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Our product range comtains a wide range of Solar Fan, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Inverters, Solar Flashlights and solar portable lamps

Solar Fan

  • Power 2.5 watts
  • Model No. NH-WB038
  • DIMENSIONS 500mmX340mmX460mm

Solar Fans - Stay cool anywhere without an outlet and keep the mosquitos awayModel name: Solar wall light Model number: NH-WB038 Light source: LED Lamp power: 2.5 watts Dimensions: 500mmX340mmX460mm Working time: 8 hours nightly

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Solar Charge Controllers

  • Weight 4.5KG
  • Model No. SMART1-96v-30A

Solar Charge Controllers - Usually for larger systems, charge controllers are used to prevent battery overchargingModel name: High conversion charge controller Model number: SMART1-96v-30A Maximum current: 30A System voltage: 96v Max output power: 3400 watts Weight: 4.5KG

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Solar Inverters

  • Weight 54KG
  • Model No. TPI-6000W

Converts DC power from a solar panel into AC power that can be used off-grid or fed into a commercial electric grid. For most larger systems.Model name: 6000w pure sine wave inverter Model number: TPI-6000W Output voltage: 110v220v Peak power: 15000 watts Phase: single phase Weight: 54KG

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Solar Flashlights

  • DIMENSIONS 70mmX350mmX350mm
  • Model No. FG-00780364

Solar Flashlights - Ultra-portable, simple, and free to power itModel name: Solar bicycle flashlight Model number: FG-00780364 Light source: LED Max power: 60 lumens Dimensions: 70mmX350mmX350mm Working time: 2 hours

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solar portable lamps

  • DIMENSIONS 315mmX200mmX310mm
  • Model No. SL-007

Solar Portable Lamps - Enjoy 100% free light any time or place.Model name: Solar spotlight Model number: SL-007 Light source: LED Lamp power: 30 watts Dimensions: 315mmX200mmX310mm Working time: 8 hours after charge

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Solar Outdoor Lighting

  • Model No. NH-WB038
  • DIMENSIONS 500mmX340mmX460mm

Solar Outdoor lighting - Many varieties available for both beauty and functionSolar Outdoor lighting

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solar home kits

  • Model No. SY-020
  • power 12V/5W
  • capacity 38ah/12v

Depending on your needs, solar home kits usually include a solar panel, USB and cable ports for recharging cell phones & gadgets, lights, cables, and some form of inverter. They can power anything from a few lights to an entire

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solar phone

  • Capacity 23000mah
  • Model No. PL-00010
  • Size 815g

Gadget Chargers - From simple to elegant, the cheapest and easiest way to keep your technology powered up

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  • Voltage 12v
  • Model No GE1000
  • capacity 1000Ah

Batteriesfor solar systems - Batteries or multiple batteries are needed for larger power requirements

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Solar Air Conditioners

  • Model No. KFR-26GW/DCBP
  • Capacity 24000 BTU / 2.0 ton / 3.0 HP

A must for any business or home in Ghana, solar air-conditioning will keep your family or customers comfortable and happy

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  • Size 1640mmX992mmX30mm
  • Weight 18.8KG
  • Model No. PL-500

Solar Panelare designed to absorb the sun's rays and generate power for your home or business using this free resource.

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