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We offer a complete product range of Die Casting, Lubricant Reciprocating, Die Cast Lube Spray, Die Casting Shot Sleeve Reconditioning and Robotic Work Cells

Lubricant Spray Quick Release

Industrial Innovations Lubricant Spray Quick Release Multi-Connection Manifold enables “one-click” disconnect and connect of multiple hoses to simplify lube line hookup. This helps to reduce changeover time and ensure lubricant spray is applied where intended every time. During die changeover, the operator simply unclicks the quick-disconnect manifold and removes the die. The new die is then put in place and the new manifold plugged in. The operator then loads the part program and spray profile for accurate volume, placement and timing of the lubricant.

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Reclaiming oils instead of disposing just makes environmental and economic sense. Our RECLAIM-PRO coolant purification systems, suited for hydrocarbon or vegetable oils, are known for reducing lubrication requirements by as much as 70% while also decreasing machine downtime. Our solutions rely on polypropylene coalescing plates to separate oil from coolant or water by utilizing the buoyancy of the oil droplets. To ensure the best solution for each application, we employ a proprietary simulation process to custom design each separator. As no absorbents are used, this approach eliminates disposal issues as no absorbents are used as well as delivering 10+ years of field life and easy maintenance.

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Die Casting

In March of 2014, Industrial Innovations purchased Advance Products Corporation’s Automation division. Under the newly-formed Advance Automation LLC, we continue to offer reciprocating die sprayers, spray manifold technology, robot extractors, and servo ladlers at our newly refurbished facility in Grandville, Michigan. As part of Industrial Innovations, with 30+ years of delivering outstanding lubrication management services to the metalworking industries, we can now offer Casting and Forging customers SPRA-RITE PRO-MIX Proportional Mixing Systems and RECLAIM-PRO Reclamation Systems. This expanded product line make Industrial Innovations - manufacturers of Advance Automation, your complete solution for die casting products and fully automated robotic workcells.

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Lubricant Reciprocating

Process consistency is the first step in achieving total quality. Our lubricant spray units are known for their durability, reliability, accuracy, ease of operation and low maintenance costs to help deliver consistent part quality. Our reciprocating sprayers feature a servo motor drive system attached directly to the gear reducer for maximum torque and efficiency. No external valve packages are needed as all air and spray lubrication valving is mounted directly on the sprayer and positioning accuracy of .020 inches provides constant repeatability.

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Die Cast Lube Spray

Proper spraying with the right manifold, spray heads, and nozzles will reduce cycle time and labor and give you more consistent, usable parts. The consistency and repeatability of automatic spraying makes it a key contributor to the efficiency of your production and your bottom line. Available in seven different spray nozzle patterns for precise coverage. Available in either Ejector or Cover Side configurations.

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Die Casting Shot Sleeve Reconditioning

Achieving maximum productivity and quality in the casting process requires consistent movement of the plunger through the shot sleeve. During the molten process the shot sleeves can become distorted, so it’s critical to consistently check your slot sleeve integrity.

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Robotic Work Cells

Given the nature of the harsh conditions and jobs common to foundries, forge shops, steel mills, and many automotive plants, safety is a major issue in die casting operations. Robots are used to avoid humans from being exposed heat, harsh chemicals, high-pressure sprays and emissions. Industrial Innovations - Advance Automation foundry robotics can perform a variety of applications, including die-casting, gravity-casting, sand-casting, finishing, water or chemical cleaning, and forging. Our automated solutions can be used to lubricate dies, pour the metal into the chamber, extract the part from the mold, etc.

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Coolant Spray Systems

SPRA-RITE™ Low Pressure Spray Systems apply lubricant through specifically designed and patented low-pressure high velocity drip free nozzles. The injector valve eliminates the need for pumps and check valves found in less effective application devices ensuring maximum efficiency. The durable SPRA-RITE system increased production rates reduces lubricant waste and improves environmental conditions giving users a competitive edge.

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SPRA-RITE Alpha Lubricant

Our SPRA-RITE™ Alpha System is an effective, reliable, and simple turnkey lube application solution for smaller pressroom applications. It provides a complete system inclusive of an injector manifold, Alpha controls, tank, nozzles and tubing. As with our other systems, it’s airless and comes with our patented zero-drip “Z” nozzles, offering independent control of volume and stroke.

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SPRA-RITE Ultra Lube

A turnkey solution for applying highly viscous lubricants up to 800 cps, the lube is atomized with air into an ultra-fine spray at the nozzle. The nozzles are air-controlled and each injector can be controlled independently. The Ultra Lube system includes an injector manifold, Beta controls, tank, nozzles and tubing.

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SPRA-RITE Lubricant Injector

SPRA-RITE™ Controls utilize an interface to define, manage, and store the critical process variables associated with the control of the lubricant application process. The volume of lubricant and stroke count are loaded into each of the injectors independently using touch key controls. Existing programs are easily edited using the menu prompts and the touch keys. SPRA-RITE’s design provides our customers the unique ability to custom design a lubricating system to meet their specific process requirements.

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SPRA-RITE Zero Drip Lubricant

Our patented “Z” series lubricant application spray nozzles incorporate a unique design to effectively apply lubricants to specific areas of the stamping or drawing tooling andor the stock with virtually zero drip. The High Velocity or HV-style spray lubricator nozzle assembly combines low pressure with high velocity to produce the most effective means for the controlled application of lubricants, helping to eliminate costly waste.

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SPRA-RITE Lubricant Spray Nozzle

Our patented zero-drip, die-mount nozzles enable quick setup while effectively applying lubricants to and or the stock. These nozzles incorporate low pressure with high velocity to produce the most effective means for the controlled application of lubricants, helping to eliminate costly waste. The simple u-channel frame makes placement and setup simple and easy. And once setup, these nozzles maintain their position to consistently deliver the precise amount of fluid to meet your needs.

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SPRA-RITE Pressurized Lubricant Custom Injector

Our SPRA-RITE™ application solutions rely upon pressurized lubricant encapsulated within the manifold assembly until the injection cycle is initiated. Each manifold has a means of generating the required lubricant pressure. SPRA-RITE™ injector manifold assemblies include the manifold, pressure regulator, injectors, and injector coils. For customers who only require an injector manifold assembly for use with an existing SPRA-RITE™ processor, we offer a manifold package that includes the injector, the manifold enclosure interface, pressure regulator and pressure gauge.

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