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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Slurry Pumps, Oil Service Hose, Eagle Pump, Water Suction Hose and Pacific Echo General Water suction Hose.

Slurry Pumps

Made from high quality steel materials and featuring heavy duty wear resistant impellers, these submersible pumps are designed to tackle the toughest conditions. BJM Slurry pump - The perfect solution for sand, sludge, and slurry removal.

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Oil Service Hose

  • Temperature: -40° to +180° F.

Application: Heavy duty, multi-purpose suction and discharge hose Designed specifically for transferring petroleum products to and from tankers, barges and storage tanks. Exclusive construction allows for excellent flexibility for handling ease. Specially formulated tube is resistant up to 50% aromatics. Rugged all weather cover is resistant to oil, cuts, gouges, scuffs, and ozone attack Available in smooth or corrugated construction with built-in or swaged end styles Meets all U.S. Coast Guard requirements for Dock O.S. & D. hose

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Eagle Pump

  • Temperature: -13°F to + 158°F -25°C to + 70°C

Application: Water suction and discharge in industrial and construction services ISO 1307 Transfer Tape Embossed

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Water Suction Hose

  • Temperature -22F to 176F

Application: T202AA - 150 PSI EPDM Multi-Purpose Water Suction Hose Suction and delivery of non-corrosive liquids for irrigation, construction, fertilizers and lasso acid solutions

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Pacific Echo General Water suction Hose

  • Temperature -10F to 130F
  • Lengths 3/4" thru 6" 100ft. 8" 20 ft 25 ft and 30 ft
  • Category PVC Special Green Standard Suction Hose

Application: General suction for water and light chemical solutions. Excellent blend of economy and quality. Smooth interior prevents material blockage.

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Purpose Hose

  • Temperature -22F to 176F
  • Lengths: 20, 25, 30, 50, 100 feet: 6" 20, 25, 50 feet: 8" 20 feet: 10"

Application: Suction and delivery of non-corrosive liquids for irrigation, construction, fertilizers and lasso acid solutions

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small Range Pumps

The new Atlas Copco WEDA Small Range pumps are portable, light weight and easily maintained. They provide fast and efficient dewatering for a wide variety of applications. These new WEDA pumps are ideal for customers in the construction and rental industries, where small, lightweight, portable and easily maintained pumps are required to perform daily, yet ever-demanding dewatering jobs quickly.

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Driven Submersible Pumps

  • Pump Power H8TPC-D10
  • Standard Engine John Deere 4045TF280
  • Inlet Size 8"

Standard Features: Water cooled diesel engine Automatic engine shutdowns Automatic shutdowns Highway trailer with 60 hour fuel tank and adjustable leveling legs Lifting frame Accessible spin on hydraulic filters Hoses with quick couplings 12 Volt battery Biodegradable vegetable oil Optional Features: Automatic engine oiler Oil cooler Electric motor Benefits: SELF PRIMING: No priming required so you don't have to worry about weekend & midnight shutdowns caused by lost prime due to vacuum leaks or mechanical failure of priming system RUN DRY CAPABILITIES: Can run dry indefinitely; suction lift pumps will suffer extensive damage if run dry which may result from a loss of prime or the pump can cycle excessively causing excessive wear to priming system components VERTICAL LIFT: HDS pumps are the best choice for applications where a suction lift pump would require more than 15' of lift SAFE, CONVENIENT SET-UP AND FUELING: Power unit can be safely & conveniently located up to 100 yards from the pump for fueling and high and dry with less danger of "washing-in" SOLID HANDLING CAPABILITY: Our submersible pumps will pass up to 4" solids MORE TOLERANT OF IMPELLER WEAR: Performance of submersible pump impellers less problematic that self priming suction pumps which rely on close fitting parts for good suction

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Holland Electric

  • Model H8TP-E60
  • Max Solid 4"
  • MAX Flow 2750

Holland Pump manufactures electric driven pumps for all of our pump families including Hydraulic Submersible, Axial Flow, Prime 3 Suction Lift, Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe (Wellpoint), and High Pressure (Jet) pumps. We can provide quotations for custom electric driven equipment as well. Pump systems are available with across-the-line start, softstart, accumulators, VFD’s, and a variety of other add-ons.

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Axial Flow Pumps

  • Holland Model A14000-D12
  • Power Unit D12-6068HF285
  • Max Head 26'+ TDH

Standard Features: Special Hydraulic Motor provides bearing lubrication Cast steel bearing tube, oil bath lube for pump bearings 316 stainless steel pump shaft, longer pump life Two sets of tapered roller bearings, handles thrust loads Replaceable stainless steel wear rings, easy rebuild Cast bronze propeller, uniform performance. Cast stainless steel optional Lifting eye, easily setup or moved Self-cleaning inlet screen, keeps out debris Spin on hydraulic connections, fast setup Replaceable stainless steel wear ring Cast bronze propeller (cast stainless steel optional) uniform performance Lifting eye easily setup or moved Self-cleaning inlet screen keeps out debris Spin on hydraulic connections fast setup Motor induction bell means no wasted horsepower Water cooled diesel engine Automatic engine shutdowns Automatic hydraulic shutdowns Optional Features: Auto-start and stop Automatic engine oiler Biodegradable vegetable oil Hydraulic oil cooler Electric motor Benefits: Eliminates priming problems which means you don't have to worry about weekend and midnight shutdowns caused by lost prime Can run dry indefinitely. Some Suction Lift pumps will suffer extensive damage if run dry which may result from a loss of prime or a dry hole Power unit can be safely and conveniently located up to 100 yards from the pump. Suction pumps must be staged in close proximity to the work Low cost per gallon transferred compared to suction pumps

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Suction Lift Pumps

  • Model H8TP-D8-SS
  • Pump Size 8"
  • Solid Size 4

After many years of trial and error, Holland Pump's sound attenuation capabilities have evolved to the point that we can confidently say we are a leader within our industry. In fact, we have had customers drive competitors to listen to our equipment and report our competitors were disbelief that the pump was actually running until they opened the doors on the job site. Demand the quietest and most rugged modular built sound canopies that will yield years of demanding service. Features & Benefits Quiet - Our SuperSilent pumps are extremely quiet (67 dba @ 23' under full load). Your thoughtfulness in using our Super Silenced pumps will be rewarded with compliments from neighbors instead of noise complaints Sturdy - Our A-36 solid steel enclosure is built strong to stand the rigors of constant moving. Many competitors sell fragile, thin aluminum enclosures designed for a one time move to a permanent site Lockable - Our enclosure is lockable, discouraging vandalism and petty theft Environmentally Friendly - The base collects fuel and oil drips from the system for safe disposal Better Priming - Our SuperSilent pumps feature our unique PRIME 3 priming system that includes a 50 cfm diaphragm vacuum pump. Our major competitors use a 15 cfm compressor pump. Because our pumps have 3 times the prime they prime earlier and are more forgiving of small air leaks on the suction side. There is no oil from a compressor to contaminate your job site. Pumps can be run dry indefinitely. Lastly, the system is simple, reliable and easy to repair Enclosure Specifications Operating Sound Reduction: 57-68 dBA at 23 ft. in accordance with the Standard Contractors Pump Bureau Method Enclosure: Steel construction, removable in one piece for ease of maintenance Stainless steel accessories including bolt on, lift off hinges Base: Environmentally safe spill containment type base Sound Insulation: Fire resistant to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit Lifting Access: External lifting bail, integral forklift pockets Optional Features Auto Start and Stop Automatic engine oiler TwinPrime for 100 cfm capacity. Great for wellpointing Hans Pump Monitoring System Stainless Steel impeller Road or site trailer

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Lansas Pipe

Lansas Products, manufactured by Vanderlans & Sons, Inc., offers a complete line of Inflatable and Mechanical Pipe Plugs used for testing pipe, blocking and bypassing flow. Their single sized and multi-sized sewer plugs are made from nylon re-enforced natural rubber. We also manufacture a complete line of Joint Testers, High Pressure Plugs and Air Testing Equipment (Smart Box and Smart Box JR.) and Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment. In addition, Lansas is a MASTER DISTRIBUTOR for HURCO Technologies which allows them to provide Hydrostatic Test Pumps, Smoke Testing Systems, Deflection Gauges, RIPCORD Ventilators and Tagline Stringers. The Lansas line of pipe plugs offer more plugging and bypassing options than any other manufacturer today. If you need to block or bypass a sanitary sewer, Holland Pump has a pipe plug for your application.

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Holland Pump rents and sells Schedule 40 Plain End and Belled End pipe from 2" to 12" and Dresser Couplings and related pipe fittings including elbows, tees, and reducer fittings. Style 40 Long Couplings also provide a simple and effective method of joining pipe when gaps in pipe ends are wider than ordinary. Style 40 couplings are similar in construction to Style 38 couplings except that middle rings are longer and have a larger belly diameter. Though longer, they absorb the same amount of expansion and contraction as the Style 38 coupling, up to 38″ per joint. Available in 12″ thru 24″ steel pipe sizes.

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Tanks Boxes

Holland 18, 000 gal tank pictured above with full length stationary stairway, 3 man ways on top, and front and side man ways Holland Pump has tanks in several sizes which can be plumbed with any required fittings for your application: 500 gal 1000 gal 5000 gal 18, 000 gal

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high temperature pumps

Some applications require special pumps requiring handling liquids up to 200 degrees F. This is where the BJM FAHRENHEIT™ pumps come in to play. BJM’s high temperature submersible pumps are available for hot temperature dewatering, waste water pumping, sump dewatering, solids handling and slurry applications.

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drain covers

Materials: 18, 22, 30 oz. PVC, 40 oz. urethane Fills with water Easy to use fillclosure valve Sizes: 2'x2', 3'x3', 4'x4', 5'x5', 6'x6' Custom sizes available Husky drain covers are designed as a bladder to be filled with water and placed over a sewer or storm drain in order to eliminate any toxic waste or hazardous materials from entering the sewer or storm drain systems. They come in several sizes and can be custom built to your size requirements.

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Fuel Bladder Tanks

34" Outlet (ball valve) up to 4" Can install any type and size of fittings that may be required Pressure relief valve (if required) Reinforced flange areas Heavy-duty D-rings for securing the bladder Fuel Bladders can be used for many applications. From boat bladders for long deep sea excursions, to agricultural fuel storage, to large quantity industrial fuel storage, Husky can meet your fuel storage needs.

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oil booms

Heavy Duty PVC Material All Stainless Steel Hardware Aluminum Extrusion Connectors Husky Oil Boom is a common answer to oil spill and debris containment in bodies of water, large and small. Our boom is designed without compromise. All sizes are designed to be towed and spread quickly in emergency response situations.

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Closure Valve Water Dikes

Materials: 22, 30 oz. PVC, 40 oz. Urethane Fills with water Easy to use FillClosure Valve Water Dikes are designed as a 6" diameter tube with various lengths to be filled with water and used as a diverter to keep wash down waste or spill waste from entering the aisle ways of a shop or the storm and sewer systems.

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frac tanks

Much higher storage capacities than steel ( 50, 000 gallon pillow tank can store over 1, 100 barrels) Extremely economical at less than half the cost of steel Minimal trucking cost with no permits required and multiple tanks can be on one truck Husky's flexible portable pillow tanks can be used for many industrial pumping, commercial and oilfield fracking operations. These tanks present a more efficient and economical alternative to steel tanks. Husky Frac tanks have many applications in the oil field with capabilities of storing large amounts of water, brine, and oil.

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bladder tanks

25 gallon to 50, 000 gallon Materials: 22 oz., 30 oz., PVC, all XR materials, all urethanes including MIL spec NSF 61 (potable for drinking water), food grade (wines, juices, vegetable oils, molasses, etc.), gray water, black water, diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline, chemicals Bladder tanks range in size from 5 to 20, 000 gallons and are the perfect answer to all your liquid storage, containment and transportation needs. All Husky bladder tanks are air pressure tested before shipping, are easy to handle, and fold down for compact, easy storage.

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Bauer Fittings Pipe

Galvanized couplings have proven more efficient than the fittings which were previously used in many industrial applications. The design and performance of the galvanized couplings far surpasses that of cam-lock, groove and threaded or pin-lug style fittings. Consider the advantages: Vacuum sealing O-rings help pumps prime faster and perform at their designed flow rates with no leaks, even at high pressure ratings 30-degree articulation at every coupling allows quicker, easier and more flexible set-up. Perfect alignment is not necessary to make the connection, so less time is needed for set-up and removal Unlike cam-lock or threaded pin-lug fittings, galvanized couplings are not hindered by sand, mud, and grit. No cleaning necessary! Sealing O-ring seats securely within the lip of the socket and will not fall out and become lost as with flat gaskets of the other couplings Galvanised couplings & pipe are made of heavy-duty steel, X-ray welded and hot-dip galvanized to stand up to the abuse in the field. Replacement costs are reduced considerably! Available in 2” through 12” product line provides a complete selection of pipe elbow bends, Ts, Ys, reducers and increasers and modular step bows for almost any system configuration Polyron™HPDE transition fittings are a revolutionary patent-pending technology that fully encapsulates metal with HDPE. Polyron creates a transition fitting that eliminates leak paths between metal and HDPE piping systems, maximizes stem retention, smoothes the transition from metal connections to HDPE, and minimizes friction loss at the transition point. Polyron is significantly lighter than any other HDPE transition fittings on the market today. Polyron has been developed and tested for over three years to create the next generation of HDPE transition fittings. The precision hole pattern in the metal shank is machined to optimize the strength of the bond with HDPE. The HDPE resin is allowed to bond with itself as it is injected through the hole pattern. Once it cools, the HDPE completely encapsulates the metal shank. Their innovative design allows the Polyron™HPDE transition fitting to be up to 50% lighter than any other transition fitting, meets or exceeds pressure and temperature ratings of HDPE pipe, eliminates leak paths created by torquing, bending or pressure loading and prevents thermal expansion and contraction problems at transition joints.

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Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized pipe is built to the standards required for suction and discharge applications found in dewatering, sewer bypass, vac-truck and viscous material handling jobs. With over 40 years of field-tested experience, galvanized pipe matches the industry’s best combination of dependable performance and superior value. A Full vacuum rating (29 Hg) makes this pipe one of the most versatile and durable pipes in the industry. Industrial grade wall thickness ensures pipe will not collapse under vacuum and minimizes transportation damage. An articulating coupling system provides maximum flexibility in system design. No relief valves needed for long discharge systems due to vacuum rating.

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corrosion resistant pumps

All exposed parts to pumped liquids made of 316 Stainless Steel, Noryl or Titanium. Chemical & Corrosion Resistant Pumps are ideal for pumping everything from contaminated, dirty water to corrosive liquids.

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rotary lobe pumps

  • PUMP SIZE 4"

Benefits vs. Competitor Dual Vacuum Wellpoint Pumps Our Rotary Lobe pumps are simple and reliable because the system consists of an engine, a gear reducer, and our LobePro pump end Our Rotary Lobe pumps self-prime to 25’ with a strong vacuum Centrifugal pumps are adversely affected by entrained air, inadequate Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) or by not operating within 10% of their best efficiency point (BEP). In contrast, our pumps will happily pump air and water, have low suction requirements and operation at any points within their operating range is fine Wellpoint applications typically require a pump to maintain a pumpdown condition whereby the system in primarily pumping air Competitor wellpoint pumps featuring dual vacuum pumps with airwater separators are prone to both carryover and failure Other competitors utilize oil flood reciprocating vacuum pumps which are typically capable of 130 CFM for 8” pumps and 270 CFM for 12” pumps. By contrast, our LobePro pump ends are capable of 174 CFM for our W8R 8” pump and 348 CFM for our W12R 12” pump Benefits vs. Competitor Positive Displacement (PV) Rotary Lobe Pumps Long lasting, leak free seals...avoid the dreaded pressure bottle Our seals are simple to install and pressure tested for leaks before shipment Our seals do not require a pressure bottle containing reserve oil seal oil below 100 psi. Pressure bottles are an unnecessary annoyance requiring daily monitoring. We do not use packing which is, of course, designed to leak We use mechanical seals which are designed for extreme shock and vibration Wear parts shipped within 2 working days of order receipt or the Parts are Free! This guarantee applies for 5 years after the purchase of our Rotary Lobe pump Run dry ability - our mechanical seals are oil cooled, permitting limited run-dry operation Special mechanical seals are oil cooled permitting limited dry running Steady, Pulseless flow due to helix, 4 wing lobe design Ease of maintenance Mechanical seals, lobes, and wear plates can be changed on site without disconnecting suction and discharge fittings. No clutches are complicated timing gears to worry about. Simple improvements such as using corrosion resistant bolts, nuts and materials in the wet end which greatly facilitates disassembly Highly experienced staff We have engineers and mechanics in the USA who are here to answer your questions or trouble shoot problems Modern manufacturing facility We have the most modern machining, welding, metal cutting and forming, painting and testing facilities available at our Georgia headquarters to cater to any custom requirements you may have Made in the USA! Our Rotary Lobe pumps are 100% made in the USA which helps us maintain high quality, fast delivery, and good communication

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decontamination pools

Decontamination Pools are easy to use, portable and built to last. All Husky Decontamination Pools are a one-piece construction with no assembly. All Husky Decontamination Pools come standard with 22 oz. pvc. Many other materials are available to meet your requirements. Husky Decontamination Pools can be built to any size requirements – call for more information.

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Dewatering Pumps

Dewatering Pumps, Waste-Water Pumps and Sump Pumps. BJM offers the perfect solution to efficient waste-water pumping, construction site dewatering, effluent dewatering and more. BJM Pumps® provide top performance and excellent quality for a modest investment. BJM Pumps® provides a complete line of standard and specially designed electric submersible pumps - engineered to meet your most stringent requirements. BJM Pumps® also has a complete line of pump accessories such as Guide Rails, Pump Control Systems, Control Panels, and Float Switches to complete your pumping system requirements.

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solids handling pumps

BJM Pumps® solids handling pumps offer long life and trouble free performance. Cutter pumps, Shredder pumps, Vortex pumps, Grinder pumps - BJM pumps has a pump for your application - everything from industrial, domestic, agricultural, to municipal applications.

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Containment Pools

25 – 500 gallons Heavy-duty 18 oz or 22 oz pvc coated vinyl Available in 22 oz. pvc and XR-5 Floatation collar allows for self-rising sides Sets up in seconds Portable containment pools are ideal for small spills and leaks and can be store on your truck or emergency response vehicles. Very easy to use and economical!

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mini basins

Great for small, light-duty secondary containment Spill or drip berms Folds to compact size Heavy-duty PVC One piece construction New economical mini basins are great for smaller containment issues. Keep the environment clean by using our mini basins for small gas-powered equipment, small containers of fuel, oils, solvents, paints and chemicals.

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Proof Shredder Pumps

XP-SK Series: New Product Line from BJM Pumps® Explosion Proof Electric Submersible Pumps with Shredder Action Impellers for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D Hazardous Locations

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Whether you are looking for a drive-through containment berm or a standard recovery berm, you can be assured that when you order a Husky Portable Containment berm, you are getting the easiest to use, most durable product with unparalleled innovations and features. We offer a full line of berms, including our easy-to-use A-Side Pop-up Liberty Series berm and our Aluminum Angle Patriot Series, as well as drive-through berms available in A-Side Wall, Air Wall, Self Rising and Aluminum Angle.

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Black nitrile tube

  • Temperature -20° F (-29°C) to 176°F (+80° C )
  • Weight 0.64

Black nitrile rubber oil – resistant tube Polyester reinforcement-provides working service pressures equal to or higher than most conventional PVC or rubber discharge hoses Black ribbed nitrile rubber cover - provides high resistance to oil, weathering and abrasion Lighter, less bulky than most rubber discharge hoses less weight, easier to handle;stores in less space...provides equal or better pressure handling capacity Unique woven construction and special compounding-resists kinking, stretching and twisting while in service: makes recoiling easier Wide range of applications - Applications include irrigation, agriculture, general watering, dewatering, drainage, pump discharge, flotation booms, cable covering, industrial washdown and general discharge applications

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line pumps

With the ability to handle flows up to 5400 gpm and ranging up to 85 hp, WEDA can meet the demands for a wide variety of applications . Teamed up with the ATLAS COPCO world wide network you can always count on the availabilty of pumps and support, no matter where in the world you are.

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layflat hose

  • Series No. VF150
  • Temperature: -5 F (-20 C) to 170 F (+76 C)

Application: PVC "Layflat" Premium Drip Irrigation & Water Discharge Hose Features and Benefits A premium water discharge hose featuring a balanced polyester yarn spiral wrap, longitudinal strength member, and homogeneous PVC tube and cover Use for general purpose water discharge applications - ideal for use as a drip irrigation supply line Smooth tube provides low friction loss Lays straight with minimal elongation under pressure Hose may be punched easily without tearing for drip irrigation applications Homogeneous tube and cover construction eliminates separation Ultraviolet inhibitors reduce aging and weather checking All hose coils have PVC cores for easier dispensing Hoses coil flat for easy storage

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Kanaflex Kanaline SR Water suction Hose

  • Temperature -13°F to 140°F
  • sizes 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4" and 6"

Application: Water suction and discharge hose for heavy-duty applications requiring combined vacuum and higher working pressures Heavy duty suction and discharge hose for use in fish suction and rentalconstruction pumping Features: Lightweight and flexible External helix provides for easy drag Rated for both suction and discharge Clear sidewall permits visual check of material flow

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