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  • air temperature sensors

    Campbell Scientific offers a variety of sensors for measuring air temperature. The electrical signals transmitted from the sensors to our dataloggers can be converted to different units of measurement, including °C , °F, and °K. Our dataloggers are also capable of measuring most commercially ...

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  • Barometric Pressure Sensors

    Barometric pressure sensors measure fluctuations in the pressure exerted by the atmosphere. The sensors require protection from condensing humidity, precipitation, and water ingress. They are typically housed with the datalogger inside an environmental enclosure. If the enclosure is airtight, the ...

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  • Control Peripherals

    Some measurement and control peripherals are used to increase the number of terminals that dataloggers can use, which enables them to measure more sensors or control more external devices. Other measurement and control peripherals offer additional capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable.

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  • dataloggers

    DataloggersDataloggers are an essential component in data acquisition systems. They can scan a wide variety of measurement sensors, perform any programmed calculations, convert the data to other units of measurement, and store the data in memory. Dataloggers can also transmit the data for analysis, ...

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  • Digital Cameras

    High-resolution digital cameras with video capabilities are used to take still images or videos based on an internal timer, motion detection, or a trigger from another device. The images or videos are then stored on an SD card, saved in a datalogger’s memory, sent to a PC via email, or ...

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  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

    Dissolved oxygen sensors measure the amount of oxygen present in a medium, typically water. The sensors generate signals proportional to the amount of oxygen present, which are then transmitted to dataloggers. Dissolved oxygen is a critical parameter in many aquacultural applications, playing a key ...

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  • Duff Moisture Sensors

    Duff moisture sensors are stand-alone devices used to measure the water content in duff material. Duff is an important component of forest fire fuel, and knowledge of its moisture content is critical for those who conduct scheduled burns or attempt to battle out-of-control fires.

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  • Leaf Wetness Sensors

    Campbell Scientific offers two types of leaf wetness sensors to measure the wetness of leaves: surface contact and electrical resistance. Surface contact sensors measure the electrical resistance of a water film on their surface. Electrical resistance sensors imitate the characteristics of leaves ...

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  • Sensors

    Campbell Scientific sensors measure a broad array of parameters for environmental, water resource, research, and industrial applications. The sensors output electrical signals, which are transmitted to dataloggers. In addition to our extensive line of sensors, almost any commercially available ...

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