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Our offered Product range includes Adhesive Lined Polyolefin Tubing, cable Protection, Mylar Heat Shrink Tubing, Spiral Wrap Tubing and Expandable Polyester Sleeving.

Heat Shrinkable Polyolefin Tubing

  • Model No. BD312 M23053/5 classes 1, 2, 3

Heat Shrinkable Polyolefin resists a wide range of chemicals and oils, as well as sunlight, moisture and fungus. It will not melt, is mechanically tough, and will not split when shrunk. Application of heat over 121°C will shrink this tubing quickly to 50% of its supplied diameter or snug it down on the object that it is to cover. (3:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios also available)

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Melt Wall Polyolefin Tubing

  • Model No. BD330 M23053/4 Class1

Melt Wall Polyolefin Tubing is a semi-rigid heat shrinkable tubing that is coextruded and selectivly cross-linked to provide a tough protective outer shrinkable jacket with a meltable inner wall. With application of heat in excess of 135°C, the inner wall melts and is forced by the outer wall to flow in and around all underlying surfaces and fill small voids. When cool, the tubing becomes one solid mass which is excellent for encapsulating delicate components from moisture and the attack of chemicals and solvents. Melt Wall Polyolefin Tubing is recommended for a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical applications especially where a highly reliable one-step approach to jacketing, encapsulation and environmental sealing is required.

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Adhesive Lined Polyolefin Tubing

  • Model No. BD331/BD332

Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing is a flexible polyolefin lined with a thin layer of special thermoplastic adhesive for excellent moisture protection and strain relief. This tubing offers convenient protection of electrical components, wire splices or bundling of wires. Automotive, truck and marine wiring splices and connections are quickly and easily protected from harsh environments.

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cable Protection

  • Model No. BD71N/BD72P/BD73PP

Slit Guard Conduit is an easy to use protection for wire, cable and hoses. Its full length slit down the side allows quick installation of your assembly but because of its unique corrugated design also closes for a permanent covering. General purpose polyethylene (BD72P) is used for bundling applications where temperatures are not a concern. It is also available in a gray flame retardant version. Nylon Slit Guard Conduit (BD71N) is a copolymer nylon type 6, providing good impact strength, elongation and flexibility. It is best suited for under hood, near brakes and other hot spots up to 300°F. Polypropylene Slit Guard Conduit (BD73PP) gives the added flexibility to allow sharp bends in tight areas and is available in a UL-94 V2 rated material.

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Mylar Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Model No. BD360 M23053/7 Class 2

Mylar Heat Shrink Tubing is a superior, high dielectric insulation material that provides a tight, smooth protective covering. It is extremely easy to use and is suitable for hand or machine application, with no special or costly shrinking equipment necessary. Mylar tubing may be shrunk by heat guns, electrical coil heaters or ovens. It is shrinkable by as much as 50% of its diameter in order to provide an immovable, tight fit. Temperature requirements are as low as 90°C for shrinking purposes with a heat cycle as short as one second.Mylar Heat Shrink is spiral wound to practically any diameter and length. It is an excellent choice for both high temperature and electrical insulation; for protection of coils and components; or as a replacement for tape.

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Spiral Wrap Tubing

  • Model No. BD13X

Spiral Wrap Tubing is an expandable spirally cut tubing designed to hold wire bundles firmly yet allows complete flexibility. Individual wires can enter or exit at any point on a long harness where many leads may be required. Spiral Wrap allows removal for changes or repair and is easily reinstalled. This material offers more versatility than tape and is quicker to use than lacing tape or cable ties. It is available in a wide variety of materials and colors to satisfy high temperature (up to 260°C), fire resistant (UL 94V-0 & 94V-2) and UV applications, plus color coding and identification.

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Expandable Polyester Sleeving

  • Model No. BD221

Expandable Polyester Sleeving (BD220) is a light-weight, encapsulating sleeving designed to expand and adjust to irregular surfaces to protect cable bundles and wire assemblies. It is braided from polyethylene terephthalate monofilament which offers cut-through, chemical and fungus resistance in addition to abrasion resistance.

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Fiberglass Sleeving

  • Model No. BD213/BD210/BD211/BD212

Fiberglass sleeving is designed for heat resistance along with a variety of coatings to meet specific thermal and dielectric requirements. Heat treated (BD213) fiberglass is designed for applications up to 1200°F. It is annealed to remove any organic impurities and to improve its fray resistance. It is often used where air gap electrical insulation is sufficient, particulary where high temperatures are encountered.

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Heat Shrink Polyolefin Tubing

  • Model No. BD317T

BD317T is a very thin wall heat shrinkable Polyolefin Tubing with a highly flexible, radiation cross-linked tubing used for insulating, jacketing and identification where saving space is important. Made from flame-retardant polyolefin, it has excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties representing a good all purpose heat shrinkable tubing. Low shrink temperature reduces install time.

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Semi-Rigid Heat Shrink Polyolefin Tubing

  • Model No. BD316 - M23053/6 Classes 1, 2

Heat Shrinkable Semi-Rigid Polyolefin Tubing is a tough, abrasion resistant tubing used for insulating, jacketing and identification. It will not melt, is mechanically tough and will not split when shrunk. Made from flame-retardant polyolefin, it has excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties representing a good all purpose heat shrinkable tubing. Application of heat above 135°C will shrink this tubing quickly to 50% of its supplied diameter or snug down on the object it is to cover.

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