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Our product range comtains a wide range of Burrell Scientific Mini Centrifuge, Gas Purity Tester, Nickel-plated Zinc Wrench, Stainless Steel Hook Connector and Kimax Volumetric Flask

Burrell Scientific Mini Centrifuge

  • Material Plastic
  • Voltage 100 to 240V
  • Operating Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Speed (rpm) 6000 rpm
  • Package Weight 6.0 lb.

Mini Centrifuge, 7 L x 5 W x 5 in. H, 100 to 240V, 5060Hz, 6000 rpm Speed, Continuous Run Time, Comes with Two Easily Interchangeable Rotors The micro centrifuge operates at 6000 rpm. Continuous run time. This mini centrifuge is perfect for low speed applications, e.g. micro-filtration and cell separations. Transparent cover allows for unremitting observation. 100-240V, 5060Hz. Speed at 6000 rpm. Continuous run time. Comes with two easily interchangeable rotors.

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Gas Purity Tester

  • Package Weight 10 lb.
  • Package Dimension 12 L x 10 W x 24 in. H

Gas Purity Tester, Model VE, Designed to Determine Impurities in Oxygen and Hydrogen, For Determining Trace Amounts of Oxygen in Electrolytic Hydrogen, Mounted in Wooden Case for Safety and Easy Transport Burrell Gas Purity Testers are designed to determine impurities in oxygen and hydrogen. The Model VE purity tester was designed for determining small amounts of oxygen in electrolytic hydrogen. The apparatus is mounted in a portable wooden carrying case. For determining trace amounts of oxygen in electrolytic hydrogen. Mounted in wooden case for safety and easy transport. Supplied with Purity Burette, Auto-Bubbler Pipette, and leveling bottle.

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Nickel-plated Zinc Wrench

  • Material Nickel-plated Zinc
  • Dimension 3.11 in. L
  • Weight 0.48 oz.
  • Package Weight 0.03 lb.
  • Package Dimension 4 L x 1 W x 0.1 in. H

Connect rods andor clamps to frame or build a custom lab frame. Use with 0.5 in. Diameter frame rods. Durable Construction encourages long laboratory life.

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Stainless Steel Hook Connector

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Dimension 3 L x 1.5 W x 1.25 in. H
  • Weight 2.4 oz.
  • Package Dimension 3 L x 1.5 W x 1.25 in. H
  • Package Weight 0.15 lb.

Hook Connector, 3 L x 1.5 W x 1.25 in. H, Stainless Steel, Electro-polished Finish, For Use with 0.5 in. dia. Frame Rods To connect two rods, simply place one of these connectors around one rod and slide the second rod through the hooks. You can slide the connector up and down the rod to precisely the right location, then tighten the rods together quickly and reliably with the large adjustment screw. Connectors accommodate rods up to 12 in. Diameter (13mm). Connect rods andor clamps to frame or build a custom lab frame. Use with 0.5 in. diameter frame rods. Stainless Steel Electro-polished finish.

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Kimax Volumetric Flask

  • Color Clear
  • Material Borosilicate Glass
  • Bottom Shape Flat
  • With Glass Pennyhead stopper
  • Package Weight 2.7 lb.

Calibrated 'To Contain', this Kimax flask is test tube shaped with a single graduation ring and marking spot blasted on the neck. A standard taper ground Glass stopper is supplied and it is designed from ASTM Specification E288, Class A unserialized requirements. KIMAX® flask with a single graduation ring blasted on the neck, calibrated to contain. Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable Borosilicate Glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements. A volumetric flask is a piece of laboratory Glassware with a flat bottomed bulb, a long neck and usually fitted with a stopper for use in analytical chemistry to prepare solutions.

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Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent

  • Quantity 1 qt.
  • pH Range 8.5
  • For Use With For manual and ultrasonic cleaning

Concentrated, liquid detergent for manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Spot free rinse will give you reliable results without annoying residues. Extremely mild and is completely soluble in hard and soft water. USDA authorized. Dilute to 1:100 ratio.

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Cobalt X Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Size Small
  • Color Cobalt Blue
  • Material Nitrile
  • Length 9.5 in.
  • Cuff Style Beaded

Exam Gloves, Small, 9.5 in. Length, Cobalt Blue Color, Nitrile, 5.5 mil Palm Thickness, Textured Fingers, Beaded Cuff, AmbidextrousNon-Sterile, Powder-free, 550% Elasticity, 1.5 AQL Elongation, 21 Mpa Tensile Strength This thicker version of our popular Cobalt gloves offers the same exceptional fit and feel with the extra protection of a thicker glove. The textured fingers provide an exceptional grip in any condition. Extra thickness for additional protection. ISO 9001 Certified QMS. Complies with FDA Biocompatibility Guidance for Medical Devices. Powder-free. Medicalexam grade.

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Stainless Steel Lab-lift

  • Material Aluminum/Stainless Steel
  • Weight 3 lb.
  • Package Dimension 12.25 L x 10.38 W x 3.75 in. H
  • Package Weight 7 lb.
  • Plate Area 10 x 10 in.

Lab-lift, 3.5 to 13 in. Height, AluminumStainless Steel, 10 x 10 in. Plate Area, Maximum Load 186 lb. (84.37kg), Ideal for use in Fume Hoods or Bench Tops and Hold a Variety of Items such as Glassware, Hotplates and Magnetic Stirrers Aluminum Lab-lifts provide stable height adjustment for various items in the lab such as flasks, baths, and small equipment. Top and bottom decks are constructed of anodized Aluminum. Internal supports and drive screws are constructed of Stainless Steel. Oversized sure-grip adjustment knobs provide smooth and accurate height adjustment. Lab-lifts accept optional support rod kit which mounts to the upper deck. Ideal for use in fume hoods or bench tops and hold a variety of items such as Glassware, hotplates and magnetic stirrers. Exceptional stability and durability. Aluminum construction. Four convenient sizes. Autoclavable and chemical resistant.

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Kimax Class B Clyinder

  • Color Clear
  • Height 375mm
  • Bumper Size 7
  • Material Borosilicate Glass

This Class B cylinder is calibrated to deliver and has a durable white ceramic enamel scale. Supplied with a SAFE-GARD bumper. These cylinders are designed from ASTM Specification E1272, Style I, Class B requirements. They meet requirements for the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E438, Type I, Class A, Standard Specification for Glass in Laboratory Apparatus. Made from 33 expansion Borosilicate Glass, which has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, very high resistance to chemical attack, and heavy walls that minimize the risk of mechanical breakage when heat is applied. SAFE-GARD® bumper included. Durable white ceramic enamel scale. Designed from ASTM Specification E1272, Style I, Class B requirements. Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable Borosilicate Glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements.

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3D Variable Speed Motion Shaker

  • Voltage 115V
  • Package Weight 30 lb.
  • Package Dimension 24 H x 12 W x 20 in. D
  • Operating Frequency 60Hz
  • Speed 5 to 125rpm

3D Variable Speed Motion Shaker, 115V, 60Hz, 5 to 125 rpm Speed, Shaker is Supplied with a Non-skid Rubber Mat to Ensure that your Vessels are Secure, Heavy Duty Rotator Can Hold Up to 17 lb. The 3-Dimensional Wave Action Shaker provides an optimal shaking experience. The unit’s range of gentle or vigorous agitation makes this shaker suitable for a wide range of applications. The top tray’s angle can be easily adjusted from 0-12 degrees with a single set screw. The shaker is supplied with a non-skid rubber mat to ensure that your vessels are secure. This heavy duty rotator can hold up to 17 pounds. The 3-Dimensional Shaker provides flexibility and versatility for the end user by utilizing a variable speed motor, which operates from 5-125 RPM, as well as a built in timer that can operate from 1-60 minutes or can be set for continuous use. Operates from 115V, 60Hz. Variable Speed unit operates from 5-125 Oscmin. Platform with non-skid mat clamps, Various vessels held. Max load tested - 17 lb.

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