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  • Empty Drum Disposal

    Cleanway's Empty Drum Disposal Service Cleanway offers a complete container and empty drum disposal service. Some containers can be recycled or reused but some, particularly those that have previously contained hazardous material, must be cleaned and disposed of in compliance with EPA ...

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  • Hazardous Chemical Waste

    Cleanway's Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Service Hazardous chemicals are harmful for your workers, your clients, your community, your environment, and your reputation. For that reason, it is critical for your business that you manage hazardous chemicals correctly. That’s ...

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  • Liquid Waste Disposal

    Cleanway's Liquid Waste Disposal Service Cleanway offers liquid waste treatment for everything from paints to acids and adhesives. Such waste can contaminate land and pollute waters, and as such is regulated by the NSW state government under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act ...

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  • medical waste

    Cleanway's Medical Waste Disposal Service It is in the nature of firms within the medical and pharmaceutical sector to generate clinical and medical waste. It is not, however, in their nature to know exactly how to deal with it. It is in the nature of Cleanway Environmental ...

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  • Mining Waste Management Service

    Cleanway's Mining Waste Management Service In the mining industry, industrial and chemical waste management is a critical necessity. This is where we come in. Cleanway is a leading provider of waste management services which also cater specifically to the mining industry. Cleanway ...

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  • Paint Disposal

    Cleanway's Paint Disposal Service Paint contains solvents and metals that can contaminate groundwater, so it is essential that any paint disposal is carried out with risk minimisation firmly in view. It is illegal to pour paints and solvents into open water such as drains or ...

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  • Waste Oil

    Cleanway's Waste Oil Disposal and Recycling Service The collection of waste oil service offered by Cleanway will become an integral part of your waste management program. Our processes are fully compliant with all of the relevant government regulations and you can be assured that our ...

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