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Our product range comtains a wide range of Welding Capabilities, Formix Plastics, tooling and paint line

Welding Capabilities

Our Welding Department is organized for maximum efficiency. Each day our experienced team of welders methodically process parts from simple weldments to very large complex assemblies and subassemblies until the finished product is ready for cleaning, thorough inspection and approval before moving to powder coating. Global Body and Equipment has recently added an additional 8, 000 square feet of welding area. Our team of 18 welders provides our customers a wide variety of capacity and capability.

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Formix Plastics

formed plastic products Global Body & Equipment - Formix Plastics LogoVacuum formed parts are 3-dimensional parts made from plastic sheets. Custom designed plastic parts and products are our specialty. If you are looking for design help, prototyping, and a fast production start – we are your solution.

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Tooling costs depend on the number of cavities and the material used for the tooling. The more cavities, the higher the tooling cost, but the cost per finished part will be less. We calculate the optimum number of cavities based on the number of parts per year required. The right selection of the tooling material is very important, it determines the initial tooling cost, the cost per part and the quality of the parts. We offer 4 different selections: aluminum, fiber-glass, wood and epoxy. Aluminum tooling will last 250, 000 cycles or more, remains very accurate, but the price will be higher than other tooling. Fiberglass tooling is inexpensive and suitable for short to medium runs, but it may become brittle, repairs are difficult and form stability is not very good. Wood tooling is the least expensive alternative, but we recommend it only for prototyping or short runs. Epoxy tooling is extremely rigid and costs slightly more than fiberglass. It will last up to about 100, 000 cycles, but is just a fraction of the cost for aluminum tooling! In addition, we can add water cooling to aluminum to shorten the cycle time, therefore reducing the price per part. Please consult with us, we will take the time to explain the advantages and disadvantages using different tooling materials for your product

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paint line

Global Body’s new paint line is a total system. The all new state of the art computer controlled wash, dry, paint and cure equipment was designed specifically for us to ensure our customers obtain product that is superior. The system is sized so we can paint parts as large as 9 feet tall, 9 feet long and 3 feet wide. This new system is contained in a brand new building designed specifically for the painting system. The pictures below give you an indication of what we are able to do. We would love to show off it’s capability and invite any prospective or existing customers to come and see it first hand. Our newly developed paint production process allows us to provide primered and top coated products for you that will surpass 1500 hours of salt spray testing. If you have product that has to endure the conditions presented by road salt and various temperature and weather extremes you need to check us out

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