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We offer the best product range of Brazing Alloys, bar solder, marine anodes, Heat Exchanger Anodes and Lead Bricks.

Brazing Alloys

  • Filler Metal Easy-Flo 45
  • Solidus 1125/605
  • Liquidus 1145/620

Canada Metal alloys are among the cleanest and brightest in the industry, free of oxide and surface impurities.

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marine anodes

  • Type No. BAR ANODES AP5B2
  • Nom Wgt Lbs (Kgs) 11.8 (5.36)
  • Mounting Bolt-On
  • A-Length In (mm) 24.0 (609)

Our plate anodes are available in “bolt-on” and “weld-on” styles, in streamlined, semi-streamlined and teardrop formats. They are specially formulated to protect the hull and other large areas of medium and large marine vessels and structures from corrosion. Both styles use either aluminum or steel inserts. Weld-on hull anodes have projecting tabs for tack welding directly to the ship’s structure. Steel tabs (straps) are provided as standard.

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Heat Exchanger Anodes

  • Mounting BOLT-ON
  • A In (mm) 2 (50)
  • C In (mm) 1 (25)
  • Nom Wgt Lbs (Kgs) 0.3 (0.15)

Canada Metal manufactures aluminum heat exchanger anodes in bolt-on style from 2” dia. to 11” dia. and 6” x 6” square.

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Lead Bricks

  • Interlocking “V” Std. Corner
  • Size (inches) 2 x 4 x 5
  • Size (mm) 50.8 x 101.6 x127.0
  • Approx. Weight 23 lbs (10.4 kg)

Canada Metal’s lead blocks and cast lead & extruded bricks offer maximum protection against x-ray radiation. Lead bricks can be manufactured to specification and include chevron-style, interlocking straight and corner bricks. Lead blocks are available in inventory in flat and interlocking “V” formats in a variety of weights and sizes, and can also be manufactured to specification.

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Sheet lead

  • Item Number C.62.20
  • Dimensions (Inches) 48 x 120 x 1/32

Our sheet lead is made from pure lead that meets or surpasses ASTM B29 – 03 L50021 standard (99.97% purity). Popular sizes are maintained in inventory for same day shipment and flexible custom options are available on request.

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bar solder

  • %Tin 30
  • %Lead 100
  • %Antimony 5
  • Solidus (F) 603
  • Liquidus (F) 621

We provide a wide variety of high purity lead based and tin based solder products, including pure tin bar, 5050 and other alloy compositions.

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  • Item Number C.65.22
  • Dimensions (Inches) 20 X 20 X 5/64 (5#)

Our lead flashing is among the finest, most durable weatherproofing material on the market today. Its malleability, flexibility and inherent corrosion resistance make it an ideal roofing material. Its soft, silvery grey finish makes it colour compatible with concrete, brick and glass. Available in a variety of thicknesses for rapid delivery.

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Treater Anodes

  • Type Number Treater 321
  • Nom Wgt Lbs (Kgs) 16.5 (7.5)
  • Mounting Threaded
  • A-Length In (mm) 21.5 (546)

Our aluminum treater anodes are made from high quality aluminum, free of impurities. Custom anodes and mounting assemblies facilitate easy installation for any application. They have a proven track record of delivering excellent protection in a broad range of environments, including produced brines with elevated temperatures.

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