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We offer the best product range of Dual Slot Resonance Linac, Single-Cell RF Photoinjector Gun, Plasma Jet Sources and rf components.

Dual Slot Resonance Linac

  • Operating frequency: 2856 MHz
  • Length, flange to flange 85 MΩ/m
  • Energy Gain 10 MeV

The DSR Linac is a patented linear accelerator suitable for boosting the energy of electrons traveling near the speed of light (vc ~ 1). Adjacent accelerating cavities are coupled using compact resonant slots, rather than bulky off-axis cavities used in side-coupled linacs. Similar to side-coupled linacs, the accelerating mode is electrically a π2 mode, where the resonant slots are not excited, while the particles experience an on-axis accelerating field resembling a π mode. The cell-to-cell coupling of the DSR Linac is greater than that of a side-coupled cavity, resulting in greater separation between the accelerating mode and the nearest mode on either side. The replacement of bulky side cavities by resonant slots reduced the radial size of the DSR Linac, reducing the clear aperture requirement of any magnetic focusing elements.

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Single-Cell RF Photoinjector Gun

  • Operating frequency 2856 MHz
  • Energy 0.5-1 MeV

FAR-TECH has developed a single-cell RF gun for creating short, high-brightness electron bunches to drive table-top experiments, or as a particle source to use in combination with our DSR Linac product. Symmetrized RF feed RF sample loop Can be customized with other options

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Plasma Jet Sources

Hyper-velocity and high-density plasma jets or nanoparticle jets can be produced by our novel plasma accelerator, using a solid state pulsed power source and a coaxial plasma gun. Composite H, C60 gas jet Composite H, C, C60 plasma jet Component velocities: hydrogen (13-26 kms), carbon (8-12 kms) C60 mass component of plasma jets between 31 and 144 mg High mass nanoparticle gas production High velocity, high mass nanoparticle jet production

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rf components

FAR-TECH, Inc. provides custom-order designfabrication of RF components, sources, and accelerator structures. We have a long track record in RF technology, including creating cutting-edge designs under government- and industry-supported projects. We have been involved in a number of high-power RF source projects, including a multi-beam klystron for the International Linear collider, and improvements to the klystron efficiency at Jefferson National Laboratory. In addition, FAR-TECH has delivered a complete buncher cavity sub-system for an industrial accelerator. This included the cavity itself, a solid-state RF amplifier, beam focusing optics, and low-level RF monitoring and control boxes.

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