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Our product range comtains a wide range of Amada Metal Cutting Carbide Circular Saw, Spartan Carbide Circular Sawing Machines, Metal Cutting Full Automatic Circular, Heavy Duty Industrial Cutters and Extended Reach Cutters

Amada Metal Cutting Carbide Circular Saw

  • Round (Diameter) 2.95″ – 5.9″
  • Rectangle (W x H) 2.95″ x 2.95″ – 3.94″ x 3.94″
  • Incline Table Dimensions (Length x Width) 17 ft. X 55.9″ 5401 x 1420 mm

High-Speed, High-Precision Cutting Parts are cut using an oblique-slide cutting mechanism. This ensures high precision positioning to +- 0.01mm and an optimal rake angle for cutting bar steel. This design improves stability, resulting in higher precision and enhanced cutting rates. AMADA MACHINE TOOLS’ Unique Carbide Tipped Tool The saw blade is a very important factor in realizing high speed, high precision cutting. Amada has developed a unique carbide-tipped circular saw that cuts cleanly and virtually burr free. Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department. Capable of Cutting a Variety o Metal Materials This machine can cut a wide variety of materials including round bar, flat bar, pipe and but in a range of materials like mild steel, stainless steels, tools steels and nonferrous materials. Spray-mist Lubricant reduces cutting fluid cleanup This machine incorporates a semi-dry cut system that generates eco-friendly oil mist, thus work pieces get less wet while cutting; resulting in simplified downstream processes. No Clean-Up Process Needed for the Cut-Face This machine makes highly precise cuts, the resulting cut-face being very clean. By eliminating the surfacing work, like when materials are band saw cut, total processing time is greatly reduced. Longer Circular Saw Blade Life

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Spartan Carbide Circular Sawing Machines

  • Blade speed 30-150RPM
  • Blade feed Hydroulic Cylinder

The user friendly control provide quick set up and control through a clear easy to read touch screen. From this screen the operator can change blade speed, trim cut length, set cut lengths, job quantities and set the forwardreturn limits of the saw blade. Up to 9 different jobs can be stored at one time and can easily be changed or edited.

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Metal Cutting Full Automatic Circular

  • Bars (Diameter) 0.40″ – 2.36″
  • Tubes (Diameter) 0.40″ – 3.54″
  • Blade Speed 14, 18, 25, 32 rpm

High quality, High speed, Low cost, Full Automatic Circular Saw for pipes and bars. Features Machine Standard Features Ammeter (Overload Detector) Back Gauge Counter Chip Conveyor Cutting Piece counter Work Stock Table (39″ Width) Specifications may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.

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Heavy Duty Industrial Cutters

These heavy duty Rotabroach Industrial Cutters are “tougher” tools which allow heavier feeds with increased speeds and deeper holes. The Cutters have thicker walls (.264″) and inside margins to decrease I.D. welding and provide a better flow of coolant to the tool and its cutting edges. This results in improved tool life and more manageable chips. In-plant tests were successful at 24 IPM in mild steel.

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Extended Reach Cutters

  • Cutter Dia. (inches) 3/8
  • Dec. Equiv .3750
  • Part No. 16112

Rotabroach “16, 000-Series” Cutters are designed for applications where extended reach is required. They’re ideally suited for trailer hitch installations, or single pass through holes in square and rectangular pipe and tubing. The cutter and arbor are one piece construction and include a spring loaded ejector for “popping out” the slug at the end of the cut. Use in 38″ or 12″ drill chucks.

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Automatic Carbide Circular Saw

  • Round: in (mm) .6″-2.75″ (15-70)
  • Square: in (mm) .6″-2.36″ (15-60)
  • Drive Motor 10 hp
  • Hydraulic Motor 2 hp

High speed precision cutting, leaving an almost ground surface finish and excellent repeatability, made possible by integrating MECHA-TRONICS controls and vastly improved carbide cutting tools. KalamazooCarbideSaw1 Saw Blade Anti-Vibration Device…The Kalamazoo MEGA has a unique disc brake design to minimize vibration and sliding caused by teeth gaps. The design ensures a very fine finish of the cutting surface and extends blade life. Heavy-duty Gear Head Design…The powerful heavy-duty Gear Transmission drive is continuously lubricated for higher efficiency and lower power consumption.

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Marvel Carbide Circular Saw

  • Capacity 1/2”; Max. 2.75”; Square: Min. 5/8”; Max. 2”.
  • Blade 285mm x
  • Capacity Square: Min. 5/8”; Max. 3-1/8”
  • Blade Size 360mm x 2.5mm

Capacity: Round: Min. 12”; Max. 2.75”; Square: Min. 58”; Max. 2”. Blade: 285mm x Blade Speed Range: 30 — 150 RPM controlled through an Inverter Drive. Servo Blade Feed: Servo drive blade feed and precision ball screw provide precision and vibration free cutting. Cutting force is infinitely adjustable to accommodate different types of material. An electro-magnetic brake device eliminates transmission backlash. Blade Guides: Four carbide inserts provide additional support for the blade, allowing for the use of thinner blades, reducing kerf loss. Motors: Blade Drive: 10 H.P. Hydraulic Pump: 2 H.P. Vises: Machine vises clamp the material from the sides as well as vertically. The floating shuttle vise retracts the material as the saw blade returns, preventing contact as the blades return to the start position. Mist Lubrication and Air Filter: The mist lubrication system assures long blade life by lubricating the blade causing heat to be taken by the chip and not the material or blade. The air filter keeps the working environment clean by filtering air from the saw before it is passed back into the shop (requires compressed air connection). Touch Screen Controls: The user-friendly touch screen allows the operator to select material type and set the number of teeth in the blade. Both feed and blade speed are automatically set. Job storage of up to 9 different jobs is available. The self-diagnostic feature allows for on-screen trouble shooting. Automatic Shuttle Vise: The shuttle vise is servo driven through a ball screw and will index from 38” to 24” in a single shuttle. Shuttle lengths up to 70-34” can be achieved via multi-index with the shuttle traveling at 65 ftmin. The shuttle table includes an automatic lubrication system. The shuttle vise floats to accommodate crooked stock. Loading Table: The automatic loading table allows for storage of bar stock and fully automatic feeding. The bar stock is lifted piece by piece and fed into the saw. Table weight capacity is 8, 200 lbs. Hydraulic Automatic Sorting Chute: The sorting chute automatically directs the trim cut and remnant away from good cut pieces. Chip Brush: The chip brush assures chips are removed from the gullet of the blade providing straighter cuts and longer blade life. Chip Conveyor: The paddle-type chip conveyor removes chips from the machine base and automatically deposits them in a collection container. Machine Weight: 5, 060 lbs. Floor Space: 6’ 7” W x 22’ 5” L Start-Up Material: 1 OwnerOperator’s Manual, 1 Set Diagrams, 1 Saw Blade

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