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We offer the best product range of Entertainment Stage Lift Equipment, Underwater Stage Lifts, Custom Scissor Lift, Aerospace Engine Heavy Duty Lift and Aerospace Custom Scissor test Platform lift.

Entertainment Stage Lift Equipment

Our company's theatrical lifts are custom-designed and manufactured in a variety of styles to meet your specific needs with regards to safety, speed, noise level, capacity and electronic control compatibility. Because we know that the show must go on, Handling Specialty also provides a sterling level of technical support with our lift products.

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Underwater Stage Lifts

  • Type: Underwater Lift
  • Actuation: Hydraulic
  • Travel: 235"

Handling Specialty custom engineered, manufactured and installed one of the world’s first and largest underwater stage systems for Cirque du Soleil’s groundbreaking Las Vegas show, “O”. The show takes place in a pool containing 1.5 million gallons of water. Four hydraulically-actuated lifts raise and lower the four-piece stage which measures 3, 650 square feet.

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Custom Scissor Lift

  • Type: Multi Stage Lift
  • Travel: 168"
  • Capacity: 20,000 lbs

The hydraulic lift had to be housed within an external steel infrastructure in order to handle the aggressive movement of the monster plus the variable effects of wind and weather. Kickers were also embedded into the concrete shell to handle the extreme loads. The lift offers 20, 000 lbs. dynamic capacity with 168" of vertical travel.

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Aerospace Engine Heavy Duty Lift

  • Model: Heavy Duty Lift for Aerospace Engine Test Cell
  • Type: Multi Stage Lift
  • Dimensions: 530" × 288" × 226

Handling Specialty was approached by an internationally-recognized aerospace company (and previous customer) to design and manufacture a heavy duty, long-lasting, explosion proof custom engineered scissor lift for use in a jet engine test cell. The lift is being used to load new jet engines into a test cell for testing and to safely and reliably move personnel and equipment around the jet engine.

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Aerospace Custom Scissor test Platform lift

  • Model: Test Platform with Custom Scissor Lifts for Aeros
  • Type: Carrier
  • Actuation: Hydraulic
  • Dimensions: 720" × 754"

A jet engine test facility in Mississippi required custom equipment that could be used to simulate the ground (such as a landing strip) at various heights during jet engine testing. To fully meet the customer’s needs, Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured a “ground plane simulator” that is used during outdoor jet engine testing, and can be towed inside and stored when not in use.

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Automotive Marriage Line Custom Personnel Lift

  • Type: Carrier
  • Dimensions: 74" × 42"
  • Travel: 66"
  • Capacity: 750 lbs

One of the original “Big Three” North American automakers approached Handling Specialty because it needed an ergonomic, clean and safe employee lift for its drivetrain and chassis marriage line. Because of the application, a precise and smooth motion was essential.

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Jet Engine Test Cell Lift

  • Type: Multi Stage Lift
  • Actuation: Hydraulic
  • Dimensions: 393" × 216"
  • Capacity: 40,000 lbs.

In order to conduct tests on jet engines, Handling Specialty manufactured this custom jet engine test cell for an aircraft manufacturer located in northern Russia. The test cell comes with two (2) hydraulically-actuated pit mounted scissor lifts under a main platform. Removable guard rails with hinged forward and side sections create gates, permitting easy access for workers, and the loadingunloading of tools and other equipment onto the platform.

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Locomotive Engine Personnel lifting Platform

  • Type: Carrier
  • Dimensions: 190" × 56"
  • Capacity: 4,000 lbs.

Handling Specialty designed and manufactured six (6) personnel lifts for an international locomotive engine manufacturer in the USA. The lifts are operated in pairs (with the engine in the center) and allow technicians to safely and ergonomically position themselves during the assembly process. In addition to the lift raising up and down, the platform is also equipped with five (5) sliding extensions that allow technicians to move closer to the engine. The extensions, which are controlled by an electric cylinder with a brake, are 35" wide and can extend 21", with a capacity of 300 lbs.

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Explosion Proof Paint Booth Lifts

  • Type: Other
  • Actuation: Belt
  • Dimensions: 120" × 48" × 366

Handling Specialty was approached by an international aerospace company to custom engineer and manufacture multi-axis paint booth gantries for three paint booths. The gantries are designed to hold two paint technicians and paint equipment, are were custom engineered and manufactured to be safe, reliable, efficient, ergonomic and highly manouverable in an aerospace industry paint booth. These lifts were also engineered and manufactured to Class 1 Div 1 specifications.

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Self Propelled Personnel Lifts

  • Type: Vertical Assembly Station
  • Dimensions: 114" × 72"
  • Capacity: 1,500 lbs

Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a set of four self-propelled personnel lifts (carts) equipped with anti-collision sensors to be used to position personnel along the span of an airplane wing to complete various assembly processes.

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