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We offer a complete product range of Enhanced, composite materials, Non Return Valves, Centerless Ground Bar and Wire


Every material has boundaries of what it can achieve. But we have found that in many cases, these boundaries are less fixed than they appear. Over the years, we have developed the NDR® process – a way to improve the fatigue resistance of materials by influencing their grain structure. We have also pioneered ways in which we can influence the hysteresis of Nitinol to change its stiffness, resulting in USN® and DPS® Nitinol. So if your application is restricted by the boundaries of the material you use, talk to us. We may well have a solution.

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composite materials

A single wire or cable may not always give you the results your application requires. However, one of our composites probably will: DFT® and DBS® wire give you different approaches to combining the properties of dissimilar materials in a single system.

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HHS® Tube, or Helical Hollow Strand, is best described as a strand with an open center working channel. While HHS® has proven to be useful in many applications, it is most often utilized to transmit torque or pushing forces due to its exceptional whip free characteristics and a high resistance to kinks. HHS® tube can be manufactured in single, double, and triple layers in order to provide varying flexibility and control. Please contact us with your specifications – we’ll help you design a HHS® tube that fits your exact needs.

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Centerless Ground Bar

Fort Wayne Metals manufactures centerless ground bars to your specifications such as tensile strength, rockwell hardness, diameter tolerance, and length. Unless specified otherwise, your material will come to you manufactured in 10’ (3.05 m) to 12’ (3.65 m) random lengths. To improve the traceability of your Fort Wayne Metals centerless ground bars, we now offer Bar Marking. Click here for more information.

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SLT® Wire from Fort Wayne Metals has been engineered specifically to reduce production steps in your operation. Whether you just need basic wire that will eliminate the need for straightening and reduce machine downtime, a premium straightened wire that will not deform during deep taper grinding, or anything in between, SLT® Wire will outperform the standard round wire you’re currently using.

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monofilament wire

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines wire as a thin, flexible thread of metal. At Fort Wayne Metals, we look at it as the center of our expertise and attention. Whether you need round, flat or shaped wire, we have the knowledge to deliver a product with a pristine surface, predictable and tightly controlled characteristics – even a pre-determined microstructure. To the rest of the world, wire may only be a thread of metal. To us, it is the world.

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Strands and cables are highly engineered products and are ideal for applications requiring more strength and flexibility than a monofilament wire can provide. They are often utilized for complex constructions or processes in order to enhance the following: fatigue life, strength, flexibility, torque, stiffness, and smoothness. Strands are formed by wrapping several filaments of wire together to form a single strand. When several of these strands are wrapped together, they form a cable. Strands and cables are available on spools, as discrete lengths and as mechanical assemblies. Please use our cable strand configurator to help you determine the strand or cable that will best suit your needs.

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mechanical cable

Fort Wayne Metals understands that mechanical assemblies are highly customized products – which is why our engineers will work with you from your initial inquiry through full production. Our computer generated models will help you define concepts and assist your development efforts. All of the assembly work is performed at the same facility where the engineers develop them, allowing them full access to the entire assembly process.

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