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  • Alton Evaporative Cooling

    Alton Evaporative Cooling THE LATEST IN COOLING TECHNOLOGY In many types of industries where efficient, low-cost cooling is essential, “Alton” has been the word for experience, reliability and innovation since 1946. Alton offers its service oriented expertise and reliability to ensure ...

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  • Ameridex Plate Exchangers

    Ameridex Plate Exchangers More than two decades of striving for excellence. For over 20 years Ameridex has been building Plate Exchangers which show up at the job site ready to tackle the task at hand. In the decades since it's inception, Ameridex has established a reputation for ...

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  • Applied Air HVAC systems

    Applied Air is a manufacturer of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment ideal for controlling the temperature and quality of the indoor air in any commercial or industrial building. Our product mix includes packaged dedicated outdoor air systems and ventilation equipment, ...

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  • Centrifugal Fans

    For over three decades Comefri Group has excelled in engineering, manufacturing and the worldwide distribution of centrifugal fans. Our fans are acknowledged around the world for their quality and performance.

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  • Champion Evaporative Coolers

    Champion Cooler offers the most comprehensive selection of aspen and rigid media residential and light commercial evaporative air coolers in the market. We continue to redefine the standards of quality and innovation in evaporative cooling solutions. In addition to whole home units, we also provide ...

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  • custom heat exchanger coils

    Coilmaster Corporation manufactures custom heat exchanger coils, fluid coolers, and remote air cooled condensers for the OEM and replacement market. Continuous investment in our people and processes allow us to offer exceptional flexibility and product reliability. Proudly American owned and ...

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  • Drake Chillers

    Drake Chillers Custom Solutions for your Process needs. At Drake Refrigeration, we strive to provide high quality, engineered cooling solutions to a variety of end markets. Our many years of experience gives us a large library of tools and configurations designed to solve even the ...

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  • energy conservation systems

    Energy Conservation Systems & Innovations designs and builds custom energy recovery ventilation units. In addition to stand-alone construction, we also supply energy recovery ventilation modules that interface with commercial air handling units. ECSI provides our clients with the highest ...

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  • Freeze Block Coil

    A Freeze Block Coil is the Best Way to Prevent Freeze & Thaw Damage. Freeze damage is the leading cause of premature HVAC coil failure. When fluid freezes it expands, causing excessive pressure that can quickly rupture a coil. This can result in severe damage to the coil, system downtime, ...

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  • Hvac Equipments

    ADP Advanced Distributor Products ADP is the perfect match for your heating and air conditioning systems. Since 1992, Advanced Distributor Products (ADP) has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality indoor HVAC equipment. We offer a variety of solutions designed to meet your ...

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  • J&M Fluidics

    J&M Fluidics J&M Fluidics, Inc. is commitment to excellence, with unsurpassed quality, dependability and attention-to-detail of their products. Whether it’s cooling solutions for pharmaceutical and medical, food processing, beverage production, industrial cooling and more, J&M takes it ...

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  • Ketema Heat Exchangers

    Ketema Heat Exchangers Quality, Value and Performance. An ACME® tradition since 1919. For over 75 years, original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket professionals have looked to ACME ® for heat transfer products that perform. ACME ® remains the industry standard in ...

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  • Koldwave Air-Cooled unit

    Koldwave Air-Cooled And Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioning Units Rugged. Reliable. Responsible. These are the qualities your customers demand for their temporary spot cooling challenges. So meeting these expectations is vital to your reputation, and your business. That’s why ...

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  • Kramer Refrigeration

    Kramer Refrigeration Cooling & CONSERVING ENERGY Kramer Refrigeration, founded in 1914, is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient large refrigeration units, split systems, condensers and evaporators for the foodservice, food retail warehouse, industrial, and pharmaceutical ...

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  • LJ Wing

    LJ Wing Who We Are LJ Wing is a manufacturer of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) components ideal for controlling the temperature and quality of outside air for any commercial or industrial building. Our product mix includes steam or hot water integral face and ...

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  • MARS Air Systems

    Who We Are Mars Air Systems has been manufacturing high quality air curtains for over 50 years. Our air curtains protect building environments from energy loss and windborne dust, dirt and fumes, along with flying insects. The air barrier created by the light stream of air over a doorway ...

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  • Phoenix Air Systems

    Phoenix Air Systems Phoenix Air Systems manufactures Hygienic Air Handlers for critical process applications such as food processing facilities (meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, juice, nuts, dairy and eggs, frozen, bakery items and prepared foods). Used in food processing ...

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  • Polygon Equipment

    Polygon Equipment Rental Desiccant Dehumidifiers Polygon offers a full line of state-of-the-art desiccant dehumidifiers suitable for any size job. With desiccant based equipment, you can achieve the driest air -ensuring complete protection against condensation and other moisture ...

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  • Reliable Architectural Louvers

    Reliable Architectural Louvers Reliable Products manufactures quality architectural and mechanical louvers for the construction and hospitality industry. The industry leader in thru-the-wall PTAC louvers, Reliable also offers a full line of wall louvers for intake and ...

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  • Super Radiator Coils

    Super Radiator Coils Super Radiator Coils designs and builds many different coil products with growing capabilities and options. We pride ourselves on our dedication to designing coils for difficult and sophisticated configurations. From a single simple small coil to high-volume ...

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