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Replacement Level Control

Replacement level controls are available in both float and float free designs. The replacement assemblies are a reliable and cost effective solution for high maintenance pressure-powered pumps. They are designed to retrofit all major float-operated pump brands. The float operated replacement level control incorporates an open-coil spring design, a reinforced float, and heavy-duty, high-cycle components. The float-free replacement level control features a 2-probe conductance level control and a NEMA classified control assembly. This version has only one moving part to wear, no springs or floats, and easily provides remote monitoring capabilities. The float-free assembly features a bolt-on mounting flange that includes an externally mounted 3-way motive valve.
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Fuji King Debarker

  • running 24/7.
Logs can be fed either longitudinally from the end or transversely from the side with the wood axis parallel to the debarker axis. Rotor ContactBond between bark and wood broken at the cambium layer by: Contact with debarking platesLog-to-log contactAs the rotors turn they bring the debarking plates into contact with the bark. This contact, along with the log to log contact within the debarking chamber breaks the bond between the wood and the bark at the cambium layer. Inclined PlateWith other rotary debarker designs, the plate is installed without an incline. In the Fuji King Rotary Debarker design, the plate is oriented at an angle to the rotor surface rather than level with the surface. This design optimizes the angle of force imparted onto the log and promotes: Optimal individual log rotation exposing more of the bark surface to the debarking platesOptimal over-all log rotation within the chamber exposing more logs to the debarking plates
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Single-Stage Centrifugal Blowers

Single-stage centrifugal blowers are used for industrial air and gas handling with volumes up to 10, 000 SCFM, pressures from 0 to 60 in H2O, and 0 to 52 in H2O vacuum. The single-stage centrifugal scroll blower provides dependable air or gas movement at a wide range of selected pressures and volumes. FeaturesStable performance from minimum to rated flow without surge or pulsationsPower consumption proportional to the volume outputSystem volume adjustments can be easily made by throttling with an optional inlet or outlet damperSingle-stage centrifugal blowers are designed for a variety of plant and process applications that require uniform pressure air flow over an entire volume range.
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Wastewood Disc Chippers

Kadant Carmanah produces some of the wood industry's highest quality and robust chippers for waste-wood and whole-log applications. With more than 90 years experience, the company and its predecessors, have manufactured thousands of chippers installed in pulp woodrooms, 'stand-alone' chip plants, sawmill and planer mill sites throughout the world.
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Gravity Foils

ApplicationsGravity foil assemblies are an important component of fourdriniers. They are used to create activity pulses and begin early drainage on the table. The magnitude of the pulses is determined by machine speed, stock consistency, blade angle, width, and spacing. FeaturesRobust design and 316L stainless steel fabricationOptimal blades shape and spacingMultiple options for polyethylene and ceramic bladesOpen area matched to grade and speedBenefitsControlled pulse activityImproved sheet formationMinimal drag load impactOptimized drainage rateKadant provides a variety of engineered blade shapes for your fourdrinier depending upon grade, speed, furnish, and forming goals. We also provide multiple options for polyethylene and ceramic formulations customized for your specific needs.
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Electronic Interface System

Electronic interface system vacuum controls provide complete vacuum control and integration specifically designed to optimize vacuum control valve performance. EIS allows pneumaticelectronic communication with valves to provide accurate and consistent control of vacuum levels. Using EIS, valves are linked to mill-wide DCS systems for optimum vacuum control. Features and BenefitsProvides electronic communication with vacuum control valves that is more precise and faster than pneumatic valve controlsSystem responds immediately to changes detected in vacuum level supply or incoming sheet consistency to minimize variationRemote vacuum setpoint adjustment for faster, easier, and safer vacuum adjustmentA single IP panel can drive several valves thereby reducing system complexity and costSystems can be configured for stand-alone closed-loop control or linked directly with mill-wide process control systems
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Doctor Blades

  • inch 0.100
  • mm 2.54
Kadant doctor blades are used to clean rolls and remove stock accumulations, water, pitch, and filler buildup. Produced using more than 27 standard and advanced materials, Kadant blades have earned a reputation for precision, efficiency, and reliability. With thousands of installations around the globe, Kadant doctoring technology offers high performance cleaning and water removal in a variety of doctoring and scraping applications. In addition, our global network of field service engineers provide technical support to improve doctoring performance and maximize blade life through proper setup, blade selection, and troubleshooting.
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