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Our offered Product range includes Ballistic Fuel Cells, Marine Fuel Cells, Aerospace Fuel Cell, Defense Fuel Cells and Pillow Tanks & Pro Barrel.

Ballistic Fuel Cells

Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. (ARM-USA) has been providing armored and self-sealing fuel cells to the U.S. Military, the U.S. State Department, foreign militaries and governments, as well as private security firms from around the world for more than 30 years. Our blast protected, ARM-R-SAFE™ and self-sealing fuel cells, ARM-R-COAT™ have been certified by an independent ballistics laboratory and self-seal against calibers up to and including 7.62 mm .308 caliber (NIJ Level III) and .50 caliber (STANAG Level III+). Both systems are designed to offer progressive levels of protection depending on your needs. Ideal for armored cars, tactical and military vehicles and special purpose aircraft, ARM-R-SAFE™ and ARM-R-COAT™ will keep your fuel, vehicle and most importantly, its occupants safe.

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Marine Fuel Cells

ARM has a full line of specialty marine fuel bladders designed specifically for use on ocean going vessels. Our line of auxiliary fuel pillow tanks allows sport-fishing enthusiasts, pleasure yachts and work boats to carry an additional 25-1000 gallons of fuel on board in a convenient pillow tank that folds up and stows away when not in use. ARM's marine pillow tanks are the most popular tanks on the markets due to their durability, their innovative tie down system and their reputation for quality. Fuel Safe, a division of ARM, designs and manufactures safety fuel cells for many of the top hydroplane and off shore race teams in the world. Our marine racing tanks are designed to provide maximum protection and performance. All of our marine racing tanks are designed from the same high strength, flexible coated fabrics that are the backbone of our road racing fuel cells. Read more about marine pillow bladders at the Fuel Safe site for more information

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Aerospace Fuel Cell

The demand for high tech fuel containment solutions in the aviation and aerospace industries has never been greater. ARM is capable of producing extremely lightweight, durable aviation bladders that are resistant to all types of aviation fuels including: avgas, JP fuels, gasoline and diesel. We have designed and produced fuel bladders for a wide variety of aircraft including unmanned aerial drones, experimental aircraft, and auxiliary bladders for fire fighting aircraft, replacement bladders for vintage war birds and more. ARM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and maintains the highest levels of quality control in the industry. We have an in-house engineering and design team that can assist with the design of your fuel bladders. We can produce 3D CAD drawings to simulate form, fit and function prior to prototype production. All of our design, prototyping and production are housed in our state of the art 100, 000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Redmond, Oregon.

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Defense Fuel Cells

ARM's experience in the defense industry is the product of many years of work with all branches of the U.S. military, the U.S. State Department, foreign militaries and top domestic defense contractors. Whether you're looking for a self-sealing fuel cell ARM-R-COAT™ for an MRAP vehicle, a fuel bladder for a submersible vessel, lightweight fuel bladders for UAV's or fully armored bladders ARM-R-SAFE™ for JLTV prototype, we can deliver. We have provided a wide range of fuel cell and bladder designs for many different military platforms including the Predator UAV, the Cheetah JLTV, the Oshkosh MLTV and many other prototype and production military vehicles

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Pillow Tanks & Pro Barrel

ARM's pillow tanks and berm liners are the ideal solution to your volume fuel storage requirements. We can produce fuel, water and hazardous liquid containment pillow tanks from 25 to 100, 000 gallons. Berm liners provide an added layer of environmental protection required in today's eco conscious world. Our pillow tanks have provided bulk fluid storage to the U.S. military, the International Red Cross, oil and gas exploration crews and research teams in Antarctica. We have many standard sizes available or we can design a custom pillow tank for your specific application. ARM's Pro Barrel is a rugged, collapsible fuel barrel designed for aerial delivery to hard to reach locales such as remote construction sites, oil and natural gas exploration platforms and remote fire fighting stations. Pro Barrels are available in 55, 250 and 500 gallon capacities. For more information, refer to our Pro Barrel Operation and Maintenance brochure. ARM can also provide specialty fuel transfer pumps designed to assist in the movement of large volumes of fuel in and out of our pillow tanks. The pumps are available with gas or diesel engines or a powerful electric motor. They can be equipped with a fuel totalizer for an accurate measure of fuel dispensation and housed in a convenient dolly that makes transportation a snap

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urethane casting

ARM's industrial and experimental divisions have capabilities to produce specialty products using a urethane casting process that can be used for many different industries and applications

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rubber molding

ARM's industrial and experimental divisions can produce specialty fuel cells and bladders using a rubber molding process that can be used for a wide variety of industries and applications.

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Our industrial bladders are custom manufactured for a variety of applications to accommodate our customers specific needs. Constructed of light weight, durable materials, they are designed to be easily transportable from one location to another and provide safe and accessible containment of liquids and chemicals. They are perfect for additional liquid storage and emergency liquid spills and clean-up situations. Inflatables ARM's industrial and experimental divisions have produced an incredible array of specialty products for many different industries and applications

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ARM's industrial and experimental divisions have produced an incredible array of specialty accumulator products for many different industries and applications.

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Fuel Safe’s standard fuel cells range from 5 gallons to 44 gallons with your choice of any one of our certified safety fuel bladders. Fuel Safe allows you to configure your fuel cell to suit your specific application. With the ability to chose your can style, fill options, fitting sizes, and internal components such as collectors, surge tanks, checked baffle walls, ect. you can be confident that you will have the correct fuel system for your application. Don’t know exactly what you need? Call our experienced sales engineers to help get you into the right fuel cell and set up with an optimized fuel system.

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Industrial Experimental Prototyping

ARM's industrial and experimental divisions has the capability to work directly with our clients to produce prototypes for specialty applications.

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