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Our offered Product range includes and building wraps.

building wraps

An Essential Structural Component for Grand Format Vinyl Signage Banners, Billboards, Signs, Building Wraps CambridgeThe new generation of wide-format banners and vinyl signs are beautiful, impressive, entertaining, and powerful tools of communication. Outdoor signs or banners must be strong enough to withstand wind and structural forces: Mesh sign and banner fabric material is an inherently weaker fabric and needs more edge reinforcement. Solid vinyl fabric is a stronger material but is still not strong enough to support the loads carried by a grommet installed in a single layer of fabric, or in a folded-edge. Cutting “smiles” in fabric only reduces wind forces on the sign or banner by 10%. Both mesh fabric and solid vinyl fabric signs and banners should be reinforced with the appropriate Weldable Webbing™ product. AppleSignW In cases when reinforcement is needed, PVC Coated Weldable Webbing™ offers superior strength and increased design flexibility.Light-Use, Long-Lifespan Signs and Banners: For signs and banners that will be folded or rolled, then stored, and then hung again many times, Weldable Webbing™ reinforcement is more durable than a doubled-over edge. The application of Weldable Webbing™ to reinforce sign or banner edges is a definite selling point to add value to your product and better serve your customers. Light-Use, Short-Lifespan Signs and Banners: Weldable Webbing™ saves the trouble of sewing. Trim to edge on the rear of the banner (no need to fold webbing or printed material) and simply weld 1″ or 2″ Weldable Webbing™ across the top and bottom of your sign or banner. To prevent curling of the ends of the banner or sign, weld a strip of Weldable Webbing™ on each end. Weldable Webbing™ produces a better hem for grommet durability. “Premium edging” with Weldable Webbing™ offers a great markup on a material that costs pennies per yard while providing a far superior finished product for your customer.

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