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Our product range comtains a wide range of Wheel Load Scales, Tension Link Scales, Low-Profile Wheel Load Scales, Axle Scale Systems and Series Mining Scale Systems

Wheel Load Scales

  • Weight 5,000 lb

PT300™ scales have been setting the bar for portable, self-contained, compact wheel load scales for decades. Used to maximize legal payloads and reduce maintenance due to overload stress on equipment, these all aluminum, fully-equipped electronic scales are capable of weighing up to 20, 000lbs (10, 000kgs) with an accuracy of ± 1%. They also feature RFX™ Wireless Weighing communication between scales and remote indicators, and all PT300™ scales come standard with solar charging panels that virtually eliminate the need to manually recharge batteries between uses.

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Low-Profile Wheel Load Scales

  • Capacities 15,000 kg

Weighing a mere 54lbs (24kgs) with a profile of just 1.5" (38mm), the LP600™ Low-Profile Wheel Load Scale weighs loads up to 30, 000lbs (15, 000kgs) with an accuracy of ± 1%. They also feature Fully Integrated RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology making it possible to sequentially couple and number scales, as well as link them to a multitude of Intercomp weighing indicators. Additionally, built in solar charging panels virtually eliminate the need to manually recharge batteries between uses.

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Axle Scale Systems

  • System Capacities 50,000kg

Rugged AX900™ weigh bridges are available in a variety of lengths, capacities and configurations to weigh anything from single to multi-axle vehicles in locations where permanent scale installations are not feasible. Cable-free operation is made possible by embedded radios enabling wireless communication back to a variety of devices, while digital output still allows for cable backup. The AX900™ series also utilizes stainless steel, hermetically sealed, shear beam load cells to weigh loads up to 100, 000lbs (50, 000kgs) with an accuracy of ±1%.

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Series Mining Scale Systems

  • System Capacities Range 120,000lbs

Mining scales provide a durable, high-capacity weighing solution to increase on-site efficiency and safety, prevent premature wear on vehicles and tires, and help operators maximize payloads. These platform scales can be brought to sites as above-ground portable scale systems or are available as semi-permanent in-ground systems.

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Tension Link Scales

  • Capacities Ranging 500lb (250kg)

When working around overhead loads or near line tensions, accuracy and safety cannot be compromised. The TL8500™ Series Tension Link scales from Intercomp are the industry standard for verifying, controlling and monitoring overhead loads and line tension while helping to maintain a safe work environment.

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manual test stand

  • Capacity 100,000 lbs
  • Area Measures 45.5"x54.5" (1,156 x 1,384mm)

Manual Test Stands will meet your most exacting compression and tensile force measurement needs and offers the utmost in product life-cycle management. This floor mounted, high capacity, test stand features a digital, AC power, NTEP approved indicator and load cell. With an accuracy of up to ±0.025%, full capacity range of up to 100, 000lbs (50, 000kg) and sturdy steel construction, this test stand is the perfect addition to any test application.

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Automated Test Stand

  • Capacity 100,000lb

Intercomp’s Automated Test Stands allow detailed testing for accuracy and offer the convenience and peace of mind of onsite instrument testing and verification. Stands feature up to 8" (203mm) on 60, 000lb (30, 000kg) Models and 9" (229mm) on 100, 000lb (50, 000kg) Models Working Clearance between the surface area and load cell, while the overall surface area measures 45.5"x54.5" (1, 156 x 1, 384mm). These systems have been purchased by various worldwide maintenance organizations for calibrating a variety of scales.

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Hanging Scales

  • Capacities 25 lb

High accuracy, compact digital hanging scales for lower capacity applications. The CS200™ is available in 25lb (13kg) to 500lb (250kg) capacities and is extremely compact and lightweight, weighing just 1.6lbs (0.7kgs).

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Portable Test Stand

  • Capacity 25,000 lbs
  • Measurement Area 21"x33" (533x838mm)

Easily and efficiently assess product performance to verify inventories are meeting specification with this portable test stand, featuring a digital, AC powered, NTEP approved indicator and load cell.

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