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  • Cooling Towers Industrial Fans

    Industrial Fans for Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Exhaust Swifter® CTX Series industrial fans can be used in cooling towers, air cooled heat exchangers, chillers, industrial radiators, condensers, evaporations and other exhaust application.

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  • CTX Fan Series

    Industrial Fans for Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers The Swifter® CTX Series industrial fan is a next generation cooling tower and air cooled heat exchanger fan. With patented airfoils, the CTX Series fiberglass fans are specifically designed to provide higher efficiency without ...

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  • CTX Industrial Fan Selection Program

    Swifter® Industrial Fans are next generation axial flow fans for cooling towers, air cooled heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, radiators, evaporators, etc. Available in sizes ranging from 5 feet to 40 feet diameter and 4 to 16 bladed configurations, these high performance fiberglass fan blades ...

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  • Custom Ceiling Fans

    Custom Fan Configurations Available Standard sizes and chord widths are available. We can also manufacture custom fan blades and fan hubs for your specific application.

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  • Fiberglass Fan Blades

    Fiberglass Fan Blades are Lightweight Composite molded fan blades are a single piece seamless design. 10 feet and larger diameter fans use foam core design to minimum surface deflectiondeformation. Shown in photo: Installation of 30 foot fan.

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  • Fiberglass Impellers

    Industrial Fans or Fiberglass Impellers or Industrial Propellers.. no matter what you call them, they are are indeed the highest quality, premium exhaust axial fans available. They can be used in misting fans, agriculture, marine applications, small cooling towers, chillers, condensers, diesel ...

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  • HVLS Ceiling Fans

    The Swifter® Industrial Ceiling Fan is a new and revolutionary large-scale ceiling fan designed specifically for use in commercial applications. These HVLS Ceiling Fans belong to a category of fans referred to as High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS). This means that these large-span ceiling fan can move ...

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  • Industrial Fans

    Swifter® Industrial Axial Flow Fans are high performance, high efficiency large commercial fans. The most common applications for these industrial fans include cooling towers, heat exchangers and evaporators. Search no further if you are lookiing for the he best price in industrial fans. These ...

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  • Ultra Low Sound Fans

    Swifter® Ultra Low Sound Series axial fans provide ultra-quiet performance for industrial air movement applications including heat exchangers, cooling towers, mining & tunnel ventilation. Single Piece FRP Construction Leading Edge Protection Lightweight and Robust Design

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