea Barooti Assan Tea Green Tea Romance Mate Tea Black Currant Burst Tea Green Tea Rosamonte Serena Tea Black Tea Gunpowder Supreme Tea Rose Hip Tea Black Tea Imperial Blend Tea Sage(Faskomilo) Tea Camomile & Lemongrass Tea Jasmin Black Tea Sage(Faskomilo) Tea Canarias Tea Kalmi Gulabi Tea Shahrzad Tea Cardamon Special Blend Tea Kamilica Spearmint Tea Cardamon Tea La Tranquera Tea Strawberry Sensation Tea Cay Cigegi Black Tea LaVirginia Black Tea Tsai Tou Vounon Tea Ceylon Tea LaVirginia Boldo Tea Tsai Tou Vounou Tea Chamomile Flowers Tea LaVirginia Duranzo Uvin H (herbal mixture) Tea Chamomile Flowers Tea LaVirginia Frutilla Tea Vanilla Tranquility Tea Cinnamon Haze Tea LaVirginia Hierbas Wild Tea Cold & Flu Tea LaVirginia Limon Wild Tea Cormillot Miel Tea Long Leaf Tea Yerba Mate Tea Cruz de Malta Tea Mango Magic Tea Darjeeling Tea Meta Tea Earl Grey Melange Special Tea Mixed Citrus Tea Earl Grey Melange Special Tea Mountain Tea Earl Grey Special Blend Tea Mountain Tea Earl Grey Tea Nobleza Gaucha Tea Earl Grey Tea Orange Pekoe Black Tea Earl Grey Tomurcuk Tea Orange Pekoe Tea Earl Grey Tumurcuk Tea Orange Pekoe Tea Endul Zada Tea Peppermint Tea

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Household Products

Bill’s Imported Foods has more than just food! We carry a line of miscelaneous household items. Please take a look, you never know we just may have more than what you are looking for! If you have any questions, please contact us. Bombilla Livani(incense) Sultan Charcoal Brass Coffee Pots(Size 1-4) Magnolia Soap Tabac Soap Greek Sailor Hats Marine Soap Three Kings Charcoal Green Olive Oil Soap Matte Straws Karvounaki (Charcoal) Musk Soap Kina Set Hair Color Night Lights Lavender Soap Stainless Steel Coffee Pots(Size 1-4)

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Olives come from all over the world! We have Olives served fresh, or packaged in various containers for you. Whether you are looking for sliced, pitted, whole, or stuffed Olives, we have many different flavors to choose from. We invite you in to try our fresh olives served in our deli! If you do not find what you are looking for here, contact us. Olives Green Sicilian Mamouth Olives Kalamata Superior Olives Black Natural Olives Green Sicilian Pitted Olives Moroccan Olives Black Olives Green Sicilian Super Colossal Olives Turkish Olives Black Olives Manzanillo Kalamata Blonde Olives Olives Black Olives Rings Kalamata Colossal Olives Stuffed Olives Greek Black Mamouth Olives Kalamata Extra Jumbo Olives Chilian(chile) Olives Greek Black Super Colossal Olives Kalamata Extra Large Olives Greek Hot Mixed Olives Kalamata Giant Olives Green Cracked Olives Kalamata Jumbo Olives Green Cracked Olives wShatta Kalamata Large Olives Green Olives Manzanillo Kalamata Pitted Olives Green Olives Sury Kalamata Sliced Olives

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Pasta is made with the best flours and grains available. We have a variety of maccaroni that comes in wheat and organic options, with many different shapes, cuts and sizes. Don’t forget to check out our sauces to pair with your favorite pasta! If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. #8 Alphabet #8 Csiga #8 Diamond (zabkocka) #8 Large Square(nagy kocka) #8 Strawberry Leaf (eperlevel) Angel Hair Broad Szelesmetelt Capellini Chilopites Chinese Chow Mein Cous Cous Cut Noodles Egg Noodles Fides Flat Noodles (leffencs) Fusilli Gnocchi Kofto Linguine Maccaroni #2 Maccaroni #3 Maftoul Manestra Monastiri Noodle Nests Organic Maccaroni Orzo Orzo Large Pasta Melone Pasta Shells Penne Peponaki Polenta Quinoa Rice Shaped Noodles Rigati Rigatoni Risoni Large Rotini Semolina(course) Semolina(fine) Sipa Spaghetti #10 Spaghetti #5 Spaghetti #6 Thin Noodles Trahanas Sour Trahanas Sweet Tricolor Pasta Twists Vermicelli Whole Wheat Spaghetti Whole Wheat Twists

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Jams and Preserves come in many different consistancies, and in different styles. We have seedless and sugar free options available to you. All of our flavors of Jams and Preserves vary in sweetness! If you can not find something please contact us. Apricot Mullberry Sour Cherry Apricot Butter Orange Strawberry Black Currant Papaya Tawny Orange Blackberry Peach Vanilla Blueberry Pergamot Walnut Boysenberry Pergamot Peel Watermelon Cherry Plum White Cherry Cornelian Cherry Plum Buttery Spread Wild Berry Eggplant Pumpkin Wild Lingonberries Fig Quince Grape Raspberry Lemon Curd Red Currant Manderin Rose Hip Mixed Fruit Rose Petals

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whole grains

We carry different rice and grains, from all around the world – anywhere from fine grain to course grain, to provide you the best ingredients for your cooking! Enjpoy! If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. Rice: Arborio Rice Brown Rice Oriental Rice Snacks Basmati Rice Calrose Rice Parboiled Rice Basmati Sweet Delight Mix Dolmades Rice Flour Basmati Sweet Harmony Mix Egyptian Rice Riza Rice Basmati Tomato Rice Mix Jasmine Rice White Rice Basmati Wild West Favorite Mix Long Grain Rice Wild Rice Grains: Barley Chick Pea Fine Flour Rice Flour Bechamel Corn Flour Semolina Bleached Flour Crackers Shelled Wheat Buckwheat Esmer Cigkoftelik Bulgar Tabouli Mix Bulgar #1 Falafel Mix Tarhana Corbasi Bulgar #2 Farina Tjestenina Bulgar #3 Five Roses Flour Vitabella Gluten Free Corn Flakes Bulgar #4 Freekah Wheat Pelted Yarma Bulgar Course Gris (instant wheat grits) Wheat Starch Bulgar Extra Course Harina Blancaflor Whole Wheat Flakes Bulgar Fine Loukoumades Whole Wheat Flour Bulgar Medium Course Palenta (instant maize meal) Cerelic Pancake Mix

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Raw Honey

Syrups and Honey come in many different consistancies, and in different styles. We have organic and sugar free options available to you. All of our flavors of Syrups and Honey vary in sweetness! If you can not find what you are looking for please contact us. Syrups: Black Berry Lemon Sour Cherry Black Currant Mullberry Molasses Strawberry Blueberry Orange Vimto Syrup Carob Molasses Pomegranate Date Pomegranate Molasses Grape Raspberry Honeys: Acacia Honey Honey wmixed nuts Pure Honey Attiki Honey Med Lipa Sage Honey Bee Honey wcomb Multi-Flower Honey Sage Honey wcomb Buckwheat Honey Organic Honey Thimarisio Honey Forest Honey Pine Sithon Honey Wild Flower Honey Honey Comb Pine Tree Honey Honey wcomb Pure Bee Pine Honey

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