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  • 5 Gallon Pail Pumps

    The Nordson® 5 Gallon Rhino® SD Bulk Unloader provides superior flow properties and ease-of-operation in dispensing high-viscosity adhesives and sealant materials. The Rhino bulk unloader was designed for demanding manufacturing environments with durable components with a high-tech wear ...

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  • Bulk Powder Coating Feed System

    The patented Nordson bulk powder coating material feed system supplies virgin powder directly from a fiber drum to a Nordson hopperfeeder in a continuous, more efficient operation. Features a drum carrier unit, customer drum lid and up to three powder transfer pumps Pumps can deliver ...

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  • EcoDry Compound Dryer

    The Nordson® EcoDry® Compound Dryer is economical, compact, and specifically designed for smaller production lines with a wide range of can ends. The dryer uses Nordson's patented induction-heating technology to cure water-based end compounds. This technology allows compounds to dry from the ...

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  • FX-940 AOI System

    The FX-940 automated optical inspection system offers high-speed PCB assemblies inspection with exceptional defect coverage, inspecting solder joints and verifying correct part assembly, enabling users to improve quality and increase throughput.Nordson YESTECH's advanced 9 megapixel color camera ...

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  • ISC2 Pre-Cure Oven

    The Nordson® induction side-seam pre-cure system can increase curing capacity and line speeds by as much as 20 percent, without increasing the capacity of an existing oven. The compact unit preheats the weld seams just before the cans enter the oven. Accommodates faster weld lines without ...

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  • M1m AOI

    The M1m offers high-speed microelectronic device inspection with exceptional defect coverage. With resolutions down to submircon levels and telecentric optics, the M1m provides complete inspection, all within a footprint less than 1 sq. meter.Nordson YESTECH's advanced megapixel technology offers ...

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  • Optimum Cartridges

    Molded from proprietary FDA- and RoHS-compliant polymer, Optimum® cartridges provide exceptional clarity, chemical compatibility, impact strength, and dimensional stability. The Zero Draft™ design improves fluid flow characteristics and reduces turbulence by ensuring the internal ...

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  • Rhino VE Bulk Unloader

    The Rhino® VE bulk unloader is designed for dispensing high viscosity, ambient temperature adhesives and sealants. Designed with many features that improve performance and material flow in high-wear applications, the Rhino VE unloader provides you with consistent material output, reduced ...

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  • Xaloy Extrusion Barrels

    Xaloy bimetallic extrusion barrels, manufactured by the pioneer in bimetallic barrel technology, are produced to the highest quality standards. Nordson offers the most innovative wear resistant packages for optimized processes, performance and quality. Extended work life through selection ...

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  • Xaloy SmartHeat Coating for Melt Pipes

    The Xaloy SmartHeat™ Coating for melt pipes is a new heater coating allowing for tight process control for improved product quality. Enhanced product quality through tight process control Increased productivity due to reduced heater band maintenance Reduced cleaning time with easy to ...

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