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Other Products / Services

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of UlcerCare, Thera Cane, ResMed masks, shoulder brace and Sheer Therapy.

Patient Turner

  • Shape U-handle.

Turner reduces the risk of falling, and it also allows the caregiver to work in an ergonomically correct position. Only the height of the handle and the lower leg support needs adjusting. It is easy to bring or push out of the way when not in use, just tilt it on the castors and it will run smoothly on any surface. Turner should only be used for persons who can adequately bear weight and thus stand with support. Safe for the care recipient and easy on the caregivers back Many often feel unsafe when being assisted from their bed to the wheelchair, and caregivers are subject to strain when assisting with the transfer. With Turner, both the assisted person and the caregiver feel safe and the transfer is perfomed with ease. Turner comes in two models, with Oval or U-handle. Anti-slide protection: For correct and secure positioning of the feet when standing up. Adjustable knee-supports: Height-adjustable with one hand. Automatic angle adjustment. Height-adjustable framework: The framework is straight and height-adjustable. The caregiver takes hold of the upper handle with both hands and puts his or her foot on the pedal. The patient uses the lower handle to help himher stand up while the caregiver uses his her counterweight.

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door openers

Power Access is a Connecticut manufacturer of automatic door openers that are designed to assist the handicapped through side hinged doors. For over thirty years, Power Access has manufactured automatic door openers and related door controls to help those handicapped and others who need assistance through doors with side hinges. To date, many thousands of Power Access door openers have been built and installed throughout the USA and Canada. Wheelchair and scooter users are now able to open their doors to independence with ease and economy. Installation of a Power Access automatic door opener unit is usually quite simple. However, an extensive network of dealers who are familiar with the Power Access door opener is also available to select the proper unit for the application, install it and back it up with service, if needed.

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Nufoot Mary Janes & Slipper

Neoprene manmade sole NuFoot neoprene Mary Jane shoes offer barefoot, non-skid, water-resistant comfort Many styles and colors to choose from in store

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Self Wipe Bathroom Toliet Aid

  • rotating handle 9 3/4

Superior smooth rounded design provides more comfort than other devices and allows for accurate placement and pressure Comfortable and easy to use hygiene aid makes post-toilet cleaning possible The rotating handle (9 34 ) allows the desired amount of toilet tissue to be rolled Made of sturdy autoclavable plastic

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Deluxe Reacher

  • width 5 lbs. and up to 4.5"

Strong sensitive fingers for extra wide grasp. Lift objects up to 5 lbs. and up to 4.5" wide yet as small as a dime. New nimble, matching blue silicone cups are flexible enough to pick up items off the floor as small as a dime, yet strong enough to handle a large can of soup or box of cereal. Cups are odorless, will not scuff floor, shoes or cabinets, and are heat resistant to 500°F. Comfortable pistol grip. Pick up objects without twisting your wrist. Strong 4-finger trigger.SAF-T-LOK (with onoff lever). Use it to lock onto items without maintaining grasp on the trigger.

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Sheepskin Pelt

Many colors to choose from in all our store locations. Medical sheepskin pelt can provide a greatly improved quality of life to those confined to one position for long periods of time. Enhancing the level of comfort for everyday sleeping, sitting, commuting or just relaxing. Sheepskin's natural fibres move with your body eliminating irritating pressure points and allow you to enjoy life to its maximum. As well as providing a luxurious soft feel against your skin due to the natural lanolin in wool.

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1" Round Nose Crook

  • colors 14k gold

Round nose crook handle hospital cane, 1" diameter hardwood shaft, 36" long wrubber tip. Extra sturdy. Available in five fashion colors with 14k gold plate band.Round nose crook handle hospital cane, 1" diameter hardwood shaft, 36" long wrubber tip. Extra sturdy. Available in five fashion colors with 14k gold plate band.

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Jolastic Washing Solution

olastic Washing Solution is specially formulated for elastic garments to remove soil body acids and skin salts quickly and easily without damage to the fabric.olastic Washing Solution is specially formulated for elastic garments to remove soil body acids and skin salts quickly and easily without damage to the fabric.

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JOBST® UlcerCARE helps heal venous leg ulcers. Designed specifically to help manage venous leg ulcers, JOBST®UlcerCARE gives you freedom from weekly bandaging visits. JOBST® UlcerCARE is a two-stocking system providing a liner and zippered compression stocking. Together they supply the gradient compression needed for a venous ulcer to heal. Light compression liner stocking holds dressing in place, helps the zippered compression stocking slide on easier, and can be worn day and night Open toe outer stocking with zipper is easy to put on Soft yarns for more comfort Reciprocated heel for better fit and wear Wear with your regular clothing and footwear Allows for daily bathing

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Sheer Therapy

  • Colors Black, Navy, Tan

15-20 mm Hg Lite Support, Graduated Compression Unique patterned design in a compression sock Super soft microfibers Attractive for dress or casual wear Two different patterns to choose from Comfortable balloon toe and heel pocket Turned welt, non-binding top band Colors: Black, Navy, Tan

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Pocket Chamber

A compact valved chamber for enhancing medication delivery with an MDI (meter dose inhaler) Unique, compact, patented holding chamber device for enhancing medication delivery to patients with treatment regimens utilizing metered dose inhalers (MDI)

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Acapella Cough Assist

Acapella® combines the benefits of both PEP therapy and airway vibrations to mobilize pulmonary secretions and can be used in virtually any spatial orientation. Patients are free to sit, stand or recline. It improves clearance of secretions, is easier to tolerate than CPT, takes less than half the time of conventional CPT sessions* and facilitates opening of airways in patients with lung diseases with secretory problems (COPD, asthma, Cystic Fibrosis). Color-coded units (green for high-flow, blue for low) help customize treatment based on clinical needs. You can adjust acapella's frequency and flow resistance simply by turning an adjustment dial.

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DreamStation CPAP humdifier

DreamStation CPAP, w humdifier Rediscover Dreams Offers a sleek, low-profile design. Its vibrant color screen features easy-to-use menus. CPAP features: C-Flex, SmartRamp, Basic AHILeak reporting, Standard integrated Bluetooth. Key Benefits: Intutitive menu system Ambient light sensor Daily progress feedback Top-mounted hose outlet Detachable humidifier Simplified design water chamber Two-step air filtration system SD cards and compliance codes Integrated Bluetooth

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DreamStation BiPAP Medical Package

DreamStation BiPAP Pro Rediscover Dreams Offers a sleek, low-profile design. Its color screen features easy-to-use menus. Features: C-Flex, C-Flex+, Bi-Flex, SmartRamp, EZ-Start, CPAP-Check, Advanced event detection, Waveform data, Standard integrated Bluetooth Key Benefits: Intutitive menu system Ambient light sensor Daily progress feedback Top-mounted hose outlet Detachable humidifier Simplified design water chamber Two-step air filtration system SD cards and compliance codes Integrated Bluetooth

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CPAP Mask Wipes

Clean your mask the quick and easy way. No more washing or soaking equipment. Contour CPAP Mask Wipes effectively remove dirt, grease, oils and other organic residue from your mask without the use of harmful chemicals. Our natural formula keeps your equipment clean and fresh. Available in unscented and citrus scented varieties.

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CPAP Mask Spray Cleaner

CPAP mask clean the safe and easy way! Brand new! Try the CPAP Mask Cleaner by Contour Products in new 8 oz. convenient spray bottle. This spray is great for everyday cleaning of CPAP and BiPAP masks and equipment. It contains only natural ingredients, it's gentle on your hands and face and is super fast. Alcohol Free Latex Free No Animal Testing Contour CPAP Mask Spray contain only natural ingredients Suitable for daily cleaning of CPAP masks, tubing and accessories Safe and Effective Alcohol and latex free Gentle on hands and face Contains 8 oz - perfect for home and travel! Contains 100% natural cleansers derived from coconut and other plant extracts.

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Amara View

The Amara View's incredible under the nose design makes it the only full face mask that won't cause red marks on the bridge of your nose when compared to other Full Face Masks. Amara View is also the smallest, lightest and has the widest field of vision of all leading full face masks. It's easy to wear glasses, read, watch TV, and use a computer or tablet before falling asleep.

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Respironics Amara

The Respironics Amara View CPAP Mask is a minimal contact full face mask with an innovative design that prevents red marks, discomfort or skin irritation on the nose bridge and surrounding area. The Amara View is smallest and lightest of all the leading full-face masks. This technology driven mask covers less of a patient’s face unlike the industry’s leading full face masks. With a wide field of vision the Respironics Amara View Full Face Mask and Headgear is the perfect and ONLY full face mask designed for reading, watching television, and wearing your eyeglasses. Minimal contact full face mask Lightweight and compact Vision friendly Easy fitting and adjusting

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The Quattro

  • Series FX

The Quattro™ FX provides the coverage and stability of a traditional full face mask with a clear field of vision so you can focus on better things, like sleeping comfortably through the night. Unobstructed view, compact, lightweight and quiet. ResMed quality you can trust.

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ResMed masks

The Quattro FX represents a new design element for ResMed masks. With no forehead support to obstruct views, patients can read in bed or watch television to fall asleep. No forehead support doesn't mean no support, however. New technologies in the Spring Air™ cushion and Spring frame give the stability and adjustment provided by a conventional forehead support. The high-tech Spring Air cushion distributes pressure evenly and absorbs even the slightest user movements, so users can enjoy a good night’s sleep confident that their seal is safe.

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Resmed AirFit masks

  • Series F10

The mask is small, lightweight and provides a clear line of sight while you’re wearing it. With only four parts it’s easy to take apart, clean and reassemble. Quick-release elbow allows you to disconnect mask from tubing in one click. The dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion provides a comfortable and secure seal for better performance. The SoftEdge™ headgear features slimmed-down straps for greater comfort and fewer facial marks. Circular diffused venting gently directs exhaled air away for a peaceful sleeping environment.

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ResMed AirFit Nasal Pillows Syste

  • Series P10

his nasal pillow mask from ResMed known as The AirFit™ P10, believe it or not, weighs in at just 1.6 ounces! It is now one of the lightest and quietest masks on the market now with its very unique mesh diffuser vent known as QuietAir™. It is considered to be 50% lighter and 50% quieter than its predecessor, the Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow System. Recent studies performed by ResMed show that patients are complying easily and actually sleeping longer while using the AirFit™ P10.

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Pro Combo

Precision Crafted Manometer Exceeds Industry Standards for Accuracy Adcuff with proprietary size chart Color coordinated matching professional stethoscope Color-matched dual pocket carry case Extended Calibration Warranty Latex-Free Variety of Colors

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ADSCOPE Sprague Scope

  • fittings 5

5 interchangeable chestpiece fittings Patented valve mechanism eliminates acoustic leakage Outstanding acoustics Deluxe Adsoft Eartips Accessory kit contains spare diaphragms, eartips, and bell chestpieces Inspected and packaged in the USA Large variety of colors to choose from

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  • design classic

You cannot go wrong with our classic wing-tips. Lightweight outsole, fine leather interiors and hand burnished finishes. All day comfort is now yours with this traditional classic design. Available in Black or Chestnut.

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This is a true lightweight cross-trainer that adds a unique arch stabilizer for enhanced support. This shoe is perfect for the active man that needs a shoe that can stand up to premium performance needs.

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Bunion Guard

Cushions bunions for instant relief from pressure & friction - Proprietary Visco-Gel® releases mineral oil onto skin surface to soothe, soften - Soft, flexible pad cushions tender joint - Thin design fits comfortably in most shoes - Washable, reusable, effective for months

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layer Toe Separators

Absorb pressure and friction. Relieve pinching and cramping and irritations. Separate and align crooked, overlapping toes. Soothe between-toe corns. Soft polyfoam construction.

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Heel Straights

Properly position and stabilize heels to relieve excess pressure on feet, ankles, knees and back Control pronation to ease arch strain Help feet feel and function better Help support flat feet Help reduce uneven shoe wear

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Salter AIRE Plus compressor

Salter AIRE Plus compressor The Salter AIRE Plus® is a durable, reliable and easy to use compressor. Aerosol delivery using the Salter AIRE Plus® compressor combined with a Salter NebuTech® HDN® or Salter 8900 Series Small Volume Jet Nebulizer provides quick, efficient and convenient delivery of aerosolized medication, minimizing medication waste and increasing patient compliance

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shoulder brace

  • Colors WHITE

back and holding them in the proper position. This posture control shoulder brace is designed to gently keep the shoulders back for proper posture control. Designed for both men and women. This brace is made from high quality canvas with a soft cotton lining. Four stays on the back panel provide extra support. Cotton covered foam on the shoulder straps gives added comfort. *Helps relieve upper back pain by reducing strain *Foam padded side straps to tighten and pull back shoulders *Minimize a "stooped" posture often associated with mild osteoporosis *High quality canvas back with a soft cotton lining *Can be worn comfortably under clothing *Four aluminum stays

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Cock up - Wrist Splint

Durable, canvas construction with malleable aluminum palmer stayLace closure for ease of application. A doctor's favorite Ideal for post-fracture casting, wrist sprainsstrains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Thumb Spica Soft Fit

The FLA Orthopedics Thumb Spica Soft Fit Wrist Brace provides immobilization of the thumb and wrist. The FLA Orthopedic Thumb Spica Soft Fit is a universal wrist brace which immobilizes the thumb and wrist but allows full use of the fingers. The adjustable compression straps provide custom fit. Provides immobilization of the thumb and wristComfortable and lightweightAllows for full use of fingers. Adjustable compression straps.

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Cast Protectors

CURAD® Cast Protectors CURAD® Cast Protectors are ideal for keeping cast, bandages or wounds dry while showering. Its unique patented design allows for easy one hand application and eliminates the need for tapes or straps. Available in both youth and adult sizes.

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Oxlife Independence

The Oxlife Independence by O2 Concepts is a One Solution portable oxygen concentrator (POC) with both patients and providers in mind. This highly mobile 3 liter portable concentrator has both continuous flow (1-3 LPM) and pulse mode settings (0.5 – 6). With a uniquely robust magnesium case and patent pending ESA technology, it is the perfect One Solution for oxygen patients worldwide. The Oxlife Independence has a unique integrated cart that allows it to be the mostagile and smallest product in its category along with a user friendly control panel to alleviate patient confusion. The Oxlife Independence can be powered by rechargeable battery(s), AC, and DC power on ALL settings.

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Simply Go Portable Concentrator

  • Warranty 5

At just 10-pounds SimplyGo is the lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) on the market to offer both Continuous Flow and Pulse-Dose oxygen delivery. SimplyGo's non-clinical style and ease-of-use make it a great solution for oxygen therapy whether you use it 24-hours a day or just when you're on the go. Ruggedly built and rigorously tested SimplyGo is proudly made in the USA and is approved by the FAA for use on all commercial flights originating or landing within the US. RUGGEDNESS REDEFINED When it comes to toughness, SimplyGo is no pushover. With a long-life compressor, high-quality parts, a high-impact resistant design, and oversized cart wheels, the SimplyGO POC is built to set new standards of ruggedness. During development, SimplyGo was rigorously tested and subjected to extreme conditions including drops, impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to ensure reliable performance day in and day out. SimplyGo is proudly built to last in the USA at Philips Respironics award-winning manufacturing plant in Kennesaw GA and includes an extended 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Respironics Homefill Package

An advanced home oxygen system that combines a stationary oxygen concentrator the EverFlow Q with OPI and the UltraFill filling station with 2 high-capacity 3, 000 PSIcylinders any size, the Bonsai Conserver by Chad and a shoulder bag. Thus meeting the needs of people requiring Oxygen at home and on the go. The 3000 PSI Cylinders allows for 40%added duration with smaller size cylinders without compromising your freedom to go when and where you want to go. Another convenience of the UltraFill home oxygen system is that it allows you to fill tanks and receive oxygen therapy simultaneously. ** While filling, 3 LPM of oxygen is available from the EverFlow Q and up to 5 LPM when Not filling. With a FULL 3 Year Parts Labor Warranty on the Entire System.

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Natural Pain Relieving Gel Relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis and simple backaches. Absorbs quickly with a refreshing orange scent. Unique warming and cooling ingredients. Alcohol free, non-greasy, non-staining. Animal free. Made in the USA. Sombra’s Original Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel has become one of the leading topical analgesics in the market today. Great for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains, the gel, which has a refreshing orange-citrus aroma to it, is a perfect compliment to your practice.

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The AmeriGlide Stairlift incorporates a long list of innovative features into a compact design that is perfect for almost any staircase. This innovative model can also be installed on steep staircases with an angle of up to 55 degrees. Other features include: a digital diagnostic display, comfortable chair seat, and a lap belt. All these cutting-edge details combine to create the most powerful, comfortable and convenient model on the market. Call today to speak with a stairlift expert and place your order and start enjoying greater safety and mobility in your home.

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Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee apparel has been known for comfort and fashion since 1972. This ready-to-wear heritage shapes the way we approach designing and manufacturing medical uniforms and accessories; it has helped our brand become the overwhelming favorite of healthcare workers everywhere. Cherokee is dedicated to bringing fashion, comfort and quality—as well as a little more style and personality—to uniforms without sacrificing the functionality you need to do your job. Each season, we take pride in offering: New Designs: We bring fashion-forward styles from ready-to-wear to uniforms.New Fabrications: Cherokee seeks the best fabrics and apparel technology for our collections to meet the specific needs of nurses and healthcare workers: comfort, durability, softness, stretch, moisture wicking and easy care. Fashion Prints: Our designers create a broad array of exclusive designs, from florals to geometrics to conversational prints, taking inspiration from fashion runways around the world. We also work with artists and guest designers to offer unique fashion prints from their original artwork.Fun and Warmth: Through our Tooniforms collection, we have the industry's foremost collection of world-famous characters, including Disney, SpongeBob SquarePants, Looney Tunes, Hello Kitty, Dr. Seuss, Marvel Comics, Betty Boop, Blues Clues and more. Outstanding Quality: We work with a nationwide panel of nurses who give us feedback on new products and industry trends. All of our garments are tested to meet the highest quality standards before they are manufactured.No uniform is complete without the most important comfort element — shoes. Cherokee footwear is designed specifically for healthcare workers, combining the most advanced comfort technologies with great fashion to give you exceptional support and comfort through your longest shifts. Cherokee is owned by Strategic Partners, Inc. (SPI), a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of medical uniforms, medical footwear and school uniforms. Established in 1995, Strategic Partners is the company behind market-leading Cherokee and Dickies medical apparel, footwear and accessories. SPI's corporate offices and design studio are in Chatsworth, California.

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Thera Cane

The Thera Cane is a self-massage device uniquely designed to apply pressure to sore muscles and trigger points anywhere on your body.

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Guardian Envoy rollator

  • Series 460

Basket and seat are standard Lightweight, anodized aluminum frame Loop style brakes easily lock wheels while seated Padded seat and backrest provide comfort

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Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker

  • Colors Red, Black, Blue, White.

Attractive, Euro-style design with aluminum frame; Brake cable inside frame for added safety; Handle height easily adjusts with unique push button Clamp (included) holds the Nitro closed when frame is folded; Back support height easily adjusts with tool-free thumb screw Seat with fold-up handle is durable and comfortable; Cross brace design allows for side-to-side folding and added stability Frame can be folded with one hand for ultra compact storage and portability; Comes with removable carry pouch Large 10" front casters for easy maneuverability and indoor or outdoor use; Caster fork design enhances turning radius. Many colors to choose from: Red, Black, Blue, White.

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PASSPORT Wireless Remote

Make use of the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift even easier with the PASSPORT® Wireless Remote which allows operating the PASSPORTfrom remote locations i.e. inside your house or vehicle. To provide you all the versatility and coverage you need the PASSPORT® Wireless Remote and the CallSend Control option can be used together.

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PASSPORT Platform Weather Guard

Enhance your PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift with the PASSPORT® Platform Weather Guard which helps keep the Safety Pan free of debris. Durable The PASSPORT® Platform Weather Guard is made of durable EPDM materials. Installs quickly The PASSPORT® Platform Weather Guard installs quickly by simply clipping onto the safety pan.

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PASSPORT Platform Safety Rail

The PASSPORT® Platform Safety Rail is designed exclusively for the purpose of providing additional personal stability while standing on the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift. When used with a Straight Platform the PASSPORT® Platform Safety Rail can be installed on either the front or rear platform guard wall. When used with our 90° Turn Platform the Platform Safety Rail must be installed on the rear guard wall.

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PASSPORT Interlock

The PASSPORT® Interlock a safety device is intended to prevent an existing door from being opened thereby restricting access to the PASSPORT® Top Landing Gate when the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift is in the down position.

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