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  • Acrylic Flooring Adhesive

    Stix 5300 is an acrylic adhesive with extremely aggressive tack, formulated to provide high shear and peel strength for installing luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl plank, solid vinyl sheet flooring and vinyl composition tile (VCT).

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  • carpet cushion

    Carpenter Co. has offered unparalleled quality, outstanding service and innovative products. Carpenter Co. has always made carpet cushion that makes carpet feel great. Now, we’re making carpet cushion that you can feel good about, too. EnviroStep™ collection of carpet cushion options reflects ...

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  • Firm-Setting Adhesive for Vinyl and Rubber Flooring

    Stix 5850 is a firm-setting acrylic adhesive that forms a tight water-resistant bond with solid vinyl plank, tile and sheet goods, linoleum, and rubber sheet and tile flooring. The adhesive offers better workability for the installer with extended open time up to 30 minutes. Stix 5850 is excellent ...

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  • Hard Setting Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

    Stix 5800 is a hard-setting acrylic adhesive that quickly develops a strong bond to withstand heavy rolling loads and limit flooring movement. This adhesive is completely compatible with, and will not stain solid vinyl flooring. Use to install solid vinyl plank, tile, and sheet goods and linoleum ...

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  • High Moisture Vinyl Composition Tile Adhesive

    Dyna-Stix VCT is a solvent-free, water-based adhesive that dries translucent. Tiles may be laid into the adhesive for an extended period of time after drying. Aggressive tack permits installers to work off tiles. This low-odor adhesive can be used in occupied environments such as hospital, schools, ...

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  • High Moisture Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

    High-strength, high-tack adhesive for installing vinyl tiles, vinyl composition tiles, dimensionally stable vinyl plank and vinyl sheet flooring over porous and non-porous substrates. Offers extended open time and ease of application. This unique adhesive has outstanding water resistance and ...

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  • High Shear Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

    Stix 5900 vinyl flooring adhesive is a solvent-free acrylic-based adhesive formulated with high bond strength and shear resistance for installing luxury vinyl sheet, tile and plank flooring. Stix 5900 has low odor for installations in health care facilities, schools, and homes, and is made with ...

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  • High Strength Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

    Stix 5500 is a premium high-strength adhesive for installing sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles and dimensionally stable vinyl plank over porous and non-porous substrates. Stix 5500 is a solvent-free, water-based acrylic adhesive suggested for use in occupied buildings, as it is low in odor, and contains ...

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  • Penetrating Concrete Sealer

    Driseal 95 is an aqueous acrylic polymer that can be used on porous concrete substrates as a penetrating and film-forming sealer to protect against moisture readings up to 95% in-situ Relative Humidity (RH) and pH of 11.0. Driseal is a non-flammable, white emulsion which dries to a clear film that ...

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  • Resilient Flooring Adhesive

    Stix 5200 is a solvent-free, low odor adhesive designed for the indoor installation of most rubber and resilient vinyl flooring. Stix 5200 has excellent initial grab strength and is highly water resistant when dry.

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