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We offer a complete product range of surface grinders, Nitride Ejector Pins Parallel, Nitride Ejector Pins Shoulder, Standard Core Pins and EDM POLISHING STONE


  • Series AM-8

AM-8 is designed for removing EDM scale on all types of mold and die steel. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for polishing sharp corners and small details either by hand or with the use of polishing machines.

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surface grinders

24 Volt Electric Control & Touch Screen Control Panel The machine is equipped with the PLC touch screen control with easy to learn conversational shop floor language The control has a safety feature that prevents the hydraulic system from being started without the electromagnetic chuck engaged. The feature will not allow the wheel head to rapid down while the Hydraulic system is in operation. Original workpiece zero position is stored in the control memory even if power to the machine is lost.

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Nitride Ejector Pins Parallel

  • Pin Diameter (D) -0.0003 /-0.0006
  • Head Diameter (H) +0.000/-0.010
  • Length (L) +.062/-.000

Nitride Ejector Pins Parallel Material: H-13 Hotwork Die Steel Core Hardness: 40-45 RC Surface Harness: Ion Nitrided to 65-74 Rc

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Nitride Ejector Pins Shoulder

  • Pin Diameter (D) -0.0003 /-0.0006
  • Head Diameter (H) +0.000/-0.010

Nitride Ejector Pins Shoulder Material: H-13 Hotwork Die Steel Core Hardness: 40-45 RC Surface Harness: Ion Nitrided to 65-74 Rc

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Standard Core Pins

  • Pin Diameter (D) -0.001 /-0.000
  • Head Thickness (T) +0.000/-0.002
  • Length (L) +.030/-.000

Standard Core Pins Material: H-13 HOTWORK DIE STEEL Standard Hardness: CPS 30 – 35 Rc High Hardness: CPH 50 – 55 Rc

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air ejectors

420 Stainless steel 50-55 Rc Incorporating a sintered bronze filter ensuring that debris cannot affect the valve’s proper function. The material is INOX. 1.4304 HRC 48-54.

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Air Ejectors Standard

Designed to assist in breaking the vacuum created when molding deep molded parts or thin walled parts such as flower pots, garbage cans and containers. The valve and body are made from hardened Stainless Steel 45-50 HRC.

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hands free

The new FREEDOM automatic spray unit is easy to program and works autonomously from all your equipment. You just plug it in and spray. A proximity sensor placed near the mold cavity detects when the mold opens and signals the unit to deliver release. Nozzles can be attached with brackets (included) or optional magnetic mounting blocks. You are free to position them anywhere to spray release to any point, such as trouble spots in the cavity, the entire face of the mold, both mold cavities, or even to create a “cloud” of release between the cavities. The extremely compact control unit has protective rubber feet so it can sit on any flat surface or mount directly to the machine. And it can be plugged directly into any 110V, 15 amp circuit. The FREEDOM unit comes complete with an easy-to-program control unit, 10-ft spray hose and two nozzles, 6-ft cord and proximity sensor, 5-ft tank hose, and 10-ft power cord. Experience the true Freedom of hands-free automatic spraying with the new FREEDOM unit from Slide.

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  • temp 600°F/315°C

Econo-Spray® 1 Mold Release No chlorinated solvents Non-paintable silicone Maximum operating temp: 600°F315°C Econo-Spray® 1 contains a highly effective, non-paintable silicone fluid in a nonchlorinated solvent carrier system. It will give an excellent release with all thermoplastics.

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Cutting Oil

No chlorinated solvents Formulated with high pressure additives For drilling, cutting, sawing, tappingCutting Oil is a general-purpose oil formulated to provide faster, easier drilling, cutting, sawing, threading, tapping and general machining. Compounded oil clings to metal and follows tool down. Pressurized spray forces cutting oil into hard-to-lubricate areas.

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IPA cleaner

IPA Cleaner contains no chlorinated solvents and provides a convenient method for removal of silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up on metal surfaces. Fast-evaporating solvent leaves no residue so there is no need for wiping. It has a foodapproved solvent and has kosher-approved ingredients. IPA is California VOC compliant (74.9% VOC) and non-corrosive. Also used as a sanitizer, IPA has hundreds of cleaning applications.

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Nitride Ejector Pins Shoulder

This mono-molecular penetrating film frees rust-frozen parts. It lifts and replaces moisture with a protective film and lubricates without affecting performance of electrical equipment. Non-conductive because it has high dielectric strength and lubricates delicate electronic equipment.

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plastic cleaner

Foaming spray effectively removes oil and dirt marks from all plastics, even sensitive polycarbonates. Plastic Cleaner is ideal for cleaning plastic parts, and helps remove mold releases prior to secondary operations.

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Silicone Spray Lube

Silicone Spray Lube has thousands of uses. For paper and film converters, it fights sticking and glue build-up problems. Use it on slitter knives, rollers, slide guides. For food processing, SSL eliminates sticky food buildup, speeds cleaning. Use it on heat sealers, ovens, guides, chutes, conveyors. For vertical blind manufacturing, it is an excellent lubricant for vertical blind tracks.

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Acid Vapor Neutralizer

Acid Vapor Neutralizer is formulated to protect stored plastic molding dies from corrosive attack by hydrochloric and hydrobromic acids, as well as most common atmospheric corrosives and fingerprint acids. Length of protection is dependent on amount of PVC and flameretardant being molded.

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Mold Shield

Mold Shield has a unique, extra-dry spray package, which delivers a dry, non-penetrating mist into ejector pin holes, slides, cams and other moving mold parts. This special dry mist prevents marking of plastic parts when molds are put back in service.

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Rhino Rust Preventive

Slide White Rhino Rust Preventive wraps your mold in a tough, protective second skin. It’s ideal for plastics processing for food applications. Fast-drying formulation sets up quickly to protect immediately against moisture and light acids. Self-cleaning in startup.

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Liquid Purging Compound

P.D.Q. lets you purge quickly, easily and safely, and at a fraction of the cost of conventional purges for injection, extrusion or blow molding. It is the no-soak, no-mess, easy-to-store purge solution. P.D.Q. works with the carrier resin to remove all thermoplastics, and is effective for resinto- resin and color to-color changes. It requires no soaking, maximizing production up-time and eliminates the need to keep “cracked acrylic” purging resin inventory. Its unique selfmeasuring bottle “meters out” just the right amount of concentrate, eliminating waste.

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KLENZ Purging Compound

KLENZ is a revolutionary purging compound requiring no mixing or preparation time. With operating temperatures of 330° – 610°F165°C – 321°C, KLENZ thoroughly cleanses hot runners and the barrel, helping to eliminate color streaking and black specs. Formulated with a polyolefin resin carrier, KLENZ purging compound is safe to purge right through the mold, saving time, material and money. All ingredients are GRAS rated so it is safe to use for food packaging applications. For use with injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.

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Heavy-Duty Mold Release

An ideal lubricant for the front half of ejector pins (pins in forward position), this almost dry lubricant minimizes the possibility of leaching out onto molded parts. Use in combination with application of Super Grease on back side of ejector pins. Stable at temperatures up to 450°F. Can be used on plastics, rubber, waxes, glass-filled nylon and similar materials.

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CHMER built linear motors

  • Max. Size of Workpiece 800×560×195mm
  • Series A422SL

The CHMER-built linear motors driven by Panasonic drivers and glass scales, eliminate the backlash of ball screw drives. Plus, there is no wear on the drive system, unlike ball screw drives. Accurate positioning, better part definition on the first and subsequent passes and better, more consistent surface finishes, especially if combined with the standard ACu fine finish circuitry, are all benefits of the linear motor drives.

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  • Series EDM-AF5
  • Hardness 76 Shore
  • Compressive Strength: 21,500 psi

POCO’s EDM-AF5 is the premier graphite el-ec trode material available on the market today with an average particle size of less than one micron. This particle structure gives EDM-AF5 superior strength, provides for fine surface finish (7μinRa), gives excellent metal removal rate, and high resistance to wear.

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  • Average Particle Size: 10 microns
  • Series EDM-C200
  • Hardness 62 Shore

POCO’s EDM-C200 is a Superfine graphite infiltrated with copper which offers excellent metal removal rates and good wear resistance. EDM-C200 provides improved cutting stability in poor flushing conditions. EDM-C200 is an excellent material for cutting aerospace alloys.

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  • Series EDM-200
  • Flexural Strength: 8,100 psi, (569 kg/cm2)
  • Hardness 68 Shore

POCO’s EDM-200 is an isotropic Superfine particle graphite providing good strength, s- ur face finish, and wear resistance. Moderately priced, EDM-200 provides excellent repeat ability from electrode to electrode and from

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  • Series EDM-C3
  • Hardness 66 Shore Electrical

POCO’s EDM-C3 is a high quality graphite infiltrated with copper, recommended where speed, wear, and surface finish are important. Unequalled for fragile electrodes, many EDM’ers choose this grade to compensate for

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  • Series EDM-1
  • Hardness 69 Shore Electrical

POCO’s EDM-1 is the lowest priced Ultrafine grain graphite available from POCO. In addition to providing good wear resistance, speed, and finish, lower electrode fabrication costs are possible when larger electrodes are required.

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Ceramic Diamond Stone Kit

  • Size 1 x 4 x 100mm

Product Description: Excellent for polishing carbide and hardened surfaces. Ceramic Diamond Stones are made from a combination of ceramic fibers and evenly distributed diamond particles and impart a continuous cutting action. They can be used either by hand, in ultrasonic polishers or profilers. Each kit includes one of each of the following stones in 1 x 4 x 100mm size:

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