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We offer the best product range of Ocularis 5 Video Management Software, TruViewIP video management softwar, IP Intercoms, video presenters and Ocularis Software Overview.

Ocularis 5 Video Management Software

Ocularis 5 Overview Ocularis-IP-Camera-Recording-SystemOcularis 5 is the latest generation Video Management Software (VMS) from OnSSI. It is designed for the latest IP camera systems, Ocularis provides excellent performance and features for surveillance and security. Take a look at the upgrade path described below. Ocularis IP camera recording software is designed for Windows computers and records video from IP cameras, and video camera encoders or servers. The solutions range from the Ocularis 5 Professional model to the very sophisticated Ultimate model. A key feature of this software is encryption of the recorded video data, which adds significant security. Ocularis 5 represents the latest evolution in IP video surveillance and security software. As an integrated video and event management platform, it includes a full-fledged video management system for streaming, recording video and managing an unlimited number of IP cameras at multiple sites. It can also be integrated with IP door access control systems and other network attached devices using the C2P software module. Ocularis’ straightforward work-flow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are converted into meaningful events, for efficient shared handling and building a video-evidence case file. All these software products include the ability to view cameras on multiple workstations on the network or over the Internet using Ocularis Client software or a web browser. The servers all run as an application or a service, and support computers with multiprocessors. OnSSI (On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc.) is a US-based company that provides one of the most popular and powerful VMS products available. Common Features and Functions of Video Recording Software Critical Camera Failover If the video is interrupted from one camera, and second camera can be designated to view the critical area Ocularis Event Fusion that filters events to reduce false alarms Superior data handling provides load balancing across HD storage Event-based evidence is automatically retained, while noncritical video is erased Stream live video from Android smartphone to recording server. M2O means Mobile to Ocularis Highly intuitive, touch screen-optimized interface with multi-screen support. Map-based navigation of cameras, camera views and carousels, with preview windows and local video walls. Unlimited number of views consisting of panes for: cameras, smart carousels (w sequence controls), hot-spots, webimage (HTML) and alerts. Private view configuration (through the Client) or shared views pulled from Ocularis Base. Interactive overlay controls (IOC) for instant investigation including playback, digital and optical PTZ, PTZ presets, and 360-degree lens parsing. Pane menu control for: changing cameras on the fly, clear pane, copy to clipboard and manual push video alert. Triggering of IO connected devices (via camera IO, Adam 6050 Series module or 3rd party integrated system) Auto-detection of cameras Support for MJPEG, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 as well as ONVIF & PSIA standards Supports web-based video viewing Interactive overlay controls for instant investigation during live monitoring Active Directory support Export evidence: annotated still image report, JPEG set, annotated AVI Forensic investigation tools: synchronous browsing, motion-zone Kinetic Timeline, TimeSlicer tool-set Automated update service checks for updates and distributes as required End to end system security provides data encryption from camera to server Models of Ocularis 5 Ocularis Professional Scalable video management for small to medium single- and multi-site applications Centrally manage camera views, events, and operator user rights Advanced investigation tools provide fast access to incidents Built-in, multi-level maps allow you to easily navigate your system Receive analytics and smart alerts from cameras and recorders Camera-based motion detection and server-based motion detection with ability to designate areas for motion alarms On-demand or scheduled video exports from mobile or remote locations Get closer to prevention™ with advanced alerts from third-party integrations for video analytics, facial recognition, access control, POS, ATM, LPR, and more

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TruViewIP video management softwar

Key Features of TruViewIP This full featured video management software for IP cameras runs on your Windows computer. It not only provides video viewing and recording, it also supports web browsers and smartphones Web clients supported include Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Reduces bandwidth by using the video intelligence available in the latest IP Cameras Includes redundant facilities to assure operation even when failures occur. Multilevel Maps help you locate your cameras and select the view you want video management software TruViewIP Video Management Software (VMS) provides powerful capability at a reasonable price. This open architecture system is easy to use and supports hundreds of IP cameras using multiple servers. Take a look at our list of supported cameras. Client software is included at no additional cost. It integrates with many door access control systems. The facility mapping feature makes it very easy to create multilevel maps that allow you to select IP cameras at a geographic location, building and room.The software supports hundreds of different IP Cameras, including megapixel cameras. It includes support for motion detection not only at the camera but also at the server. The web viewer streams video in a universal format, allowing you to view your live video from almost any type of computer. Not just Windows. Provides full featured Windows, Web, Smart Phone and PDA Client. supports multiple smartphone devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Android mobile phones without the installation of an app.

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IP Intercoms

Intercoms allow you to communicate to a specific room, or any location you have a network connection. There are indoor and outdoor models available. For example you can place intercoms in each classroom or office or even use it at a door to control entry. There are a number of different network attached intercoms. They are all powered using PoE or optional power adapter for easy installation. Select desktop, surface mount models or outdoor intercoms. The IP7-EDW solutions are designed for desktop convenience; and the IP7-ESW is designed to be surface mounted in secure locations. Also available in Black desktop model (EDB) or surface mount (ESD). For more details take a look at the Indoor Intercoms Product Specifications. Indoor intercom Features: High quality integrated speaker and microphone Four button controls include Volume UpDown, MonitorOpen, and Push-to-Talk Four LED indicators include Active, Link, Monitor and Talk TalkMaster LE Software included Power-over Ethernet (PoE) 3.5mm external jacks for Mic In and Speaker Out Outdoor IntercomOutdoor intercoms are available with protective enclosure or ready to be mounted to an electric box. The following Intercom modules can be used with an analog intercom panel, or connected to a two-way speaker system: IP7-STX: Half duplex, 1 watt, PoE IP7-FD: Full duplex, 1 watt, PoE IP7-SE8: Half duplex, 8 watt, PoE

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video presenters

Video Presenters are ideal for media centers, classrooms, meeting rooms. The Samsung Video Presenters Provides the ultimate in video capture and display. The Video Presenter is a new teaching aid for lab or classroom group study. It can display slides or 3-D objects, as well as printed matter, on a TV monitor or LCD projector. The video presenter connects to your PC, monitor or digital projector to provide high quality pictures of whatever is being viewed.

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Ocularis Software Overview

OnSSi Video Management Software (VMS) is an excellent solution for recording and controlling video from IP cameras. Ocularis Software 5 is the latest IP-video and security software platform from OnSSI. This flagship Video Management Software (VMS) can manage an unlimited number of IP cameras at multiple sites. It is used in IP camera systems and provides complete control of real time viewing and recorded video. This is a video-centric physical security information management platform that has transformed the way video recording software is used. This new family includes a number of great solutions: Other legacy versions of software that supported IP cameras include: Ocularis DS, NetDVMS, NetDVR and ProSightSMB products. Video Management Software Ocularis’ straightforward workflow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are converted into meaningful events, for efficient shared handling and building a video-evidence case file. Ocularis delivers a completely unique level of user experience and functionality. This enterprise level software makes it very easy to control hundreds of IP cameras. It provides recording and video management functionality as well as the management and coordination of physical security and multiple IP Camera systems that are located at different locations on multiple servers. Designed for multi-site, multi-server security environments, Ocularis adds an integration and management framework around all IP-video and physical security components, which provides functionality above and beyond that of current NVR and VMS systems.

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HIT-Storage Optical Jukebox

  • Series HMS Series

HIT-Storage Optical Jukebox and Library System These libraries and jukeboxes are based on the technology developed at Grundig AG.e. They feature: Excellent reliability Exchangeable 35-disc magazine with built in RFID tags for easy offline indexing Blu-ray archive family from entry level 35 slot to enterprise 560 slot configuration Advanced 100128GB Blu-ray technology compatible with CDDVD and Blu-ray standards Industry standard drives, non-proprietary NAS library option Redundant power supply standard in enterprise version of 105 slot model and 350560 slot models Automated self calibration for library TCPIP based remote administration tool for all service functions Offline rack solution under file system control, TCPIP interface, scalable to PB Standard 2YR warranty and 2YR onsite service (5x9x24) Robust reliable robotics.

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CD and DVD-ROM Servers

  • TurboPlus Disc Capacity
  • CD/DVD Server 4 – over 2,000
  • Description Number of discs depends on CD or DVD type and the total hard drive capacity.

We have discontinued the CD-ROM TowerServers. If you need a CD DVD ROM type server, take a look at PrimeArray Systems. They still manufacture these systems. They were a great way to share CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs on the network, but today most information is available either on the Web, Cloud server, or local server. CD and DVD discs for data storage are mostly obsolete. TurboPlus System has been discontinued. It not only allowed you to share CDs and DVDs, it also provided Network Attached Storage (NAS) RAID storage. It Included hot swap drives, power supplies and fans. This flexible multipurpose system also allowed you to archive data to CD-R or even DVD-R media. Servers Built to Order The CD DVD Server is made to your requirements. Just tell us the number of discs you need to share and we will select the right processor and storage. You can also choose a rack or desktop cabinet. Each of the CD-server systems provide unique functionality to meet your specific requirements. For example you can select a system that contains CD-ROM, DVD-ROM readers, a DVD-Recorder and shareable RAID hard drives. You just specify the configuration, and we will build it. For more help selecting the right CD server take a look at the following server comparison table. We also included jukeboxes attached to a network server for comparison. Specifications The CD DVD Server is very easy to install. If you have DHCP running on your network, the towers will acquire the IP address automatically. If necessary you can set the IP address using the front panel or a software tool. It’s very easy. Once the IP address is set, the towers appear on the network like another server. The ones that are Apple compatible appear in the chooser. All the CDs appear as folders. Everyone on the network can share all the discs at virtually the same time. The tower is administered using a standard web browser.

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Samsung Camera Encoders

  • Series SPE-101

Samsung Camera Encoders and Servers SPE-101 Economical single channel video encoder supports MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 Compression Features: Real-time 30(25)fps at high resolution(4CIF) Max.resolution : 704 x 480, 704 x 576(4CIF) RS-422485 H.264MPEG-4MJPEG multiple codec Multiple streaming simultaneously ONVIF support

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Steel Corner Housing

  • Series AMS90

AMS90 Steel Corner Housing IP Network cameras are in use now more than ever, and users want to be able to access them via wireless. Now Videolarm provides standard dome technology, network cameras, and a wireless ethernet bridge together to offer the best solution in the industry. The camera can be located up to 10 miles away from the encryption-mated receiver and can be viewed on the web anywhere. Uses 900MHz frequency. Other models available with 802.11 radios and greater range. Contact us for details.

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Indoor Housings

  • Length 9.3”
  • Housing Width 4.7”

Indoor Housings A wide variety of indoor housings are available including domes, ceiling housings, wall and corner mounted enclosures.

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