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Our Complete range of products are wiring duct, AUTOMATIC CABLE TIE TENSIONING TOOLS, MANUAL TENSIONING TOOLS, CABLE MOUNTING BASES and structural adhesives.

wiring duct

  • Sizes 26 sizes

WIRING DUCT Wiring Duct is made of resilient PVC with solid, slotted and high density styles to ensure the best protection for wiring and cable applications. Non-slip plastic lining, smooth edges, and mounting holes offer versatile options for routing wire and cable in the most efficient way possible. CHARACTERISTICS Efficiently routes and protects wire and cable Helps maximize space within panels Smooth edges to ensure worker safety Covers are provided with a non-slip plastic lining to ensure the cover remains in place Cover is flush with the side of duct for increased wire capacity Mounting holes are designed for installation versatility Interchangeable covers SPECIFICATIONS Available in solid, slotted, and high density slotted styles Over 26 sizes. Gray, white, black and blue colors available. Other colors available upon request. Comes in 6 foot lengths. Available with pressure sensitive, rubber based adhesive backing used for temporary positioning or permanent mounting. UL CSA, UL flame rating of 94V-0 Made from high impact, rigid PVC RoHS compliant

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  • Electrical - 240V/120V AC

AUTOMATIC CABLE TIE TENSIONING TOOLS Automatic cable tie tensioning tools will apply cable ties in bandoliers or reels. They can be used in a handheld manner, bench mounted or suspended for use in an automated production line. CHARACTERISTICS Quick installation, increasing productivity while decreasing labor costs Tools are reliable and perform consistently with no interruption to workflow LCD information screen, easily guides the user through the cycles of cable tie installations Can be used in handheld, bench mount, and overhead assembly configurations Features adjustable tension control delivering consistent levels of cable tie fastening SPECIFICATIONS Cover cable tie tensile strengths of 18, 30 and 50 pounds with bundle diameters between 116" to over 3" Electrical: - 240V120V AC RoHS compliant

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  • Models 18 lb. - 250 lb. cable ties

MANUAL TENSIONING TOOLS Manual cable tie tools for 18 to 80 pound tensile strength ties are designed for easy tensioning and cutting of cable ties. The tools are designed to minimize hand strain and kickback for reduced hand injuries. Durable components will ensure efficiency and long life. CHARACTERISTICS Flush cut for a safer installation with no protrusions to damage neighboring components. Provides operational reliability and durability resulting in fewer repairs and an extended lifespan; eases wear and tear on tool components Contoured soft trigger and air-cushion handle keeps the wrist in an upright, neutral position providing greater operator control; minimizes slippage. Tension lock-in mechanism eliminates operator ability to change tension setting for critical applications. The greater tension range satisfies a variety of applications with just one tool. Wide tapered tie entry allows for easy insertion of each tie for improving productivity and streamlining the process of moving from one tie to another quickly. SPECIFICATIONS Models available for 18 lb. - 250 lb. cable ties Tools for Stainless steel cable tie also available RoHS compliant Military specifications

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CABLE MOUNTING BASES For use with cable ties, mounting bases attach to surfaces to provide a fixing point for routing wire and cable bundles Adhesive Mounting Bases - Adhesive mounting bases attach to surfaces to provide a fixing point for routing wire and cable bundles. A wide variety of adhesive backings are available. Rubber adhesive for general purpose use to very high bond adhesive backings for outdoor or extreme temperature applications. Screw Mounting Bases - These bases screw into surfaces to provide a fixing point for routing bundles. Available for use with a variety of cable tie widths, these bases are offered in standard, low profile and standoff models. Mounting Plates - Mounting plates are fastened with a screw to provide a fixing point for securing and routing one or more wire or cable bundles. Push Mounts - Mounting plates are fastened with a screw to provide a fixing point for securing and routing one or more wire or cable bundles. Masonry Mounts - Mounting plates are fastened with a screw to provide a fixing point for securing and routing one or more wire or cable bundles. Grip Tie Mounts - For use with hook and loop Grip Ties, these mounts have an adhesive backing that installs on flat surfaces to provide a fixing point for routing cable and wire bundles Heavy Duty Mounts – For more demanding mounting applications SPECIFICATIONS UL recognized Meets UL Flammability (excluding adhesive) RoHS compliant

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structural adhesives

  • Temperature ranges -40°F to 450°F
  • Mixed viscosities range 10,000 cps to 70,000 cps

STRUCTURAL ADHESIVES Structural adhesives are designed to provide superior bond strength, long life and dependability on a wide variety of surfaces. All of these products meet differing application requirements, but all have superior bonding strength, high impact resistance, and are ideal for a wide range of applications on materials ranging from plastics, wood, fibers, metals and other materials. CHARACTERISTICS One and two part systems available Excellent tensile, shear and peel strength Maximum stress, shock, and impact performance Strong, durable bonds even under severe environmental conditions Excellent resistance to solvents, salt, humidity, acids, and caustics with outstanding cycling capability Bonds to a wide range of materials Can bond dissimilar materials Evenly distributes stress over the entire bonded surface Cures at room temperature or with heat Available in a full range of viscosities and cure speeds to meet specific application requirement Protects against galvanic corrosion in metal assemblies Weight reduction Resistance to cyclic fatigue APPLICATIONS Alarm systems Blowers Core bonding Fans Fuel pumps Jewelry Light fixtures Marine plastics Mirrors Motor end caps Name plates PVC pipe joints Rear view mirrors Signs Speaker magnets Steel doors Transformers SPECIFICATIONS Two-part epoxies, two-part specialty adhesives, one-part heat cure adhesives, one-part acrylics, and UV curing adhesives Temperature ranges from -40°F to 450°F Mixed viscosities range from 10, 000 cps to 70, 000 cps Dispensing equipment, static mixers, needles and custom packages available RoHS compliant

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  • sizes .25” to 4.5”

CABLE CLIPS & CLAMPS Bundling Clips - Designed for use with cable ties or electrical tape, bundling clips provide a simple method of securing wire and cable bundles. These clips are available in standard and standoff orientations, with a variety of mounting options. Connector Clips - Designed for use with cable ties or electrical tape, bundling clips provide a simple method of securing wire and cable bundles. These clips are available in standard and standoff orientations, with a variety of mounting options. Edge Clips - Mount and route wire and cable bundles without the need for mounting holes or additional fasteners. Edge clips feature a metal clip that firmly attaches to a plastic or metal edge and an additional clip area that holds a wire or cable bundle. Available in a variety of high performance materials, including stainless steel Fir Tree Clips - Insert easily into mounting holes to provide a secure fixing point to route wires and cables. Bundles easily snap in and out of clips, while the fir tree mount holds the clip securely in place and provides a high extraction force. C Clips - The C-shaped opening of these clips allows for easy insertion and removal of tubes and hoses. C Clips feature a modular design that allows them to be linked together to secure multiple bundles. Options include a model with an integrated fir tree mount that inserts into existing holes and a model with a cable tie that secures to tubular frame rails. Locking C Clips - Locking C Clips are designed with a pressure sensitive clip that automatically closes around cable and hose bundles as the bundle is inserted. These clips feature a modular design that allows them to be linked together to secure multiple bundles. Available with or without an integrated push mount that snaps into existing holes. Screw Mount Clips - Available for different bundle diameters, these clips screw into surfaces to provide a secure fixing point for routing wire and cable bundles. The open clip design allows easy placement and release of bundles, for quick installation and maintenance. Convoluted Tubing Clips - These clips provide a quick and easy method for securing and routing convoluted tubing. The clip includes an internal rib that prevents lateral movement of tubing. Convoluted tubing clips are available in stud mount or fir tree mount models for different bundle diameters. Nail Clips - Designed for routing wire and cable on wood, drywall, masonry joints, cinder block and mortar, nail clips include a hardened steel nail that won’t bend during installation. Hose Clamps - Available in sizes ranging from .25” to 4.5” in diameter, hose clamps easily ratchet closed for quick and easy installation. Made of high performance, durable plastic materials, these lightweight clamps apply firm, even pressure that will not distort or crush hoses. P Clamps - These P-shaped clamps are designed to secure cable, hose and wire bundles by attaching to them to existing holes. Made of a durable but lightweight plastic material, they are ideal for use in applications where weight minimization is important. Adhesive Cable Clamps - These clamps have an adhesive backing to provide a fast and convenient method of routing wire and cable bundles along flat surfaces. Flat Ribbon Clamps - Designed to route and protect flat ribbon cables in computers, electronics, panels and components, these clamps adjust to accommodate the exact height of the cable, for a secure hold that will not damage sensitive wires or cables. Choose from adhesive backed and screw mount models Cable Ties with Wire Clamps - These cable ties come with a re-closeable clamp that snaps onto solid wire to secure bundles. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different wire frame diameters, they are offered in two orientations to allow cables to be routed either parallel or perpendicular to wire. SPECIFICATIONS UV Stabilized Heat Resistant Available in various materials Meets UL Flammability RoHS Compliant

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Cable Ties

  • Sizes 6", 8", 11" and 15"

CABLE TIES All-purpose cable ties are designed to bundle and secure wires, cables, hoses and more. Made of PA66 material, standard cable ties are available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, in a variety of lengths and colors. We also carry cable ties that are made in specialty polymer materials for applications in extreme environments. Available materials include heat resistant, UV stable and chemical resistant polymers with varying levels of humidity tolerance. COMMON TYPES OF CABLE TIES Standard Cable Ties - These all-purpose cable ties are designed to bundle and secure wires, cables, hoses and more. Made of PA66 material, standard cable ties are available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, in a variety of lengths and colors. Standard Cable Ties Special Materials - These cable ties are made in specialty polymer materials for applications in extreme environments. Available materials include heat resistant, UV stable and chemical resistant polymers with varying levels of humidity tolerance. Heavy Duty Cable Ties - Available in 120 to 250 pound tensile strengths, heavy duty cable ties are available in longer lengths, 8" - 52", for securing larger bundles. Wide Strap Cable Ties - These ties have a wide-yet-flexible strap that conforms to bundles to minimize pinching. Available in 120 pound tensile strength in a variety of lengths for securing different bundle sizes. Outside Serrated Cable Ties - Outside serrated ties are designed to minimize abrasion on sensitive wires, cables and hoses. Available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, in lengths 4" - 15", these ties also feature a lower profile head design. Open Head Q Ties - Q Ties feature an open head and unique tail design to allow quick and easy application. Available in a range of sizes and materials, Q Ties can secure additional bundles by releasing the tail from the head. Use with Q Mounts and Q Tags for a complete cable management system. Releasable Cable Ties - Releasable cable ties are designed for easy removal and reuse. Available in standard and heavy duty tensile strengths, in lengths 5" - 40", for securing a variety of bundle sizes. Clamp Ties - Clamp ties feature a unique head design that provides an even, consistent compression around soft rubber hoses including fuel, water and air vacuum lines. Available in 20 to 60 pound tensile strengths, in 4" and 8" lengths Double Head Cable Ties - These ties create two loops to allow separation and harnessing of two wire, cable or hose bundles. The tie's second loop may be secured around a fixed object to secure the bundle without the need for additional fasteners. Available in 50 and 120 pound tensile strengths, in lengths 6" – 15.5", for securing a variety of bundle sizes. Identification Cable Ties - Identification cable ties feature an integrated labeling area for pre-printed or manual write-on labeling. These ties are available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, with single or multiple tie configurations and different label orientations. Stainless Steel Cable Ties - Stainless steel cable ties provide maximum tensile strength and excellent heat, chemical and corrosion resistance for securing wire, cable and hose bundles in extreme environments. Available in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, in tensile strengths of 200 to 922 pounds and lengths 5" - 49", for securing a variety of bundle sizes. Cable Ties for automatic tools - Available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, these cable ties and closures come packaged in bandoliers and reels for use with automatic cable tie fastening tools. Hook and Loop Grip Ties - Grip Ties are made with soft, flexible materials and a releasable hook and loop closure that is ideal for applications requiring repetitive access to cable and wire. Available in 6", 8", 11" and 15" sizes, in a variety of colors. SPECIFICATIONS 18# to 250# cable tie tensile strengths available Available in a wide variety of colors and packaging Many different varieties such as heavy duty, releasable, screw mount, push mount, button head, double head, identification, tamper evident, and grip ties Available in nylon, polypropylene, tefzel, and halar Heat stabilized, UV stabilized and flame retardant available RoHS compliant Meets UL and Military specifications

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instant adhesives

  • Temperature range -65°F to 180°F
  • Viscosities range 5 cps to 2400 cps

INSTANT ADHESIVES Instant adhesives can be used for high performance bonding of various materials in just seconds. They cure at room temperature, are typically single component and available in different viscosities to fit your exact requirements. CHARACTERISTICS Capable of bonding wood, rubber, metal, and polystyrene Bonding for dissimilar materials Activators available for faster curing Primers available for difficult surfaces Single component Room temperature cure Easy and ready to use right from the bottle, or easily automated through dispensing equipment Good resistance to high temperatures and humidity Impact and vibration resistant Superior bond strength Excellent aging characteristics APPLICATIONS Aerospace Antennas Appliances Automotive Catheters Electronics Transformers Switches Hearing aids Motors SPECIFICATIONS Room temperature cyanoacrylate Temperature range from -65°F to 180°F Viscosities range from 5 cps to 2400 cps 1 oz., 2 oz., 1 lb. and 5 lb. packages available Other packages available upon request Accelerators, primers and De-bonders also available

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INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE SENSITIVE TAPES Industrial adhesive tapes are made for a broad range of applications. Many types of backing and adhesives available to meet your application’s requirements. FILMS Excellent quick stick and high hold characteristics Moisture and abrasion resistant Total transparency available for maximum label readability Economical and durable High impact resistance Available in static-free PAPER MASKING High temperature, all purpose for optimum holding applications Good high baking temperature characteristics Finger smooth crepe backing No adhesive transfer Smooth adhesive coat for excellent surface contact PAPER PACKAGING Designed for use with automated packaging equipment Excellent resistance to water, moisture and edge tear Quick stick, high tensile strength and easy tear properties High temperature reliability Natural colored flat back paper tape used for textile industry applications CLOTH Excellent conformability Easy unwind, hand tear-able, good moisture resistance & easily removed Vinyl coated cloth tape offering high tensile strength and excellent adhesion Waterproof and weatherproof VINYL Handles a wide range of temperature and climate conditions Flame retardant Oil, solvent, abrasion and tear resistant High dielectric strength Non-corrosive resists acids and solvents INDUSTRIAL PRESSURE SENSITIVE TAPES SPECIFICATIONS Film, paper masking, paper packaging, reinforcedstrapping, cloth, vinyl, double coatedsplicing, transfer, PTFE, thread sealant, silicone & foil Various thicknesses and temperatures Meets UL, CSA and military specifications RoHS compliant More Pressure Sensitive Tapes Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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specialty tubing

SPECIALTY TUBING POLYURETHANE (PU) TUBING Polyurethane tubing offers excellent resistance to chemicals, kinking, abrasion, hydrolysis, oxidations and ozone exposure. Our Polyether-based Polyurethane tubing excels in maintaining exceptional flexibility, high impact strength and above average performance in cold temperatures. POLYETHYLENE (PE) TUBING Polyethylene Tubing is extruded from linear low density polyethylene resin. Formulated especially for irrigation, and characterized by its matte finish, Polyethylene tubing works exceptionally well even with direct UV exposure. POLYPROPYLENE (PP) TUBING Polypropylene tubing is a copolymer tubing with superior high-impact resistance, low temperature performance and moisture resistance. Safe for all food contact and preparations, Polypropylene tubing is FDA and USP Class VI approved. SILICONE TUBING Pharmaceutical-grade, platinum-cured silicone tubing developed for accurate dosing in peristaltic pumps used for transfer of high-purity liquids and sensitive biologicals. It features an inner surface smoothness that inhibits protein binding and bacterial growth and simplifies sterilization and sanitation. Its non-tacky outer surface dramatically increases peristaltic pump life, allowing for longer production cycles and minimizing the risk of pump tubing failure. POLYETHER ETHER KETONE (PEEK) TUBING Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is a high-performance engineered polymer with excellent endurance to heat and one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any thermoplastic. This material can be used as an alternative to other materials, such as aluminum, steel, glass and other polymers. PEEK is very strong while having excellent lubricity and purity for demanding applications. More Extruded Tubing & Sleeving Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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insulating papers

  • Series NOMEX

INSULATING PAPERS NOMEX® ARAMID PAPER Offers inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, thermal stability, chemical compatibility, cryogenic capabilities, moisture insensitivity, radiation resistance, flame resistance and is non-toxic. By using Nomex® paper as electrical insulation, manufacturers of everything from transformers and generators to wind turbine systems and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have been able to help improve the integrity and performance of their own products. We offer slitting, sheeting, and die cut Nomex®. FISHPAPER (FISH PAPER VULCANIZED FIBER) Fishpaper resists moderate heat and mechanical injury, and is often used for wrapping coils and insulating stove-top parts. It has unique properties including lightweight and more resistant to temperature extremes than comparable plastic materials. Its dielectric properties have made it the first choice of the electrical industry for over 100 years. We offer slitting, sheeting and die cut Fishpaper. KRAFT PAPER Kraft papers are available in a wide variety of forms and grades according to the special treatment given to the paper for a particular application. Kraft paper is commonly used in oil filled transformer applications due to their low cost, ability to absorb the dielectric oil, and their ease of fabrication. We offer slitting, sheeting and die cut Kraft paper parts.

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  • Operating temperature -55°C to 225°C

HOT STAMP THERMAL TRANSFER MARKERS WIRE MARKERS HEAT SHRINKABLE Custom logos, part numbers, date codes, serial numbers are available Available on virtually all tubing types Computer-printable wire markers and complete printing systems available Permanent identification sleeves Lightweight for aerospace applications Meets UL, CSA and military specifications* RoHS compliant *Hot stamp only NON-HEAT SHRINKABLE WIRE MARKERS Available in pre-printed cards, books, tie-on cable marker tags Operating temperature range -55°C to 225°C Standard colors on most are white and yellow. Other colors available upon request Meets UL, CSA and military specifications RoHS compliant More Identification Products Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CLEANERS AND SOLVENTS We offer some of the most advanced cleaners, carrier additives, coatings and lubricants to medical device designers and manufacturers. Our high-speed, high-performance cleaners and solvents are used for reusable medical devices, instruments, and related products. CHARACTERISTICS Clean room wipes are available and essential in medical device, pharmaceutical, optical and laboratory environments. These high-purity, lint-free wipes are made from synthetic cellulose for maximum absorption of water, oils and solvents Non-ozone depleting solvents that can lift particulate, dissolve oils, andor deposit silicones with precision. They can be packaged in aerosols, pump sprays, bulk or dips Dry-film PTFE micro dispersion sprays and dips used for medical device manufacturers for lubricating Strong, lint-free pre-saturated wipes carrying a high purity mix of isopropyl alcohol and de-ionized water certified to ACSUSP specifications Medical grade mold release helps make molded plastic parts and packaging faster, with fewer rejects and at a lower cost. They are mineral oil based and fast drying for quick cycle times Canned air is available and perfect for removing liquids, purging tubes and removing lint from lenses. Made from a high purity, ozone-safe refrigerant that creates a “blast” of air. Non-flammable Cleaning tools, de-fluxers, label removers, de-greasers, solvents for vapor cleaners, and stencil rolls for automatic under stencil cleaning are also available SPECIFICATIONS Non-flammable, non-toxic, ozone-safe, and safe for people Many packaging options No special equipment requirements RoHS compliant

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  • Temperature range -20°C to 105°C
  • Sizes range 24 to 2-1/2”

EXTRUDED PVC TUBING PVC extruded tubing is a cost-effective insulation available for insulating, bundling and protecting electrical wiring, splices, and wire harnesses. Our PVC flexible tubing is resistant to many chemicals, oils and acids, heat, and abrasion. It operates in a wide temperature range and has high dielectric strength with superior UV and environmental stability. EXTRUDED PVC CHARACTERISTICS Flexible High dielectric strength Resistant to most chemicals, oils and acids Resistant to heat and abrasion Superior environmental and UV stability Passes UL VW-1 flame test EXTRUDED PVC APPLICATIONS Wiring Harness & Bundling Abrasion Protection Fluid Transfer Food & Beverage Fuel Line Potable Water Chemical transfer Wire Marking - Color Coding EXTRUDED PVC SPECIFICATIONS Temperature range -20°C to 105°C Available in standard wall (300V) and heavy wall (600V) Sizes range from #24 to 2-12” Standard colors up to 1” are black, white, red, yellow and clear Standard colors above 1” are black, white and clear UL CSA Mil-I-631 Lead Free Custom colors & extrusions ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PVC Heat Shrink Tubing More Extruded Tubing & Sleeving

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  • Operating temperature 80°C to 200°C

ELECTRICALELECTRONIC INSULATION TAPES Electrical insulation tapes are ideal for cable insulation and marking and to meet international safety standards such as the IEC and IMQ. These tapes come in various colors and can be resistant to aging, weather, abrasion, and fire. CHARACTERISTICS OF HIGH-TEMPERATURE ELECTRICAL TAPE Excellent flexibility and adhesion Conforms easily to irregular shapes and surfaces High dielectric electrical insulation strength High tensile electrical insulation strength Superior tear & puncture resistance and solvent resistant Superior solvent resistance High voltage insulating wrap Excellent edge tear resistance COMMON APPLICATIONS OF HIGH-TEMPERATURE ELECTRICAL TAPE Industrial repairs Wiring harnesses Insulates lead connection Bundlingbanding heavy conductor coils SPECIFICATIONS FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE ELECTRICAL TAPE Polyester film, glass cloth, combination, polyimide (Kapton®), foil, silicone, PTFE, vinyl, paper, Nomex® and epoxy reinforced, filament reinforced, acetate cloth, composite film, plating, sequencing, masking, and hot air leveling. Operating temperature ranges from 80°C to 200°C .5 mil to 30 mil thicknesses Rubber, acrylic and silicone adhesives Slit to any size width Capable of holding very tight tolerances Flame Retardant RoHS compliant

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  • Yarn Size 220 Denier
  • Nominal Diameter (Inches) 0.006
  • Breaking Strength (Pounds) 2.5

LACING TAPES AND YARNS NOMEX® BRAIDING YARN Continuous filament Nomex® yarn twisted to form a round bundle Available un-bonded or bonded with a non-corrosive liquid nylon finish Standard colors are natural (off white) and camouflage green. Other colors are available bonded, dyed form or with un-bonded yarn in minimum dye lots. Operating temperature range is -67° F to 500° F (-55° C to 260° C) Packaged on cardboard tubes or plastic ratchet bobbins for use on New England Butt #2 braiding machines. Other packaging options available. MIL Spec - MIL-C-572 Type PAA POLYESTER BRAIDING YARN High tenacity continuous filament polyester yarn twisted to form a round bundle Available un-bonded or bonded with a non-corrosive liquid nylon finish Standard colors are natural (white) and black. Other colors are available in minimum dye lots. Operating temperature range is -94° F to 347° F (-70° C to 175° C) Packaged on cardboard tubes or plastic ratchet bobbins for use on New England Butt #2 braiding machines. Other packaging options available. Mil Spec - MIL-C-572 Type PSTR

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bar code scanners

PRINTERS AND BAR CODE SCANNERS Printers and barcode scanners offer reliable, on-demand labeling and tracking solutions for any industry. Our thermal transfer printers are available in stationary or portable systems that will help you create clear and professional labels, signs and tags designed to withstand the harshest environments. Barcode scanners are ideal for data collection and asset tracking. Additional tools like laminators and label attachment systems are also available for document and label management. DESKTOP PRINTERS & ACCESSORIES Our desktop printers provide high-end performance industrial printing and labeling. These options include high-volume or low-volume sign and label making, cable and wire identification. With a range of durable materials available for our industrial desktop printers, you will be able to conform to specific application requirements or regulations that you need to meet. Output size and color options vary depending on the model selected. PORTABLE PRINTERS & ACCESSORIES Portable label printers allow you to create custom safety messages, component id and wire labels whenever and wherever you need them. They are lightweight and easy-to-use so they can be taken with you in the field, on the job site, or in your toolbox. For on-the-spot labeling in datacomm, electrical, material handling and industrial workplaces, our portable printers and handheld label makers are the ideal solution. PRINTER APPLICATORS AND ACCESSORIES Simplify wire, cable and component marking, including circuit boards, with a label printer applicator. Automated printer applicators can help you improve productivity, enhance label readability and performance, as well as simplify operations by combining the print and apply processes into one unit. BARCODE SCANNERS Our barcode scanners meet the needs of a variety of tracking applications, including basic data entry, electronics, lab, shipping and receiving, UID initiatives, WIP and more. From basic 1D2D barcode scanners to fully-integrated data matrix verifiers our barcode scanner solutions will cover your data collection needs.

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  • Sizes range 2” to 5 ½”
  • Temperature 750°C

FIBERGLASS ELECTRICAL SLEEVING Coated braided fiberglass sleeving for Insulation Class B (130°C), Class F (155°C) and Class H (200°C) that meet electrical, as well as thermal and mechanical requirements. We also offer uncoated and resin saturated high temperature, fray-resistant, braided and knitted fiberglass sleeving for Insulation Class C (over 240°C). SILICONE COATED FIBERGLASS Custom formulated silicone rubber extruded over electrical grade fiberglass sleeving. Extremely flexible, resistant to temperature extremes with excellent push back and good cut through resistance. Class H (200°C) insulating material. Coated with high abrasion resistant silicone rubber -70°C to 240°C operating temperature range. Standard colors are white, black and natural. Other colors available upon request. Grade A up to 8 kV Grade B up to 4 kV MIL-I-3190E, UL CSA RoHS compliant ACRYLIC COATED FIBERGLASS Acrylic resin coated fiberglass sleeving. Highly flexible, resists mechanical damage, compatible with most wire enamels and varnishes. Excellent thermal endurance, high push back, and non-blocking. Class F (155°C) insulating sleeving Excellent electrical, chemical and oil resistance properties High heat stability and flexibility Sizes range from #24 to 2” Continuous operating temperature to 155°C Standard colors are black, yellow and natural. Other colors available upon request Meets MIL-I-3190F, ULCSA Grade A 7000 v. min. avg Grade B 4000 v. min. avg Grade C-1 2500 v. min. avg Grade C-2 1500 v. min. avg Grade C-3 NA RoHS compliant VINYL COATED FIBERGLASS Tough vinyl coating bonded to electrical grade braided fiberglass sleeving. Combines extreme flexibility with excellent abrasion and cut through resistance. Class B (130°C) insulating sleeve Sizes range from #24 to 1-12” -20°C to 130°C operating temperature range Standard color is black. Other colors available upon request Grade A 7 kV Grade B 4 kV Grade C-1 2.5 kV MIL-I-22157 and MIL-I-3190E UL CSA RoHS compliant ACRYLIC SATURATED FIBERGLASS Acrylic resin saturant applied to a heat treated (annealed) electrical grade braided sleeving to provide body and firmness. A very flexible, non-fraying, flame resistant sleeving available in standard wall and heavy wall. Capable of short term performance to 650°. Non-fraying and flexible Sizes range from #24 to 1” 240°C to 650°C operating temperature range (colors may fade or bake at 400°C) Insulation Class C Standard colors are natural and black Other colors available upon request UL and VW-1 RoHS compliant HEAT TREATED (ANNEALED) FIBERGLASS Braided glass sleeving heat treated (annealed) to remove textile sizing and provide resistance to fraying when cut. Available in standard wall and heavy wall. Sizes range from #24 to 1” 240°C to 650°C operating temperature range Insulation Class C Standard color is natural Other colors available upon request UL and VW-1 RoHS compliant BRAIDED BASALT SLEEVING (THERMOJACKET® E) Knitted basalt sleeve with excellent resistance to high temperatures, good thermal containment performance, outstanding electrical insulation and chemical corrosion resistance. Excellent for use in combustion engine exhaust systems. 650°C max operating temperature range 750°C peak temperature Sizes range from 2” to 5 ½” Low profile Extremely flexible Conforms to component RoHS compliant More Extruded Tubing & Sleeving Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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LOCKOUT TAGOUT TAGS Lockout Tagout focuses on products and services that help alert, track and temporarily disable machines and systems so they can be worked on for maintenance. We offer a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. We also cover other critical aspects of a compliant, effective energy control program by providing innovative solutions for training employees, creating documented procedures, and identifying energy sources. Our services help companies with limited resources quickly get their program up to speed, ensuring that lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime. CABLE LOCKOUTS Cable lockout equipment is an easy-to-use multi-purpose energy isolation solution that is ideal for unusual devices that are difficult to lock using conventional means. The devices and tools available easily cinch cable in place to keep handles andor valves locked in the OFF position, effectively isolating valves or electrical power handles. Lockout cables are available individually or in lockout tagout kits. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT LOCKOUTS Electrical lockout products will help you properly shut down electrical systems including: circuit breakers, push-buttons, rotary, wall switches, plugs and much more. These lockout options will help you avoid electrical accidents for industrial high voltage or low voltage applications. GROUP LOCKOUT BOXES Group lockout boxes are a great solution for isolating energy points when a large team is working. Using a group lockout box allows you to dramatically reduce the amount of locks required on a job, limit weight on each energy point by eliminating hasps, and it provides a quick overview of who is still working without going to each energy point. LOCKOUT HASPS Lockout hasps are a valuable and convenient way to lockout an energy source ensuring that your worker's safety is never compromised. Our hasps are available in a variety of highly visible, labeled and nonconductive options. They are ideal for group lockout procedures and will help give your team the piece of mind that each energy source is properly isolated. LOCKOUT TAGOUT STATIONS & KITS Lockout stations and kits are equipped with the tools you need to isolate mechanical and electrical control points. These stations are portable or static and work for just about any application. PADLOCKS & PADLOCK LABELS Lockout tagout and padlock labels allow you to quickly id equipment, areas and padlocks with important lockouttagout (LOTO) information. These are self-adhering high-performance labels that can withstand harsh environments. Lockout tagout and padlock labels improve worker awareness, preventing unauthorized access and unexpected machine start ups. VALVE LOCKOUTS & HOSE Valve lockout devices shutoff many kinds of pressured valves including: ball valve, butterfly valve, cylinder valve, gate valve, plug valve and pneumatic. Adjustable and universal devices are available for additional flexibility. LOCKOUT CINCH BAGS Lockout cinch bags are made of a rugged canvas with a drawstring that can be locked closed. They work well to transport lockout tagout equipment or as a lockout security bag. PROCEDURES, SOFTWARE & TRAINING Lockout tagout procedures, software and training will help you provide the information and equipment your team needs to teach and begin implementing a lockout tagout (LOTO) program. This section includes valuable LOTO training kits, dvd's and materials as well as procedural writing software and services. TAGS, LABELS AND SIGNS Lockout tagout tags, labels and signs will help you communicate safety and lockout information at the point of need. These tags, labels and signs come in a variety of materials and are available in OSHA-compliant Lockouttagout (LOTO) formats. It is a great way to visually provide warnings and instructions for preventing unexpected machine start ups, and alert equipment operators about proper lockout procedures during maintenance and repair.

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  • Sizes range 1/8” to 4 3/4”
  • Color black

BRAIDED MONOFILAMENT SLEEVING Braided expandable monofilament sleeving with excellent elongation and flexibility characteristics. Self-fitting and excellent abrasion resistance. Braided monofilament sleeving generally has the greatest expandability and flexibility of any of the various sleeving types, and is often used when managing bundles of wires over long lengths is necessary. NYLON MONOFILAMENT CHARACTERISTICS Wide operating temperature range Resistant to chemical degradation Abrasion resistant UV radiation resistant Lightweight Easily installed Extremely flexible to accommodate tight turns without kinking or cracking NYLON MONOFILAMENT APPLICATIONS Automotive wiring harnesses Applications requiring breakouts andor long lengths Ideal for managing large bundles of wires Wide expandability allows easy installation over plugs and connectors NYLON MONOFILAMENT SPECIFICATIONS Sizes range from 18” to 4 34” Available in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Nylon Standard color is black Many colors available Flame Resistant available Hot knife cutting ensures non-fraying pieces UL CSA

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custom signs

CUSTOM SIGNS We offer more than 8, 000 different signs for safety, maintenance and facility identification. Our signs feature bright colors, bold text and intuitive pictographs to ensure that the communication is highly visible and easily understood. The signs are compliant with the latest standards and regulations, and designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments. ACCESS & ADMITTANCE SIGNS Access and admittance signs identify restricted areas or alert employees of potential hazards. They include legends such as "Do Not Enter, " "No Admittance, " "No Trespassing, " and more. Access and admittance signs can also communicate directions, safety warning and private property notices that include: disabled access, exit and entrance, security, CCTV, stairwells, elevators, doors and pathways. These signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your specific facility identification need. SAFETY SIGNS Safety signs are important facility visuals vital to communicating warnings and other safety information. Our safety sign selection includes signage for: biohazard and hazardous materials, electrical safety, first aid, lockout tagout, machine and equipment, personal protection (PPE) and much more. Many of these signs are OSHAANSI compliant allowing you to be properly prepared for safety inspections. Safety signs are bold and bright providing high visibility to critical messages. They are available in many different sizes and materials so that you can find safety signage suitable for your facility. FIRE EMERGENCY & DISASTER SIGNS Fire emergency and disaster signs will allow you to quickly identify areas, fire extinguishers, emergency equipment and other disaster information. Having easy to understand and clear emergency signage is critical to communicating safety information in a fast and effective way. Fire emergency and disaster signs not only allow you to improve emergency communication, but they are also required for OSHA compliance. Many of our fire emergency and disaster signs will meet OSHA's standards and your facility's unique safety requirements. OFFICE & FACILITY SIGNS Office and facility signs will help you communicate important facility messages, including or pertaining to: sanitation, hospital, motivation, no smokingprohibition, commercial ID, recyclinggreen initiatives, shipping and receiving, doorways, safety awareness and security. They include legends that direct, inform and warn workers and visitors of critical facility-related policies, instructions and dangers. These signs are highly visible and are ideal for almost any facility or office environment. PARKING, TRAFFIC & ROAD SIGNS Parking, traffic and road signs provide clear, concise direction to traffic inside and outside your building. These signs are designed to meet MUTCD specifications, so they can be used in almost any application. Parking, traffic and road signs will also guide vehicle traffic through areas under repair and improve safety and productivity throughout your property. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, parking, traffic and road signs can be used in crosswalks, parking lots and more. MARINE & IMO SIGNS Marine and IMO signs are designed to meet the needs of the marine and shipping industry. In the event of an emergency, our marine and IMO signs help warn, instruct and advise passengers of proper evacuation procedures. They are highly visible to help facilitate a safe and efficient onboard ship evacuation. Marine and IMO signs comply with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) resolution A.752 (18) and are available in a variety of sizes and materials. CUSTOM SIGNS We offer a variety of blank signs and panels that can be customized to your specific needs. These blank signs can be used to create custom safety signs, alert signs, admittance signs, and more. Blank signs with pre-printed headers are also available in a range of sizes and materials. Our lean communication boards facilitate communication between management and employees, as well as between different shifts and departments. They can be used to track key performance indicators, report continuous improvement results and notify employees about future audits. Lean communication boards also serve as production control boards that display work and production schedules. SIGN POSTS & SIGN ACCESSORIES Our sign posts and accessories will give you all the tools you need to properly display your signage. From the nuts and bolts to the posts and bases you be able mount your signs in the places you need them most. These sign posts and accessories are built for indoor or outdoor environments and will work for many different applications.

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  • Series EMI / RFI

EMI RFI SHIELDING PRODUCTS EMI shielding mesh materials are designed to yield excellent EMI shielding performance. Knitted into various sizes and configurations, mesh can be added to most jacket materials to create an easy-to-install EMI shielded assembly. EMI CHARACTERISTICS Convenient and efficient method of providing EMI shielding Lightweight, available in tubular and flexible self-wrapping structure to accommodate wire harness routing and complex breakouts Full product range meets low and high-frequency requirements Integrates into existing connector and grounding systems MARKETS Commercial Light Vehicle Aerospace Military, Defense Electrical Railway Robotics SPECIFICATIONS Specifications vary from product to product. Please inquire for more information

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MEDICAL GRADE POLYOLEFIN HEAT SHRINK TUBING This tubing is well suited for applications requiring excellent electrical insulation performance, lubricity, flexibility and resistance to abrasion and harmful solvents. A cost effective alternative to FEP (fluorinated ethylene-propylene) while maintaining performance after gamma sterilization. CHARACTERISTICS Compatibility with gamma, ETO and dry-heat sterilization Excellent electrical insulation properties Excellent resistance to a variety of fluids Biocompatible APPLICATIONS Strain Relief Color Coding Identification of medical components and devices SPECIFICATIONS 2:1 & 2.5:1 shrink ratios Meets USP Class VI Double-bagged packaging Compatible with ETO and gamma sterilization Optional inner adhesive lining Available in a variety of colors RoHs compliant

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  • Operating temperature -270°C to 260°C
  • Sizes range 32 to 2”

TEFLON® EXTRUDED TUBING PTFE extruded tubing is suitable for applications that require protection from chemicals and high temperatures. This tubing is highly flexible, making it ideal for use in various applications including electronics, aerospace and medical. EXTRUDED TEFLON® CHARACTERISTICS Temperature range to 500°F and higher Chemical resistant Easy to clean Very lubricious – lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer FDA approved raw material Good dielectric strength Unaffected by weather, extreme heat, or cold temperatures Excellent impact resistance Good resistance to stress cracking Biocompatible EXTRUDED TEFLON® APPLICATIONS Advanced medical devices High-temperature industrial equipment Ground water monitoring Environmental monitoring equipment EXTRUDED TEFLON® SPECIFICATIONS Sizes range from #32 to 2” (custom sizes available upon request) Operating temperature range -270°C to 260°C. Available in standard wall, thin wall, lightweight wall, industrial and heavy wall Available in multi-lumen configurations Colors available Meets UL, CSA and military specifications RoHS compliant Available with flares (accessibility), flanges (mechanical stop), convolutes (flexibility), etching (bonding), pad printing (graphics, text) PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE formulations available ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Teflon® Heat Shrink Tubing More Extruded Tubing & Sleeving Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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medical grade adhesives

  • Temperature range -65°C to +200°C

MEDICAL GRADE ADHESIVES Our medical grade adhesives are formulated for the assembly of components in a medical device. They are most commonly used in four types of medical devices: sterile disposables, sterile reusables, sterile resposables, and non-sterile reusables CHARACTERISTICS Fast setting, bonds in just seconds, offering higher production output Solvent free, non-flammable Room temperature cure Ready and easy to use Easily automated through dispensing systems Superior bond strength Durable, long term bonds Good resistance to high temperature Lighter weight, more reliable assemblies SPECIFICATIONS Room temperature cyanoacrylate Temperature range from -65°C to +200°C Viscosities range from 5 cps to 4, 000 cps 1 oz., 2 oz., and 4.4 lb. containers available Special packaging available in 2 gram pipettes, aluminum tubes, 3 gram bottles, 14 oz. bottles, brush on bottles, pin and collar bottles, cartridges, 20 kilo containers and 55 gallon drums USP Class VI RoHS compliant

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  • Temperature range -65°F to 450°F
  • Viscosities range 100 cps to 750,000 cps

THREADLOCKING ADHESIVES A threadlocker is an anaerobic adhesive used on threaded metals that cures at room temperature in the absence of air. The adhesive completely fills the gaps between mating threads to lock and seal the threaded assembly. They protect against vibration, corrosion and galling. Threadlockers come in a wide variety of strengths and specialty formulations, including permanent and removable. CHARACTERISTICS Single component Easy to use Tough, durable material Solvent free Fills void between threaded and cylindrical parts Faster cure times Seals against fluids and corrosion Prevents vibration loosening while locking and sealing threaded assemblies and metal parts Eliminates fastener fatigue by distributing the load over the entire engagement length of the assembly Eliminates other mechanical locking devices Allows for relaxed machining tolerances Reduces cost Resists extreme temperature Provides lubricity to achieve better torque control during assembly APPLICATIONS Appliance applications Automotive Compressors Conveyors Electronics Engines Faucets Fuel pumps Hydraulics Lawn equipment Machinery Motors Pumps Transportation equipment Weapon systems SPECIFICATIONS Temperature range from -65°F to 450°F Viscosities range from 100 cps to 750, 000 cps Most available in 10 ml, 50 ml, 250 ml, and 1 liter containers Meets military specifications (MIL-S-46163) RoHS Compliant

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heavy wall heat shrink tubing

  • Sizes range 300” to 9”
  • Operating temperature -30°C to 110°

HEAVY WALL HEAT SHRINK TUBING (CABLE SLEEVES) Our heavy wall heat shrink tubing (Cable Sleeves) resists moisture, fungus and weathering. This tubing is useful in applications where insulation, abrasion resistance and strain relief are important. Also available with an adhesive liner that provides water sealing and environmental protection in wet or underground applications. HEAVY WALL TUBING CHARACTERISTICS Excellent electrical and mechanical insulation Provides complete environmental protection and insulation High impact, abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance Withstands severe mechanical requirements HEAVY WALL TUBING APPLICATIONS Seals and protects cable splices and terminations Insulates and protects cable joints and terminations Used in the cable TV, electricalutility and mass transportation markets HEAVY WALL TUBING SPECIFICATIONS 3:1 and 5.6:1 shrink ratios available Operating temperature range -30°C to 110° Sizes range from .300” to 9” UL CSA and military specifications Standard color is black More Heat Shrink Tubing Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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Valve Tags

  • Service Temperature -40° F to 1400° F

VALVE TAGS Indoors, outdoors, harsh environments or light duty applications. We offer you valve tags made of the materials to match your needs. Choose from one of the following materials that best fits your custom valve tag application. All of our tags are available for customization or as blanks so you may stamp or print your own tag text or legends. BRASS Description: Made from 19 gauge solid brass Use For: general purpose valve identification. Max Temperature: Material 1200° F, Ink Fill 233° F ALUMINUM Description: 19 gauge solid aluminum Use For: Color coding by content, system or service. Max Temperature: Material 1500° F, Ink Fill 233° F STAINLESS STEEL Description: .025 Stainless Steel Use For: Ideal for harsh environments or where a stainless steel is specified. Max Temperature: Material 2700° F, Ink Fill 233° F PLASTIC Description: 0.060 in (1.52 mm) plastic engraved tags are constructed of flexible, tough, stain-resistant multi-layered acrylic. Use For: Plastic Tags are engraved which allows for multiple lines of copy and more detailed description. Available in 7 colors for color-coding - Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, White, Yellow. Service Temperature: -40° F to 175° F ANODIZED ALUMINUM Description: 0.032 in. (0.81mm) Engraved Anodized Aluminum Tags are processed so the color is actually part of the surface. Use For: Designed for use where high temperature exposure is a factor. Many colors available for color-coding - Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange. Service Temperature: -40° F to 1400° F Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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SOFTWARE Our label, sign, facility and equipment management software will help you meet almost any need for label design, industrial identification, and inspection management. Used for a wide variety of safety and identification applications, our software helps maintain a safer, more compliant work environment. CABLE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Using software for cable management is a great way to record your cable network. Software like NetDoc® will help find and troubleshoot issues within a physical network. NetDoc® Cable Management Software allows you to easily document your cable infrastructure including connections between your horizontal and backbone cables, hardware, assets, pathways, locations, users and much more. LABORATORY LABELING SOFTWARE Laboratory labeling software is an easy and efficient way to create specimen labels and facility identification. It was written specifically with the laboratory in mind where vial and slide marking can be a constant and tedious job. Our software can be used for more than labeling vials and slides though. It is a great resource for identifying many other areas, tools and equipment in the lab. Built-in label wizards and templates simplify laboratory labeling making, even for the most complex labeling projects. INSPECTION SOFTWARE Inspection software will allow you to complete inspections in a fraction of the time and eliminate missed inspections. Our inspection software helps cover a variety of inspection needs such as: EH&Sfire safety, facility management and simple audits. It combines handheld devices (PDAs), software, and web portals to automate any field inspection activity. SAFETY SOFTWARE Our safety software is powerful, intuitive, and flexible. We have options available for lockouttagout, maintenance, confined space and Hazcomm sign and label procedures. Our safety software also supports a safety management system approach and will help you manage incidents, proactively mitigate risks, satisfy compliance requirements, identify problem areas and track performance. ASSET TRACKING SOFTWARE Asset tracking software options are great for efficient labeling and facility management. Even complex labels and barcodes are made quick and easy. Our barcode technology allows you to track facility assets, equipment inspections and audits. Facility and equipment label software is also available to help you properly id racks, bins, storage containers, lean management and much more.

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  • Sizes range 1/8” to 2”
  • Temperature Range -55°C to 200°C operating

SPECIALTY HEAT SHRINK TUBING Our specialty heat shrink tubing is suitable for applications requiring high-temperature performance, outstanding abrasion resistance and cut-through resistance, or superior chemical and solvent properties. 150°C HIGH PERFORMANCE FLEXIBLE PVDF TUBING High temperature and flame resistance Superior chemical and solvent resistant properties Outstanding abrasion and cut-through resistance Thin Wall Sizes range from 364" to 1 12" 2:1 shrink ratio -55°C to 150°C operating temperature range UL CSA SAE-AMS-DTL-2305318 (Formerly MIL-DTL-2305318 or MIL-I-2305318) Standard color is black RoHS compliant 175°C HIGH PERFORMANCE FLEXIBLE PVDF TUBING (KYNAR®) High temperature and flame resistance Highly resistant to most industrial fuels, chemicals and solvents Outstanding abrasion, cut-through and high impact resistance Semi-rigid, excellent dielectric properties Sizes range from 364” to 2” 2:1 shrink ratio -55°C to 175°C operating temperature range SAE-AMS-DTL-230538 (Formerly MIL-DTL-230538 or MIL-I-230538 UL CSA RoHS compliant NEOPRENE POLYCHLOROPRENE ELASTOMER HEAT SHRINK TUBING Outstanding abrasion and cut-through resistance Operates in a broad temperature range, flexible at low temperatures Resistant to most fluids and solvents at high temperatures Sizes range from 18” to 3” 2:1 shrink ratio -70°C to 121°C operating temperature range SAE-AMS-DTL-230531 Class 1 & 2 (Formerly MIL-DTL-230531 Class 1 & 2 or MIL-I-230531 Class 1 & 2) UL CSA approved RoHS compliant VITON® HEAT SHRINK TUBING Fluoroelastomer Superior resistance to highly corrosive fluids, fuels, lubricants, acids and solvents at elevated temperatures High impact, abrasion and cut-through resistance Very flexible at high and low temperatures Sizes range from 18” to 2” 2:1 shrink ratio -55°C to 200°C operating temperature range SAE-AMS-DTL-2305313 (Formerly MIL-DTL-2305313 or MIL-I-2305313) RoHS compliant Also available in Thin Wall ALSO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST: Molded parts Adhesives Adapters Heat shrink wire markers Interconnect products Application equipment Heat guns Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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  • Models available 18 lb. - 250 lb. cable ties

PNEUMATIC TENSIONING TOOLS Pneumatic tensioning cable tie tools easily tension and cut cable ties with a soft touch trigger. Processing time is shortened and the volume of ties applied is increased. CHARACTERISTICS Significantly improves the application of cable ties Processing time is shortened and the volume of ties applied is increased The molded handle prevents any slippage and eliminates operator fatigue The housing is made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, which is a lightweight & very tough material Easy application; press the button and the cable tie is tensioned and then cut off automatically flush with the head Cut edge is left smooth preventing injuries and damage to other components Automatic ejection of cut off end The cut-off end of the tie is ejected automatically. Safety cap prevents accidental changing of the tension setting Non-slip, comfortable grip, soft touch trigger, and a one-touch tensioning cut off capability SPECIFICATIONS Models available for 18 lb. - 250 lb. cable ties Tools for Stainless steel cable tie also available RoHS compliant

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  • Operating temperature 500°F (260°C)

TEFLON® HEAT SHRINK TUBING PTFE (Teflon®) heat shrink tubing is an excellent choice for applications requiring the highest level of lubricity available. Teflon® FEP heat shrink tubing is an excellent choice for catheter fusing sleeves and printer roller covers. It is available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and shrink ratios and made to ensure that products subjected to extreme heat, corrosion, shock, moisture and other critical conditions are perfectly protected and ready to perform. TEFLON® TUBING CHARACTERISTICS Outstanding Electrical characteristics Withstands extreme heat and other critical environmental conditions Excellent chemical and solvent resistance Chemically inert Shock and abrasion resistance Encapsulation High Tensile Strength TEFLON® TUBING APPLICATIONS Medical Waterproofing mechanical protection Shock and abrasion protection Strain relief Component covering Fluid transfer Connector and Terminal sleeves Fiber optic cable jacketing Hermetic motor insulation Battery pack and capacitor encapsulation TEFLON® TUBING SPECIFICATIONS USP Class VI Certified Polymers Available in 1.3:1, 1.6:1, 2:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios Sizes range from #24 to 2” (custom sizes available upon request) Operating temperature up to 500°F (260°C) Available in standard wall, thin wall, lightweight wall and industrial wall Natural (translucent) color Custom colors available upon request RoHS compliant Teflon® meets SAE-AMS-DTL-2305312 Teflon® FEP meets SAE-AMS-DTL-2305311 class 1 & 2 ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Teflon® Extruded Tubing More Heat Shrink Tubing Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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  • Series KAPTON

INSULATING FILMS KAPTON® POLYIMIDE FILM Offers excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide variety of temperature ranges. Typically used in applications where extremes of heat and vibration are the norm, Kapton® is preferred because of its ability to maintain its unique combination of mechanical properties under the harshest of conditions. We offer slitting, sheeting and die cut Kapton® films. MYLAR® POLYESTER FILM Mylar®’s excellent balance of properties and extraordinary range of performance capabilities make it ideal for a broad array of applications in the electrical, electronics, magnetic media, industrial specialty, imaging and graphics, and packaging markets. We offer slitting, sheeting and die cut Mylar® films. TEFLON® INSULATING FILM PTFE‘s unique characteristics include: chemical inertness, extremely low coefficient of friction, high heat resistance and extremely useful in cold temperature environments. We offer slitting, sheeting and die cut Teflon® films.

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pvc heat shrink tubing

  • Sizes 3/64” to 4”
  • Temperature -20°C to 105°C

PVC HEAT SHRINK TUBING Our PVC heat shrink tubing has a low shrink temperature and superior strength. Both our thin wall heat shrink tubing and medium wall heat shrink tubing have been engineered for total compatibility with PVC jacketed wire and cable to insulate, identify, bundle, protect, repair and beautify in electronic, electrical and mechanical applications. Our crystal clear heat shrink tubing and all assorted heat shrink tubing colors are UL-VW-1 flame retardant, with outstanding chemical and UV resistance. UV protective additives makes PVC tubing ideal for outdoor applications. PVC CHARACTERISTICS Low heat shrink temperature Highly flame retardant tubing Economical Resists most chemicals and oils Resists sunlight, moisture and fungus Meets UL, CSA and military specifications RoHS compliant Lead free PVC COMMON APPLICATIONS Applications requiring smooth, tight-fitting, aesthetic coverings, especially for products with irregular shapes Protecting products - outdoors and indoors - from UV light, fading, harsh chemicals, chlorinated cleansers, moisture, salt water, fungus, dirt, abrasion and splintering Providing “crystal clear” see-through protection that will not become cloudy, yellow or crack over time The preferred choice for use with PVC wire and cable Insulation and strain relief of wire harnesses, terminals and wire splices Applications requiring outstanding dielectric and mechanical protection without damage to enclosed or adjacent components or underlying material Identifying and color coding wires, cables, piping, machinery, parts, etc Ultra thin wall for battery and pharmaceutical usages PVC SPECIFICATIONS 2:1 shrink ratio Temperature range -20°C to 105°C Available in standard wall (.020”) and heavy wall (.031”) Layflat PVC Sizes range from 364” to 4” Standard colors are black, white, red, yellow, blue and clear Standard color in heavy wall is black Available with adhesive lining ULCSA SAE-AMS-DTL-230532 Class 2 (Formerly MIL-DTL-230532 Class 2 or MIL-I-230532 Class 2) ASTM D 3150 ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PVC Extruded Tubing More Heat Shrink Tubing Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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silicone adhesives

SILICONE ADHESIVES (ONE-PART) One-Part Silicone adhesives offer high and low temperature stability and strength making them exceptionally versatile and dependable. CHARACTERISTICS High and low temperature stability High strength properties Ultraviolet resistance Aggressive adhesion to a wide variety of substrates No mixing required Primer-less adhesion to many substrates Heat accelerated silicones offer a very fast cure, with virtually no shrinkage and no corrosive by-products Withstands harsh environments and extreme conditions Best long term performance Thermally conductive formulations Electrically conductive formulations APPLICATIONS Formed-in-place gaskets Protective coatings Appliances Automobiles Computers & business equipment Commercial aircraft Telecommunications Mass transit SPECIFICATIONS Many formulations to meet your specifications (color, tack, and consistency) Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) Available RoHS compliant

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adhesive lined heat shrink tubing

  • Operating temperature -40°C to 130°C
  • Sizes range 1/8” to 2”

ADHESIVE LINED HEAT SHRINK TUBING Our Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing is flame retardant and provides sealing and protection from fluids, moisture and corrosion. Available in flexible and semi-rigid. ADHESIVE LINED TUBING CHARACTERISTICS Flexible, semi-flexible, semi-rigid and medical grades Good mechanical strength and cut-through resistance Environmentally seals and protects Meets UL, CSA and military specifications RoHS compliant ADHESIVE LINED TUBING APPLICATIONS Protects and seals electronic components, wire splices, back end connectors and cable breakouts High expansion ratio for repairing damaged wire and cable jacketing without removing connectors Protection from fluids, moisture and corrosion in outdoor, automotive and marine applications Rugged protection against abrasion, vibration and flexing ADHESIVE LINED SPECIFICATIONS Available in 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios More flexible versions: 3:1 and 4:1 Operating temperature range -40°C to 130°C Sizes range from 18” to 2” Standard color is black AMS-DTL-230534 Class 1, 2 & 3. ULCSA More Heat Shrink Tubing Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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  • Operating temperature -55°C to 135°C
  • Sizes range 3/64” to 4”

POLYOLEFIN HEAT SHRINK TUBING Our polyolefin heat shrink tubing is very flexible, highly flame retardant with a very low shrink temperature. Our thin wall heat shrink tubing will insulate, identify, bundle, protect and repair in a wide variety of electrical, mechanical, commercial, and military applications. POLYOLEFIN TUBING CHARACTERISTICS Excellent all purpose insulation Highly flame retardant, very flexible Excellent chemical, physical and electrical properties Strain relief, superior resistance to abrasion Meets UL, CSA and military specifications RoHS compliant POLYOLEFIN TUBING APPLICATIONS Wire splices and terminations Wire harnesses Strain relief for electrical wire connections Jacketing and bundling wire harness and components Identifies or color-codes wires, cables, terminals, and components POLYOLEFIN HEAT SHRINK TUBING SPECIFICATIONS 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5.6:1, and 6:1 shrink ratios available Low shrink temperature (shrinks quickly at 90°C) Operating temperature range -55°C to 135°C Sizes range from 364” to 4” Standard colors are black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and clear ULCSA SAE-AMS-DTL-230535 Class 1, 2 & 3 Yellow Green Striped Polyolefin: 2:1, 3:1 More Heat Shrink Tubing Technical specifications subject to change without notice. REQUEST A QUOTE ASK US A QUESTION * indicates required field Name * Email * Phone * Company Message * Get our free newsletter SUBMIT NEED MORE INFORMATION?

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