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Our offered Product range includes Ultra Flexible, electro-mechanical assemblies, CSA Approved Cable, wire management and molded cord sets.

Ultra Flexible

Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock high flex cables, also called highly flexible cables or ultra flexible cables. Galaxy can help design a custom solution to meet the needs of the intended application for high flex cable.High flex cables are also called highly flexible cables and ultra flexible cables. They are built for extreme flexing and rigorous performance conditions. High flex wire and cable can withstand continuous flexing up to and exceeding a 10 million flex lives. Galaxy can design a cable to meet the most critical performance standards.

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electro-mechanical assemblies

Box builds or electro-mechanical assemblies are assemblies that consist of wire harnesses that are terminated into a physical box or panel. Galaxy has the capability to provide box builds in varying sizes and complexities. Even if a formal routing diagram is not available, Galaxy has the expertise to reverse engineer a box build from a sample. Galaxy works with customers from the design and prototype phase of a project all the way through large production runs. With low minimum order requirements and engineering design services, Galaxy can help meet specific box build electro-mechanical assembly needs.

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CSA Approved Cable

As a leading supplier of ULCSA cable, Galaxy has various types of ULCSA cable available in a wide range of gauge sizes and insulation materials. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and offers engineering design services for ULCSA cable.ULCSA cable is cable that has been certified to meet UL, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. andor CSA, Canadian Standards Association, stringent standards. These ratings provide electrical rating ranges that a cable must meet, so that the end user can accurately choose a cable that will function as intended. All ULCSA cable will be printed andor labeled showing which standard it meets. Galaxy has the ability to help identify the best fit of ULCSA cable for any application or product.

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wire management

Galaxy complements its extensive wire and cable offerings with a wide variety of tubing, sleeving and wire management products. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and can help with product selection for many applications and industries.Tubing, sleeving and wire management products are used to combine multiple wirescables into one group. Reasons to use these include protection, space limitations or temperature control. With regards to heat shrink tubing, a common call out is the mil-spec, M23053. This call out is widely used to describe type, size, and color of the tubing. With so many different options, Galaxy provides the expertise to help identify the right tubing, sleeving andor wire management product for any application or product.

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molded cord sets

Galaxy is a leading supplier of molded cord sets. Galaxy can provide various types of molded cord sets in a wide range of plug configurations, colors, UL listed styles, and international standards. Available in low minimum order requirements, Galaxy can also assist in the selection of the molded cord set that best fits any application.

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Ultra Low Loss

Galaxy is a leading supplier of both custom and stock low loss (LL) and ultra low loss (ULL) cables. Low and ultra low loss cables are typically used when standard coaxial cables will not offer the low attenuation loss over distance. LL and ULL loss cables are required when the amount of attenuation loss is crucial for the intended application.Low loss and ultra low loss cables are coaxial cables that have far better shielding compared to standard RG coaxial cables, which helps achieve low attenuation loss at high frequencies. These LLULL cables outperform standard coaxial cables for critical applications.

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RF Cable Assembly Technical Capabilities

Galaxy has the both the equipment and technical knowledge to manufacture virtually all forms of RF coaxial cable assemblies. Capabilities range from coaxial cable with an overall diameter of 2″ to under 116″. Galaxy has experience working with standard coaxial cable, semi-rigid coaxial cable, and formable coaxial cable. Galaxy’s Quality Department has the experience and testing equipment to perform both physical and electrical testing to ensure each RF coax cable assembly is manufactured correctly and functions as designed.

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GalTEC Cable

Galaxy is a leading supplier of downhole TEC (Tubing Encapsulated Conductors) cables that are used in the oil & gas industry. GalTEC cables are used to monitor, provide power and transmit signals in a downhole application. Cables used in the oil & gas industry must be able to withstand extreme environments, extreme temperatures and extreme pressure which is why GalTec cables are the choice of industry professionals.

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Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock vented cable, also known as vent tube cable or breather tube cable. Galaxy can help design a custom solution to meet specific vented cable application needs.A vented tube cable is a cable that has one or more usual conductors and also contains hollow tubes that can be made from various materials. The typical tube is manufactured from Nylon, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane (PU), or Polyethylene (PE).

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Abrasion Resistant

Galaxy is a leading supplier of custom and stock abrasion resistant cable, also called heavy duty cable or ruggedized cable. Galaxy can supply various types of abrasion resistantheavy dutyruggedized cable, both stock and custom, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts. Galaxy can also recommend the best abrasion resistant and heavy duty cable for specific applications.

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Mil-Spec Cable

As a leading supplier of mil-spec cable, Galaxy offers various mil-spec cable types in a wide range of gauge sizes and insulation materials. Galaxy has low minimum order requirements and can also provide engineering design services for military specification cable.Mil-spec cable is commonly a multi-conductor cable that has been designed to meet US military specifications. Other forms of mil-spec cable would be coaxial cable and portable power cable. These military specifications were created set up by the US Department of Defense for the sole purpose of supporting military designs and applications. Typically, a mil-spec cable will be designated by having the letter “M” in front of a numeric code. Galaxy can help customers identify the best fit of mil-spec cable for any product or application.

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