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  • 3 Ply Corrugated Box

    Corrugated boxes are used frequently as shipping containers. Boxes provide some measure of product protection by themselves but often require inner components such as cushioning, bracing and blocking to help protect fragile contents.. → All Boxes are produced in house on automatic lines with ...

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  • Box Strapping Rolls

    Strapping is the process of applying a strap to an item to combine, hold, reinforce, or fasten it. There are various types of strapping materials like Polypropylene, PET, Steel, Nylon etc. which are commonly used for various packaging applications like : Bundling items together for handling and ...

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  • bubble wrap rolls

    Bubble rolls are generally used for protective packaging for wrapping fragile to heavy duty items. →Its used for light weight and heavy duty products shipment to prevent damages. →Non Toxic and Corrosion durable which is friendly with environment.

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  • Bulk Cargo Boxes

    Bulk Cargo Boxes are used for packaging of large size or heavy materials and mostly used for exports. →Bulk Cargo Boxes constructed in a 7-Ply (triple layer) structure.. →The picture shows box with wooden pallet but it will be shipped without pallet.

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  • Corrugated Sheets

    Commonly used for making Boxes of different sizes and also used as protecting cover sheets for various applications. → Protects glass products, metal parts, china, etc., from scratches, chips or breaks. → 3 Ply and 5 Ply Sheets made out of automatic corrugation lines. → Much ...

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  • Heavy Duty Boxes

    Heavy Duty cartons can withstand heavy loads and hence are also ideal for packaging food, cosmetic, medicine and electronic products and other fragile items. These are also popular for freight consolidation and used for shipping purpose. →Higher bursting strength. →Longer ...

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  • strapping clips

    Strapping Clips are used for sealing the strap for packaging. It can seal fit 0.5 inch wide strap. Mostly used with PET strap

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  • telescopic boxes

    Telescope corrugated boxes are made as two pieces of half-slotted cartons an inner box which is the bottom piece slightly smaller to enable it to be inserted into the outer box which is the top piece or lid.. → All boxes are produced in-house on automatic lines with best quality. → ...

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  • Wooden Boxes

    →Nail Less Wooden Boxes. →Clean and Smooth surface reduces the risk of scratches. →Light weight boxes and can take heavy loads. →Galvanized steel is used for protection from rusting. →Very Strong and Robust Box for complete protection.

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  • Wrap Around Boxes

    All Boxes are produced in-house on automatic lines with best quality. → Fully Dry Cartons. → 30% more compression strength in comparison to manual plant output. → Smoother Board Finish & no flute visibility on top surface.

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