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Our Complete range of products are Fischbein Model F Crepe Tape Portable Bag Closer, Fischbein Bag Sewing Power Infeeds, Fischbein Dura Thread Clipper, Fischbein Model 100 Plain Sewing Head and Fischbein Model 3920-DT Dual Tag Placer.

Fischbein Model F Crepe Tape Portable Bag Closer

The Fischbein Model F Crepe Tape bag closer is a handheld, portable, industrial sewing machine ideal for small volume (3-4 bagsmin.) bag closing applications that require a crepe tape sewn closure. Weighing only 11 lb., the handheld Model F Crepe Tape can easily sew multi-wall paper, polypropylene, burlap and jute bags. A crepe tape roll holder and an infeed that folds the tape over the bag top are included. To minimize machine damage and operator fatigue we recommend the Fischbein 1550 Suspension Unit. Check out INPAK's full line of sewing thread and crepe tape for your portable sewing machine. The Fischbein Model F replaces the Fischbein Models D, E and ECR. INPAK SYSTEMS stocks many common replaceable parts.

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Fischbein Bag Sewing Power Infeeds

A power infeed aligns and guides the bag into the sewing head. An infeed produces a consistent closing, increases production & operator safety, and reduces operator fatigue. Fischbein offers infeeds for both plain sewing and tape sewing systems that will meet the requirements of virtually any manual or automated bag sewing application. Infeeds are also available that can add product tags, trim bag tops, and fold over bags. Infeeds with VFD (variable frequency drive) are used with fully automated sewing systems. The Fiscbein Infeeds are compatible with the Fischbein 400, 400T and 500T bag sewing systems.

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Fischbein Dura Thread Clipper

Fischbein Dura Thread Clipper is a pneumatically operated thread cutter option for Models 100 & 200 plain sew heads. Retrofit kits are available for Models 90, 100 & 200 plain sew heads with rotary knife & tread pusher clipper options

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Fischbein Model 100 Plain Sewing Head

Fischbein Empress Model 100 is a plain sewing head typically mounter on a pedestal and used in conjunction with a conveyor to close open mouth paper, woven polypropylene and jute bags. The Model 100 is a single needle, standard speed, plain thread sewing head that produces a two thread, double locked, Federal type 401 stitch from 2 – 4 stichesin at rates of 25-80 ft. min. A wide variety of accessories are available including various mounting pedestals, power infeed systems, a full range of conveyors, bag-top folders, thread and tape-break detectors, bag coders, and photoelectric controls for system integration.

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Fischbein Model 3920-DT Dual Tag Placer

ischbein Model 3920 Dual Tag Placer is an automated dual tag placer that used conjunction with a Fischbein bag sewing system positions up to two product information tags on the front or back side of the bag as the bag is being sewn shut. The Model 3920 has a performance rate of up to 20 dual tag placements per minute (40 tags). Available for right or left hand installation, the self-contained Model 3920 has a bottom fed tag magazine for continuous operation, a PLC controller, a self-contained vacuum system and a missed tag alarm. Pedestal height is adjustable with a hand wheel, and the tagger head swivels 25° for optimal tag placement. Tag material must be non-porous – tag width 2.25 to 5.50 inches wide and 5.75 to 12.50 inches in length. Tags with a width less than 3.75 inches will require a presser foot wheel to be added to the Fischbein sewing system infeed.

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Fischbein PTP-300 Poly-Thru-Paper Bag Sealer

The Fischbein PTP-300 is a commercial poly-thru-paper bag sealer for flat or gusseted open mouth multi-wall paper bags with polyethylene and foil inners. Typical applications require a non-leak bag closure include chemicals, pesticides, processed foods mixes, spices, pet foods, fertilizers and fish meal. Open mouth bags sealed with a PTP closure, still require a primary, external type of closure such as tape sewer (400T NS) or hot melt sealer (DRC-300). The PTP-300 has a height adjustable pedestal with casters that make it fully mobile. It can easily be integrated in semi or fully automated bagging applications. The PTP-300's variable speed drive operates up to 60 linear feet per minute and features automatic, over temperature shut down, full digital controls and readouts, and standard right to left operation.

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Hamer Model 355 Gross Weigh Bag Filling Scale

he Hamer Model 355 is a gross weigh, bag filling scale specifically designed for quick and easy bagging of root vegetables (i.e. potatoes, onions, carrots and parsnips). The Model 355 can be set to fill 20 lb. to 100 lb. paper, mesh, burlap & poly bags at a rate of 400 (50 lb.) bagshr. The integrated hopper and feed belt dispenses product into a bag clamped by the pneumatic bag clamp. The Model 355 has dead weight mechanical counter balance scale that shuts off feed when fill target weigh is achieved.

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Hamer 100GW Gross Weighing Scale

The Hamer 100GW is a semi-automatic gross weighing scale for filling of open mouth bags with free flowing granular products like seed, grains, dry sand, salt, plastic pellets, chemicals, fertilizer, and others. The 100GW can fill 10 lbs. to 110 lbs. (5 kg to 50 kg) paper, poly, polywoven, or woven bags at up to 16 bags per minute. The easy to use bag hanger offers a unique bag position window so operators know the bag is placed correctly prior to initiating fill. Compact design utilizes dual load cells to eliminate inaccuracies inherent in single load cell designs. Mild steel or 304 stainless steel models are offered.

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Hamer 600NW-Gravity Net Weigh Scale

The Hamer 600NW Gravity is a net weigh bagging scale configured with a bulkdribble gravity feeder that can handle a wide range of free-flowing and semi-free flowing materials such as fertilizer, chemicals, salt, ice melt, feed additives, feeds and pellet fuels. The 600NW is available in simplex or duplex configurations with either hand-bagging chute options or interfaced with automated formfillseal bagging systems. The proprietary load cell mounting, gravity gate and weigh bucket design along with signal processing software provide speeds up to 25+ bagsmin. in simplex (single scale) configuration. Soft-touch keys and digital readouts for controlling surge hopper level, cleanout mode, setup parameters, and adjustments for changes in bulk density.

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Fischbein Model 400 HP High Speed Sewing Pedestal

The Fischbein Model 400 HP is a high speed, pedestal mounted, plan sewing system for closing multi-wall paper, woven polypropylene and jute bags. The Model 400 HP includes the fully enclosed, self-lubricating Fischbein Model 200 sewing head which is ideal for harsh environments. With sewing rates up to 108 ft.min, the Model 400 HP is a high volume bag closer. The Model 400 HP includes the D4380 Infeed which presents the bag to the sewing head and a rotary knife for cutting thread at medium-to-high speeds. With options such as: duel needle system, bag tagger and fold-over bag feeds, the Model 400 HP can be configured for virtually any application. Check out Inpak's full line of sewing thread for your bag sewing machines, portable sewers, or industrial heads. INPAK SYSTEMS stocks many 400 HP & D4380 replaceable parts. To see a Model 400 HP parts diagram click here and a list of common replaceable parts click here

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