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We offer a complete product range of Water Jet, precision milling, Precision CNC Milling, Aluminum Base Frame and Aluminum Ejector Guide

Water Jet

Waterjet can cut almost any material including hardened tool steels, stainless steel, aluminum, granite, copper, rubber, brass, plastic, foam, etc. Its short turnaround time, no tooling, and easy set up is ideal for prototypes and quick turnaround jobs. Waterjet cutting has no heat affected zone, which eliminates warpage and does not alter the base material hardness or heat treat. The cutting envelope of our 5-axis waterjet head is 4’9 x 9’9 and up to 1” thick. Thicker but smaller pieces can also be processed. Tolerances held: Positioning within .006”. Repeatability with in .002” Usually requires no tooling, resulting in a near net shape which may not require secondary machining. DXF files accepted, or we can program from your drawing or sketch.

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precision milling

C & R Manufacturing uses state of the art CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers loaded with a complete selection of tooling for fast efficient changeovers on short or long runs, to ensure you get unmatched on-time deliveries - every time. We have 10 CNC vertical, two 5-axis, and two horizontal mills with capacity from miniatures through 1000 lb parts and 80" long. Spindle RPM's are from 6000 – 14, 000.

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Precision CNC Milling

  • length 2"
  • width 1.5"

The product shown here is a lever style lock that is used in a commercial truck application. Manufactured from aluminum, PTFE, Delrin, and stainless steel, this product required the building of a complex fixture. The fixturing consisted of a hydraulic tombstone type work holding fixture that would allow for six complete sets of locks to be manufactured simultaneously. This allowed us to meet the customer's seasonal high demand which their previous supplier could not. Manufacturing consisted of precision CNC machining including milling and turning as well as stamping. The finished components measured 10.830" in length, 2" in width, and 1.5" in height, and met tolerances of ± 0.0005", and featured zinc plating. Quality is maintained through a custom probe which checks every tenth part.

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Aluminum Base Frame

The base frame shown here was manufactured for a pharmaceutical client, and was used to support equipment. Machining began with a 20.38 pound raw blank of T6 aluminum and finished at 3.3 lbs. Utilizing our 5-axis Hurco VMX 30 U vertical mill we were able to cut the machining down to two operations from four and also allow for deburring as part of the machining process. The tolerances for this aluminum base frame are ±0.0005".

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Aluminum Ejector Guide

  • width 50mm
  • height 32.8mm

The component shown here is an ejector guide that was fabricated for an aerospace client. Composed of T6 aluminum, it was machined on our state of the art NH5000 4-axis horizontal CNC mill. Machining included drilling, countersinking, profiling, milling slots, and deburring which utilized the mills 4th axis. The finished part measured 72mm in length, 50mm in width, and 32.8mm in height, and met tolerances of ± 0.0015". Finishing processes included drilling and PTFE anodizing. We manufacture and deliver 1000 of these components for our customer annually spread over several shipments, all with a lead time of 15 days.

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Aluminum Inner Lens Mount

A manufacturer of laser machinery was in need of a precision component for one of their products. Composed of T6 aluminum the part would require precision CNC turning on our LU25 live tool lathe. The live tooling capability allows us to eliminate the milling set up time from the process, saving time and extra part handling, as well as increases efficiency by up to 25%. Measuring 1.500" in length, the component had an outside diameter of 1.650" ± 0.001", an inside diameter of 0.8756", and met tolerances of ± 0.0003". After machining the parts were deburred using our vibratory system, and a black anodizing was applied. We produced 60 of these parts in 12 days and delivered them to the customer in Olathe, Kansas.

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Steel Shaft

This air handler fan shaft is a component of an HVAC ventilation system, and is composed of C1215C1144 cold rolled steel. Machining consisted of rough and finish turning and facing to dimensions of 10.250" (± 0.015") in length, and an outside raw material diameter of 1.000" (+0.000"-0.002"), and met machined tolerances within .0007".

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Cast Steel Spade Lug

This large spade lug was custom CNC machined for a manufacturer of mining equipment. Made from cast steel, the lug measured 14" in length, 3.25" in width, with an outer radius of 23.1875". Milling of this part required the design and fabrication of a special cutter, which was composed of 4140 heat treated steel, and utilized carbide inserts to cut the required 28ᵒ angle on a 23" radius. The machining was performed on our BMC50 vertical CNC mill and included contouring, angle milling, drilling, and tapping. We have produced 200 of these spade lugs per year for 15 years.

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Aluminum Swivel Joint

  • length 3.000"
  • width 2.313"
  • height 2.000"

This swivel joint was manufactured for an electronics industry customer, and is used in a computer monitor application. This part is machined from T6 aluminum to the customer's specifications and it also met Mil-spec MIL-A-8625F, Type II, Class 2 specifications as well. The swivel required 5-axis milling which included profiling, drilling, tapping. Our cutting edge milling capabilities allowed us to reduce the machining process from five steps to one. The component measured 3.000" in length, 2.313" in width, and 2.000" in height, a through diameter of 0.750" + 0.001"- 0.000", to tolerances of ±0.001", and received a black anodized finish. We produce theses swivels for our customer on JIT bases, at 1500 parts per year.

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