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Our offered Product range includes The Flipper Sign, Trade Show Graphics, accessibility signs, yard signs and panel signs.

The Flipper Sign

A mobile money-making machine! The constant movement attracts attention and makes a memorable impact on people passing by. This reversible sign can be customized with different messages on each side, and we can help create a visually powerful promotion for your business. The custom signs and Flipper hardware are shipped to you FREE of charge (within the continental US). Each base unit is weather proof with a locking lid to protect your rechargeable battery and charger. Power supply for direct plug-in or charging included with each unit. “Never go flat” wheels and an easy grip handle allows for ease of sign movement. LED lights and sturdy frames to hold your signs allow for maximum viewing. Security alarm, anti-tip sensor and U-bolt are included for extra security.

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Trade Show Graphics

Trade show graphics and displays should be major part of your marketing budget since this is where many companies generate qualified leads for the sales team. We can work with your existing hardware or create an entirely new trade show space for you. Options include but are not limited to pop-up displays, modular exhibits, literature holders, tabletop and free standing signage, video components, etc. Let’s talk about renting vs. purchasing your hardware needs too. Our team of experienced graphic designers can help you create a new look or work with your current hardware. Having designed graphics and complete trade show booths for hundreds of companies in the past has provided us with the insight into what works and what doesn’t in a trade show setting. We’ll ask the right questions to properly tailor a unique design solution around your company’s brand, the specific type of show and any relevant messages you want to convey. Steve has been designing, creating, and setting-up trade show booths, plus working with show management companies since 1990. If you need help with logistics as well as sales ideas, give him a call. Ask for a free catalog to go along with his free advice! Click HERE to see the on-line catalog from one of our vendors.

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accessibility signs

Architectural and accessibility signs are also known as ADA signs or way-finding systems. It’s important to understand the rules around materials, typography, contrast and color, not to mention position for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. But that doesn’t mean these important elements of your building need to be boring – we can design a cohesive set of signage that matches your brand and adds personality as well as functionality. Architectural Signage is typically in reference to a sign system that assists in identification and way finding within a specific area, building or entire campus. We can help you work with your city’s sign codes to develop a master sign plan.

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yard signs

Yard signs come in a variety of sizes, frames and support structures. Lawn signs are used by remodelers, landscapers, carpet cleaners, painters, plumbers, electricians, security companies, heating and cooling companies, etc. You can turn your job site into a showroom and get new customers by having a prominent sign displayed. Be sure to include your company name, web address, phone number and logo so passersby can jot down the information. Yard signs work great for home businesses as well as birthday signs, baby announcements and parties. Let your neighbors know about it! Of course they are typically used for new real estate listings, political campaigns, schools fundraisers and help wanted. Since we make everything custom at KORT Sign Design, why not get creative and add a unique shape? Does it have to be a rectangle? No!

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panel signs

Post and panel signs are usually unlit and are mounted on one or more visible posts to support the sign body. You’ve seen them used to advertise ‘space available’ for leasing companies; these are temporary signs that can be re-used in different locations. Or they could be made for permanent applications using heavy wall aluminum to withstand the elements. We’ll work with you to determine what materials you need for durability and to fit your budget requirements. (Of course there’s some give and take there.) Post and panel sign systems can be used for site identification, way finding and directional signage. They can be manufactured in a wide variety of configurations including double post, flag, ceiling, and wall mount. Choose your color and finish, decorative posts, post caps, and custom shaped toppers & panels to match your style and the environment in which it will be used. Lighting options such as internal LED and incandescent lights are available.

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Awnings are a great way to truly customize your entryway while protecting people from the elements. There are a variety of materials and styles to chose from, not to mention colors, printing and finishing techniques. If you decide to print a logo or a marketing message on your awning, it will be considered part of your signage allowance, so be sure to talk to the city and your property manager about the total signage square footage allowed for your specific location. In addition to calling attention to your business, awnings provide very practical benefits for your business too. They not only cover the entryway, but they also protect interiors from sun damage and reduce energy consumption. Call us today to talk about the best solution for your restaurant, storefront or office entryway.

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monument signs

Monument signs are typically large structures made out of several different materials such as wood, brick or even marble. They’re installed on the ground with a low overall height, and can be lit from different angles. We can help coordinate a unique and permanent structure for your neighborhood or business park through various resources. Keep in mind that monument signs don’t have to be made out of brick and wood. We’ve used Peachtree City Foamcraft for several custom-designed signs that have the look and feel of brick and mortar. These lightweight structures are made of a durable EPS foam covered by a patented Poly-Armor coating. The superior finishing system was created specifically with monument signs in mind. Using a combination of foam and plastic, this hard coat system is engineered for long term durability and unmatched impact resistance. Monument signs finished with a Poly-Armor™ coating are resistant to moisture, rot and termites.

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Channel letters come in a wide variety of fonts and styles and sizes. As a 3D graphic design element, they are typically fabricated from sheet metal, usually aluminum because it won’t rust. A flat sheet of aluminum is cut on a table by a computer-controlled router, creating the back of the channel which is the basis for the letter shape. Another option for manufacturing channel letters is from injection molded plastic. The sides of the channel letter, called the “returns”, are then formed by bending a 3- to 6-inch-wide strip of aluminum sheet around the aluminum back. This return can be welded at the seam or flanged and riveted to the back to create a solid “can” in the shape of the custom channel letter. The letter can is then painted and fitted with the LED modules. A translucent plastic face (usually of 316″ thick sheet acrylic or polycarbonate) is routed out to fit the open face of the letter can. A plastic trim cap border is applied to its edges which gives the letter face a finished appearance and creates a fastening surface to attach it to the letter can. Channel letter signs can be made with an illuminated sign cabinet called a pillbox, logo box or cigar box. Channel letters can also be designed so that the light comes out from behind the letters. The letters are raised from the surface allowing the light to bounce off of the back. These are called reverse channel letters. Another type of channel letters are open face channel letters. The channel letter does not have a face and you can see the lighting exposed. Since it’s exposed these must be illuminated using neon lights. Today, unless specified, our channel letters are made using LED illumination instead of neon or florescent because they last much longer and are less expensive to manufacture. If you’re considering a channel letter sign, we’d be happy to show you samples and discuss the various options. Our recommendations will be based on your brand guidelines and the final design, the site location, your budget, timing and specific sign regulations for your city and building. Give us a call today!

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Banners can be designed and produced in any size or shape, and printed on one side or two (front and back). There are different types of materials including paper, vinyl and fabrics. We can add a pole pockets or use grommets and rope for hanging. Banners are perfect for sports teams, sales promotions and special events. They are probably one of the most cost effective forms of advertising and can be designed for short term or long term use. Promote your company, a special event or a new product with outdoor banners! Here in Minneapolis-St. Paul where the weather can be challenging, we suggest mesh banners that allow the wind to penetrate through small holes in the material. We’ve also used a nylon material with reinforced hems to ensure the grommets don’t rip out. Whether for a weekend or several seasons, we have idea to help you draw attention to your business with a variety of custom-designed banners.

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vehicle graphics

Vehicle wraps and graphics can be used to partially or completely cover a vehicle with an advertisement – it’s like a mobile billboard! Wraps are achieved with large vinyl sheets as “decals.” The vinyl can be removed with relative ease, drastically reducing the cost to change out the graphics. Vehicles with large, flat surfaces such as trailers, buses and light-rail are often wrapped because of their size and ease of installation, but cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles can also be wrapped to promote a business or just to create for a unique, personalized look. KORT Sign Design provides custom branding for corporate fleets, national franchises, transportation agencies, municipalities and commercial clients; we’ve even wrapped a food truck or two that you might have seen around St. Paul and Minneapolis. Using cutting-edge installation practices, KORT can handle your most challenging vehicle wrap needs in our own facility. Vehicle wraps are an affordable way to increase brand identity and name recognition. An Arbitron, Inc. (Nielsen), study shows that more than 95% of Americans travel by car each week, creating a mass audience for your advertising. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30, 000 – 70, 000 impressions each day! Vehicle wraps are now being recognized as an extremely cost effective and unique form of outdoor media for all kinds of businesses. Guaranteeing your satisfaction, our graphic designers will create photo-accurate, high-resolution promotional displays for your company cars, vans and trucks.

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indoor signs

Indoor signs range from dimensional letters to hanging signs. We specialize in point-of-sale (POS) signage such as posters, table tents, standees, pole wraps and hanging banners. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from, and signs can be printed one- or two-sided, die-cut, mounted on foam core, hung with ribbon or adhered with low-tack adhesives and static cling technology. Create a unique office or retail environment with customized graphics! Lobby signs are probably one of the most common types of indoor signs we make, and the possibilities are endless. Your custom sign design could be as simple as vinyl wall lettering and graphics, or as complicated as a wooden sculpture. We’ve covered complete lobbies with our custom wall paper as well. Besides wallpaper there are other substrates to cover walls, floors, doors and windows.

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Wall Murals

Custom wall murals can be printed with a material that is similar to wallpaper, and PVC-free, for those thinking ‘green.’ Bring a wall to life with your imagination – whether it’s promotional messaging or artist expression. This application has been well received in restaurants, doctor offices, model homes, boutique fashion and home decorating stores. You can even design your own wallpaper using our link to HP’s Wall Art website. If you decide to purchase your design, we’ll work with you on printing and installation. Use our removable wallpaper materials where you don’t want to make a permanent installation. It sticks great to drywall, metal, and glass. Removable vinyl is popular in shopping malls for seasonal promotions and events. It comes with an adhesive back and a release paper. You can install it yourself but we recommend a professional wallpaper hanger. There are a variety of substrates we use for wall murals, and our recommendations will be dependent on the material of the wall. We can even apply a wall mural on brick or aggregate concrete structures.

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Window Signs

Window signs that are viewed from the outside can be mounted with a static cling technology that’s temporary, or with and adhesive backed vinyl permanently affixed to the inside of the glass. These can be produced as opaque or transparent (clear window decals) to either block the sun or let the daylight in. Transform your empty windows into an attractive advertising space that enhances your entryway (understanding your building’s sign regulations of course). Our perforated window film is perfect for storefront advertising! Your message will be fully visible from the outside, yet it will not obstruct your view of the street or sidewalk. Printed in full color on white perforated, non-adhesive vinyl. Perforated vinyl film with black backing allows one way viewing. Applied to the outside of your window facing out appears opaque to passersby, but won’t obstruct your view from the inside. Reusable decals are a unique product that can be used in a wide variety of ways. These lightweight, flexible, completely reusable decals have a low-tack adhesive that will hold to any flat, smooth surface. When you’re done displaying your message, simply remove your reusable decals and store them away for later.

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menu boards

Menu boards can be as simple as a chalkboard sign on the sidewalk, or they can be complex digital display systems inside your store. Menu boards work well in restaurants, retail stores and even office settings, providing directions or highlighting events. One of our special services is hand-crafted custom menu boards which allow you to match your décor with any material, shape or color. For example, this chalkboard-inspired sign for Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia, PA was designed for an authentic deli look, but incorporates changeable magnetic strips so someone doesn’t have to hand-write the weekly specials. And check out this custom menu board for BauHaus Brew Labs. We used a sheet of steel and framed it with the same type of recycled wood that the bar was made out of, and then added cut vinyl for the permanent selections. Dry-erase magnetic strips are used for posting temporary specialty batches of (handwritten with dry-erase markers).

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pylon signs

Pylon signs are mounted on a single pole or multiple poles and are highly visible – up to 12 feet in height. Construction consists of an illuminated cabinet atop a single support pole. The support pole is not covered with any ornaments. Pylons are typically used for business identification, multiple tenant listings or directories in plazas and malls. The cabinets are fabricated from heavy wall aluminum extrusion with an acrylic polyurethane finish, which can last forever. All cabinets are wired to UL specifications. Any custom graphics or colors can be decorated on acrylic, polycarbonate, or routed aluminum. Similar to the monument signs, dynamic LED message centers or a combination can be utilized in your pylon sign. These LED message centers are computer controlled and allows you or your tenants to change their company message on demand.

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Video displays Video displays can be as simpl

Video displays can be as simple as a self-running PowerPoint presentation or as complex as a fully interactive experience. These work well in offices, shopping malls and outdoor recreational areas. Message boards are often seen at churches and banks. No, you can’t run to your nearest Best Buy store and expect the TVVideo Display to run 247. It has to be a commercial grade product. KORT has all the elements to simplify digital signage for high impact installations such as way finding, dynamic advertising, and information boards. Our strong business relationships with major distribution partners nationwide give us the logistical capability as well as the service and program support to supply a variety of digital solutions. Take control of your signage network, build your brand image, and enhance the quality of the customer experience. Content is king and we can help create it for you. We partner with a local, highly experienced team of Minneapolis video production professionals that specialize in creating business and commercial videos. Retail stores are now using video displays as signage. High definition content such as dynamic POP (Point of Purchase) advertising, branding videos, and interactive graphic interfaces will instantly become the center of attention to achieve the direct impact you want. Whether outside of the store, in the window or at the counter, digital displays enhance the customer’s experience.

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