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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Hardwood Lumber, THERMALLY MODIFIED LUMBER, exotic hardwood flooring, CUSTOM HARDWOOD STAIR and LUMBER SHORTS

Hardwood Lumber

Just as people, and even brothers in the same family, have their physical differences -- trees do also. Products harvested from them have like characteristics but also have their own unique signatures. Trees grow conically. Each year a new cone of material forms over the last year's growth, producing a new growth ring. The limbs of a seedling, or young tree, do not grow up the tree but either become larger or fall off and eventually become completely covered by the new growth of the tree. Because of this, when milling a log, the highest quality comes from the outside of the log with the lowest quality coming from the inner most portion. How do we qualify or value these fluctuating volumes and qualities? NHLA lumber grades are based upon the percentage of clear face cuttings present in each board along with the varying qualities and sizes within each grade. The NHLA recognizes several grades -- the highest quality is called FAS (Firsts and Seconds), then FAS One Face, Selects, #1 Common, #2 Common, #3a Common, and #3b Common. While these are the standard grades, there are more specialized grades to define items such as worm holes in Soft Maple (WHAD, Worm Holes Are a Defect and WHND, Worm Holes Not a Defect). WE ARE NHLA GRADE CERTIFIED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE There are about 7% of NHLA members nationwide who are grade certified. L.L. Johnson Lumber Mfg. Co., and Johnson’s Workbench are one of three members grade certified in Michigan. The National Hardwood Lumber Association’s Certification Program is a voluntary quality assurance program. A National Inspector will perform random grade sampling at a member’s location. If the company’s random sample is within 4% of the value determined by the National Inspector the company is granted certification. This certification is kept current by follow up checks at least twice a year to maintain tight compliance with the National Hardwood Lumber Association grading rules. This certification provides the company with a independent quality control check. WIDTH, COLOR, AND GRAIN PATTERN HELP DETERMINE LUMBER VALUE In pulling lumber for a large volume order, sometimes an inspector encounters a board falling on the border line between five board feet and six. They will round up on the first borderline board and down on the next. When evaluating the board’s quality, they utilize the same rounding technique. When selling, or buying, only one board, the variance of grade and volume must be narrowed, especially when high unit values are encountered. Rounding to the nearest board foot on $15.00 per board foot lumber creates problems. Wide clear boards in a package of hardwood lumber brings a higher unit price than the narrow lower quality pieces but together average to a unit price somewhere in between. Color and grain pattern must also be taken into consideration with some species such as Cherry and Quarter-sawn Oak. All heart, all red, Cherry commands a higher price than sappy. Quarter Sawn Oak, or highly figured, dictates a higher price than Rift Sawn, or lightly figured.

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Thermally modified wood provides all the benefits of exotic woods without the cost. Now you can match the refinement and elegance, the low maintenance and durability of exotic lumber with U.S. grown timber. EcoVantage thermally modifies real wood with heat and steam to create enhanced natural wood that is low maintenance and weather resistant. EcoVantage has perfected the heat and steam formula to produce a superior line of exterior wood products. Manufactured using #1 grade Southern Yellow Pine at an Indiana manufacturing facility in the United States, EcoPrem lumber products are sourced from sustainable forests, have zero toxicity, provides dimensional stability, has long term durability and provides a long-term guarantee.100% REAL WOOD KILN-DRIED TO 4-7%MC MINIMAL ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT

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exotic hardwood flooring

New technology and the invention of nylon fiber cut the cost of carpeting by half. Twenty years later, with the onset of more choices in wood, colors, and new finishes available, by the 1980s, home designers began including hardwood flooring in their plans again. Hardwood flooring has been making a steady comback ever since.All of our domestic flooring is solid wood 34" in thickness and is unfinished. The flooring is packaged in standardize bundles averaging 19-12' square feet per bundle, ranging 17" - 84" with a 3' average, and priced per square foot. We follow the guidelines of NOFMA hardwood flooring grading standards. Each package contains 17-19 sq ft of 34" tongue & grooved, end matched flooring. Random length from 8" - 12" (shortest) to 4'-7' (longest), and an average of 36". Exotic Flooring pricing is very volatile. For accurate price quotes please call us at 800-292-5937, or email us.

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  • STAIR TREAD SIZE 1-1/16 x 10-1/2 x 42 ,1-1/16 x 10-1/2 x 48,3/4" x 12" x 14' Skrt Brd

Your staircase carries the ominous responsibility of serving as the focal point of the house upon entering the home or in a prominent room, and the visual impact it gives will set the tone for your entire house.. We offer many beautiful species from which we can make custom sized lumber for your stair treads, skirt boards, risers, and newel posts.

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We've got sweet deals on short lengths. Buy budget friendly 6' - 7'...great for schools and cabinet shops.If you have a project that can utilize shorter boards, consider this sweet alternate. Here we have a sampling of packages available. Asterisked (*) items are in-stock and available for immediates shipment. Most packages are available by quick-shipment special order only.

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”LL Johnson has a new source of the same Shorea Meranti from islands just south of the Philippines...Russ Arrand and I travelled there yesterday to look over this same specie wood from Malaysia. It looks great and we both bought some 64 and 84. They have more on hand and can get more if the demand is there. I believe that color and grain-wise, this is the closest I've ever seen to what Chris-Craft used, at least pre-war!” -- Don Danenberg

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Softwood Lumber

  • Size 1x6,1x6,5/4x6,2x6,2x6

While hardwoods usually offer greater strength and stability, woodworking with softwood lumber can be a fine choice when building utilitarian projects (cabinets for the woodshop, painted projects, dog houses, etc.). The lumber is manufactured to produce the best possible appearance while conserving the maximum usable product of the log. For orders requiring specific widths, lengths, and color, please contact us for a FREE estimate.

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We offer some of the finest exotic and sustainable hardwoods from around the world for the most discriminating architects, furniture and cabinet makers, luthiers and wood hobbyists. We have a broad range of colors and grain patterns you can use to bring the warmth and beauty of real woods to your custom projects.

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