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Our product range comtains a wide range of vent cap, SOLDER IRON HOLDER, RIM-MOUNT BRACKET, FLASHING BEACON LED LIGHT and DRUM ALARM

vent cap

The PLASTIC MUSHROOM STYLE TANK VENT CAP, or tank breather cap, keeps out debris, insects, seeds, and rain while allowing tanks to properly vent. All plastic construction is corrosion proof.

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The SOLDERING IRON HOLDER is a better way to solder circuit boards. It acts like a third hand to allow faster soldering with less skill required. Easily and quickly adjustable for different projects

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The RIM-MOUNT BRACKET makes mounting on any bucket, pail, or open-top tank easy. Thumbscrew allows easy depth adjustment. The rim-mounting bracket securely mounts a level alarm to the any open tank or container. Made from 38" thick PVC it is built to take abuse on a shop floor. The top plate is bent over the lip of the container - not glued - so there is no joint to break. Large one inch diameter knurled thumbscrew knobs are easy to grab even with gloves. Screws are made from 18-8 stainless steel threads. The mounting is always rock-solid.

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The COMPACT LED BEACON LIGHT has exceptional brightness, small size, can be panel mounted, and is water-tight. Suitable for rugged industrial enviroments.The beacon light uses a very bright 9-12VDC LED. 50, 000 hour life will last for decades and eliminate bulb changes. The beacon light includes 9-element LED bulb, in a socket pre-wired with 6" leads, elastomer gasket, retaining nut, and colored lens cover. Polycarbonate lens cover and bulbs are stocked in red and blue. Also available in green and amber. Even though the bulb will probably never need replacement, its good to know the T10 wedge base LEDs can be easily replac

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The DRUM ALARM for LOW LIQUID LEVEL alerts your attention to empty drums with a bright flashing LED and a loud beeper when liquid level is low. Just drop it in a drum and never run out again!

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The DRUM SUCTION PIPE ensures that chemical is drawn from the bottom of your drum to eliminate suction of air caused by faulty tubing. Flow is visible through the convenient flow indicator.

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The Power Out Alarm guarantees your device is getting power. If the power goes out, it alerts with a loud beeping sound and flashing LED. Can be used with any voltage or plug up to 265VAC.Always on duty - ultra-low power consumption allows Lithium battery to last for 10 years or more. Fail safe plug detection. Alarms if your plug comes out of the receptacle! Very loud alarm. 103dB! Irregular pattern is easily noticed. Silence button with "snooze alarm" setting. Test button to check function. Installation is easy. Just install 9V battery. Low Battery alarm. If the battery runs low, the Power Fail Alarm beeps and flashes to let you know. Bright flashing beacon LED. Bright enough to be visible in daylight.

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The different letters in each type of portable cord designate the characteristics the cord has. The 'S' and 'J' letters in each of these types mean that they are Junior Service. Junior service simply means that the voltage rating of the cord is 300 volts. A single 'O' designates an oil resistant outer jacket, while the double 'OO' stands for oil resistant insulation and an oil resistant outer jacket. Finally, the 'W' stands for weather and water resistant, and is CSA approved for indoor or outdoor use. Portable cords are also rated as heavy duty, medium duty and light duty. These designations are given based on the jacket used on the cord. All four types (SJ cable, SJO cable, SJOW cable; and SJOOW cable) are considered heavy duty, due to their thermoset rubber jackets. Portable cord with thermoplastic elastomer jackets are considered medium duty and those with thermoplastic jackets are designated as light duty. You can tell what type of jacket the cord has by reading the letters as well. A thermoplastic elastomer jacket will have the letter "E", usually after the "S" or "SJ" depending on the service type. A thermoplastic jacket will have a "T" instead of an "E" in the same spot. The absence of an "E" or a "T" means it has a thermoset rubber jacket.

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THE PIGGYBACK PLUG or "switchplug" is a convenient way to switch power to timers, level alarms, or a footswitch. Simply plug the piggyback plug into the wall and then plug your device into the female end. Power will then be passed through one blade of the plug when switched to "closed".

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Tank Level Alarm

The TANK LEVEL ALARM grabs attention with a bright flashing LED and a loud beeper when liquid level is too high or too low. Easy to install. Easy to adjust the depth in tank. Stop overfilled or empty tanks for good!

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