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Our Complete range of products are Needlemats flat textiles, Acoustic Pillows, Cords, Woven Fabrics and Woven Tapes.

Needlemats flat textiles

  • Dimensions width: 50 - 3000 mm thickness: 3 - 75 mm
  • Weight approx. 300 - 17000 g/m²

Needlemats (nonwoven materials) are flat textiles made from single fibres, held together by their own adhesion, strenghtened by a mechanical process

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Acoustic Pillows

Base materials are especially developed isoGLAS ® and isoTHERM ® fabrics, which are fabricated to "tailor made" pillows for exhaust silencer applications. The infill consists typically of acoustic needlemats and basalt or other materials on request.

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  • Diameter round
  • Dimension 3 - 30 mm

Round, leftright twisted strands, partly with knitted sheathing, dimensionally stable but flexible with good tensile strength

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Woven Fabrics

  • Dimensions 840, 920, 1000 mm, 1600 mm
  • thickness: 0.7 - 5 mm

Frenzelit woven fabrics are excellent materials for thermal and acoustic insulation as well as good carriers for coatings

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Woven Tapes

  • Thickness 2 - 10 mm,
  • Dimensions width: 8 - 120 mm

Woven tapes are flexible and easy to install. The structure guarantees a high trensile strength and stability due to 2 firm edges.

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  • Thickness 2 – 6 mm
  • Inner diameter 6 - 10 mm, 12 - 18 mm,

Braided sleeving with a flexible and adaptable diameter isoGLAS ® isoTHERM ® 1000, isoTHERM ® ST, isoKERAM ® Dimensions Inner diameter: 6 - 10 mm, 12 - 18 mm, 20 - 25 mm, 28 - 36 mm, 38 - 50 mm wall thickness: 2 – 6 mm depending on the dimension

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Metal-textile-compound material

In a thermal coating process, the textile carrier material, which is either made from inorganic or organic fibres, is coated directly with metal. Mtex ® ist ein coating system, which is designed like a construction system:

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These finishing processes can modify specific properties of textile products deliberately: Mechanical resistance Insulation effect Water- and gas tightness Thermal resistance Easy-care Visual impression Easier installation Easier to process

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