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Our offered Product range includes Hydraulic Magnetic, medium voltage fuses, Semiconductor Fuses, Telecom Fuses and solar fuses.

Hydraulic Magnetic

A hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker, is a mechanical circuit protection device. The main components are a coil, an iron core sealed in a tube filled with hydraulic fluid, a spring loaded actuator, and two electrical contacts, . When excessive current from a current overload, runs through the device, the electromagnetic field in the coil is increased which moves the iron core through the tube and causes the spring loaded actuator to trip, separating the contacts and opening the circuit. Opening speed is determined by the viscosity or thickness of the hydraulic fluid.

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medium voltage fuses

Medium Voltage, Fuse, : Medium Voltage Fuses are current limiting, power fuses having voltage ratings from 0.6kV to 34.38kV. Continuous current ratings range from 0.5 to 1, 200 amps. E-rated medium voltage fuses are general purpose fuses that are primarily used to protect transformers and provide both current overload, and short circuit, protection. R-Rated fuses are back-up fuses primarily used to protect motors and motor controllers. R-Rated fuses only provide short circuit protection. Other medium voltage fuses are designed to protect potential transformers, capacitors and distribution transformers. Medium Voltage fuses are designed in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Back-up fuses designed in accordance with IEC Standards are also available.

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Semiconductor Fuses

Semiconductor fuses are very fast acting, current limiting, fuses that offer low melting integral (I2t) values and peak let-through currents. Voltage, ratings range from 130 to 1, 500 volts. These fuses are designed to protect power supplies, rectifiers, diodes, thyristors, triacs, transistors and other solid-state power semiconductor devices. They are offerred in ferrule, bolt-in, blade and hockey puck casing styles.

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Telecom Fuses

Telecom fuses are electronic fuses designed to meet the special requirements and standards of the telecommunication industry. Alarm indicating, fuses are fast acting, fuses that offer visaul blown fuse indication that can trigger an LED, or audio alarm. They are rated at 125 volts AC and DC. 70 Type, fuses are cylindrical cartrige fuses with an indicator, pin that can trigger an alarm or provides visual indication. There are a variety of other electronic telecomunication fuses. Telpower, fuses are power fuses designed specifically for the telecommunications industry.

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solar fuses

Solar Fuses are designed specifically for the protection of photovoltaic systems. Voltage, ratings range from 600 to 1, 000VDC. Current ratings range from 1 to 30 amps. Solar fuses are available in midget, Class R, and Class J, case sizes.

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Special Purpose Fuses

Special Purpose Fuses are designed for specific applications. The Limiter, or Fork Lift, fuses have voltage, ratings of 48 to 80 VDC and 125 VAC and current ratings from 10 to 800 amps. They are designed to protect fork lift trucks and other vehicle electric systems. In-line fuses provide in-line circuit protection for fluorescent lighting fixtures. SFE, fuses are 32 volt glass cartridge, fuses that vary in length depending on the ampere rating. Barrier Network, fuses are 250VACVDC axial leaded cartridge fuses that are designed to safely operate in potentially explosive environments. Ampere ratings range from 0.05 to 0.250 amps. The Safe-T-Plus, is an encapsulated fuse that is also designed to operate in potentially explosive environments. Ampere ratings range from 0.062 to 5 amps at 125VACVDC.

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electronic fuses

Electronic fuses are current sensitive devices designed to serve as an intentional weak link in an electrical circuit. They are typically rated at 300 volts or below and are designed to protect circuits in the limited space requirements of electronic equipment such as consumer electronics, computers, instrumentation, power supplies and telecommunication equipment. Electronic fuses are classified as either subminiature or miniature type fuses. The subminiature fuse, category includes the Pico, Micro, 2.3 x 8mm, cartridge, 3.6x10mm cartridge and the surface mount fuses. Surface mount fuses come in industry standard 0402, 0603, 1206 package sizes as well as some larger non-standard sizes. Miniature electronic fuses refer to the typical cartridge-style fuse types such as the 1AG, through 8AG, size, 5x20mm, 5x15mm and midget size fuses

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Automotive Fuses

Automotive style fuses are designed to work in a direct current environment typically found in vehicles having a battery. Fuses are rated from 32 to 80 volts with ampere ratings from 0.5 to 500 amps. These types of fuses are used extensively in cars, trucks buses and off-road transportation equipment to protect the cables, wires and electrical components that supply electrical power to operate lights, heaters, air conditioning, radios, power windows and other electrical accessories. They are also used in electric and hybrid vehicles and a variety of electronic applications.

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Power Fuses

Power Fuses are typically rated between 250 and 600 volts. Current ratings range from 0.5 to 6, 000 amps. Some power fuses carry a 1, 000 volt rating. Midget fuses are built in a 1332" x 1-12" (10x38mm or 5AG, ) case size. Midget fuses have ampere ratings up to 50 amps. The UL classifications for power fuses include Class CC, Class G, Class H, K5, Class RK1, Class RK5, Class J, Class L, Class T, and Plug, . Typical midget and power fuse, applications include overload, and short circuit, protection in motor branch circuits, heating and cooling systems, control systems, lighting circuits and electrical distribution networks.

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